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209 - How to train your dragon

"Mr. Alex, why is your Charmander different from mine?" Kushina asked in amazement as she looked at Alex's beautiful yellow Charmander.

Looking at the excited Kushina walking beside him, Alex laughed.

She had been pestering Professor Oak to explain how to become a trainer, but Professor Oak is a busy man and he couldn't explain more than the basics, but he did tell her where she could learn more and improve her skills as a trainer.

Just then, Alex entered Professor Oak's research center, and Kushina saw the perfect person to teach her how to become a good trainer, because as the Daimyo of this world, it wasn't possible for Alex to be a bad trainer, right?

So she decided to follow Alex and learn from him, even though she had never asked him if he wanted her to follow him.

Shaking her head, Alex knew that it would be difficult to get rid of this insistent little girl, and she also remembered that it seemed fun to see Ash travel with friends on his adventure, so having Kushina as an apprentice might be more fun than traveling alone with the Pokemon.

Even though Kushina was only a nine-year-old Circle, she was a fun little girl who livened up the trip with her many questions.

"Pokemon have the chance to be born with a special color, this is called Shiny, Shiny Pokemon are usually excluded from other Pokemon because they are different, but for us trainers, since these colors are so rare, it makes them much cooler." Alex said as he rubbed Charmander's head.

Charmande was now sitting on his shoulder, her tail wagging from side to side, happy to be taken in by a trainer.

What made Charmander like this new trainer even more was when he saw the Pokemon this trainer already had: a Mew!

Even though he had never seen a Mew before, Charmander could feel the Mew's aura of kindness, as well as a mystical aura that indicated that this Pokemon, although cute and friendly, had a very powerful power.

The coolest thing about his new trainer was that he could understand exactly what it was saying!

Just like Sabrina, Alex had purchased the Psychic Power, which not only allowed him to control things with the power of his mind, but also allowed him to mentally talk to other people or Pokemon.

Just as he made the powers of mutants work in some games, and the jutsus of ninjas in Oasis, he also made Psychic work in Pokemon, so Charmander, as an extremely realistic AI, was very happy to see his trainer talking to him and understanding everything he said, as if he were a Charmander too!

"Wow, your Charmander is so cute!" She said excitedly. "And your Mew, is he here with you?" she asked curiously as she looked around.

To her surprise, Mew appeared floating in front of her as he stroked her nose and replied. "I'm here." In a cute child's voice.

"Hi, Mew!" Kushina replied excitedly.

Until she was confused. "How is Mew here?"

Alex replied smiling. "We can come to this world through the Oasis, as can Mew as an intelligent creature."

Alex had given Mew a cell phone so he could get to the Oasis the same way Bumblebee could.

 Nodding her head, Kushina understood and continued to ask various questions.

"I'm having trouble training my Charmander and commanding it in battle... do you have any tips?" She asked in frustration.

After a moment of thought, Alex asked her to release Charmander from the Pokeball.

Seeing the cute Charmander appear, Alex smiled as he bent down to greet his new friend.

"Charmander, this will be our new adventure companion." Alex said.

Looking at the Charmander in front of him, Alex's Charmander became a little scared.

Used to being treated badly by other Charmanders since he was born, Alex's Charmander was afraid of being treated badly again.

But Kushina remembered what Alex had said when he explained what Shiny were and rushed over to help. "Charmander, this is Alex's Charmander, our new traveling companion who will help me become a better trainer to help you grow, let's get along with them."

Listening to Kushina's explanation, her Charmander nodded and smiled broadly as he extended his little paw towards Alex's Charmander.

With this interaction between the two, Alex smiled and picked up his Pokedex.

[Pokemon Charmander;

Gender: Male

Type: Fire;

Weakness: Water, Ground, Rock.

When Charmander is healthy, the flame at the tip of his tail burns powerfully and won't go out even if it gets a little wet].

Listening to the explanation of the Pokedex, Alex nodded and explained to Kushina.

"A Pokédex is an electronic device used by Pokémon Trainers to store information about different types of Pokémon. It provides data such as each Pokémon's abilities, characteristics, and habitat, helping Trainers better understand the Pokémon they encounter on their travels." Alex explained. "As you saw, my Pokedex only said what type my Charmander was and what its weakness was, but it didn't say what skills it knew, so I'll have to ask Charmander to do that for me."

Pointing the Pokedex camera at his Charmander, Alex said. "Charmander, can you please use the skills you know? That way, I'll know how to train you better, and we'll be able to act better in battles if I know which Skills to ask you to use."

Hearing my request, my little Charmander nodded and started using the Skills he knew.

Starting with spitting fire.

[Ember: Attack the target with small flames. This may also leave the target with a burn].

"By the time Charmander has used the Ember skill, the Pokedex has already identified it and stored it as a skill that this Charmander knows, so whenever you want to know what skills your Charmander knows, you can check his Pokedex. Now, your job as a trainer is to help the Charmander improve those skills and get physically stronger until it is strong enough to evolve," Alex explained.

Alex explained.

"For example, Charmander, use Ember, but instead of spitting fire as fast as possible, you will accumulate energy for 3 seconds to create a bigger fireball." Alex ordered.

Listening to Alex's command and with the translation of Alex's psychic power, Charmander understood this command perfectly and did exactly as Alex asked.

The Ember he made this time was at least 40% stronger than the previous one.

"You see? This is a different way of using the skill, you can use your brain to think of different applications of the same skill and form tactics to use it in fights in a way that takes the opponent by surprise and guarantees you victory." Alex smiled as he stroked his Charmander's head, making the little boy very happy and the fire in his tail grow larger.

Seeing this interaction, Kushina's Charmander became jealous and looked at her with eyes full of anticipation.

Listening to Alex's explanation, Kushina finally understood why her Charmander's previous battle wasn't very good, and how she could train her Charmander better!

The first thing she did was to take out her Pokedex and scan her Charmander.

[Pokémon: Charmander;

Gender: Female

Type: Fire;

Weakness: Water, Earth, Rock.

When Charmander is healthy, the flame on the tip of his tail burns powerfully and won't go out even if it gets a little wet].

She was surprised to find out that her Charmander was actually a girl!

Seeing that Kushina was starting to train her Charmander, Alex also took the opportunity to try to teach his Charmander some skills he thought were powerful from his previous world.

So the two of them went about training their Charmanders, while occasionally finding some Pokemon willing to fight for some food.

Since it was possible to play 24 hours a day in the Oasis, and the players preferred to play rather than sleep, Alex reversed the time between the two worlds.

While it was daytime in the Pokemon world, it was nighttime in the normal world, so as soon as it got dark in the Pokemon world, it was dawn in the normal world and people were moving through the streets again, but this time the topic of the day was nothing but Pokemon, much to the surprise of the confused ninjas of Konoha.


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