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reborn in a world that is crazy on crack, a soul must find a way to survive with everything in his arsenal, which just happened to be a system, that allows him to grant items options, with this system, follow the journey of the Oliver as he goes from a homeless kid, barely surviving in hells kitchen, to one of the most powerful being in the universe, who even a single atom of his has several EX ranked options. ------------ WARNING THIS IS BASED ON MARVEL COMICS. THIS IS HARDCORE GRINDING FANFIC WHERE HE WOULD HAVE TO WORK EVERY DAY. THIS IS GOING TO BE A MIX OF ACTION-PACKED STORY AND A CRAFTING STORY, HE HAS A SYSTEM, THAT PUTS EMPHASIS, ON THE ITEM'S PURPOSE, HISTORY, CREATION PROCESS, AND FUNCTIONALITY, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE MAINLY A CRAFTING STORY. GOOD NEWS, I HAVE FINALLY DECIDED ON A FM LEAD AND ITS OUR FAVORITE WITCH, THE STRONGEST SORCERERS, AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL(IN MY OPINION) THE SCARLET WITCH as for plot, i will try to have a cohesive story structure, key word TRY

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The predator VS Salva(chapter 86)

A/N: Well, I am back and I have some chapters stocked up. It's not that many—it's 9 chapters—but I spent most of the time writing my MCU fanfic, which I am actually enjoying a lot. I just started writing chapter 22. I am taking this fanfic slow as I am trying to learn to create a coherent story with a clear plot and storyline. So, yeah, I am trying my best. In the meantime, enjoy this fanfic!


previous in chapter 85

"Well, time to consume more things and grow stronger, then find out what was going on with Oliver." With his future steps highly lighted, a fully healed Salva with a bloody mouth trod through the Savage Land, hoping to encounter more things he could kill. And it was on this fateful day that an eldritch abomination with an equally abominable soul was born fully, and the Savage Land would be the first to feel his wrath, as Salvagem, the Devourer, was born, although he was just unaware of his place in the universe.

[One week later]

Still in the Savage Land, in a mushy area of the land where swamps stretched far and wide, the decaying woods were suddenly splintered as two large creatures crashed through the area. One of those creatures was a juvenile spinosaurus, which stood at an impressive eight feet tall, while the other creature was a T-Rex, a weird T-Rex with horns and scales of a dragon. This T-Rex was, of course, Salva, who was now seven feet tall. In the past week, all Salva had done was hunt and grow, allowing him to actually evolve once, which he was not prepared for as that actually shot his size from one foot tall to an impressive seven feet tall. Not only had his height increased, but so did everything about him: his weight, his muscles, his bones, his claws, his senses were heightened, his speed, strength, durability.


Chapter 86 

Nothing in his body was left unimproved, even his soul was improved, although he was unaware of it yet. After gaining such strength, Salva continued his slaughter, eating from the smallest dinosaur to the largest. He didn't even spare plants that looked remotely special, which led to him eating a lot of poisonous plants, which his healing factor took care of. However, some were so potent that he was left sometimes wishing he had died; however, he would just wake up and continue his devouring like a badger. However, even a couple of days into his devouring, he had yet to evolve again. he wasn't disappointed; in fact, he was more motivated to continue. At least he had figured out one thing, which was how to use the teleportation ring that Oliver left him, which he had to do by just imagining the place and thinking, "There is no place like home," which infuriated Salva to no end.

Causing him to swear that he was going oliver to give a piece of his mind. Which led to his current predicament: Salva was picking a fight with a juvenile spinosaurus. Although smaller spinosaurus weren't his favorite thing to fight, the option didn't mention anything about fighting but rather consuming, so he wasn't picky about what he was eating. However, this spinosaurus was actually putting up a fight as it pushed Salva with its own weight, pushing Salva through several bushes and trees. Granted, Salva wasn't trying all that hard, as evident by the fact that he quickly got up before chomping down on the spinosaurus's neck, before breaking it.

He then let go of the spinosaurus' dead body, which then fell to the muddy and watery ground. However, he didn't seem to mind it as he could be seen chomping down on the spinosaurus. While he was busy eating, trying to evolve, he was currently being watched through a thermal image as he appeared brightly orange, especially in his abdomen and throat. Only a bright-colored beam of light was shot towards him. It was aimed for his head, but Salva had pretty good hearing, especially after evolving once, allowing him to move out of the way of the beam. But it was still a fast beam of light, and he couldn't completely avoid it, so one of his T. rex arms was ripped off.

However, no sound escaped from Salva's mouth as this level of pain was nothing to him. His sight was also set on where the beam came from, and his eyes were better than any human, as well as his sense of smell and hearing. He could pinpoint where or who shot the beam, even if they were invisible as this assailant was. "An invincible creature," he thought as his hand regenerated at a visible rate. Another beam was shot towards Salva, whom this time dodged before he charged towards his assailant, who revealed himself to be an alien creature wearing partially advanced metal armor as well as netting. The alien creature, a green-skinned alien with a mouth that opened into four parts and black dreads for hair, charged toward him with blades coming out of his wrist as his cloaking technology faded into a blue shimmering light.

As their eyes met, the creature charging toward him wanted him to know who he was, wanted Salva to recognize that he was prey and that it was the hunter. However, the predator made a mistake. He didn't pick prey but a predator, an apex predator. As he charged toward Salva, the Yautja warrior swung his blade towards Salva. Salva charged to the blade as it sunk through his flesh and tore his muscles, but he didn't care. He used all of his weight and his two little arms to send the Yautja warrior flying and hitting a tree.

However, the Yautja were a race of warriors who specialized in hunts, and he was not willing to back down that easily. He threw five sharp blades in the shape of a star, which dug through Salva's skin again. But the first wound was already closing, and the new one wasn't going to slow him. Salva wanted to bite down on the Yautja warrior, who rolled out of Salva's way before shooting a hot beam of blue plasma from his hand. It burned Salva and staggered him, but as the blue gas from the plasma obscured Salva's body from the Yautja, Salva's head suddenly broke through the gas as large chunks of his skin were burned, but he didn't seem to care.

Not one bit. His abdomen glowed orange before he released a large stream of fire from his mouth towards the Yautja warrior, who used an energy shield to block the flames. That's when three futuristic drones came flying as they shot lasers towards Salva, the impact causing an explosion, while Salva himself stopped breathing as he charged towards the Yautja warrior who just deactivated his shield, which was a big mistake. Salva bit the head off, even the helmet too, which he spit out, green blood spewing from the Yautja warrior's remaining body, while the drones continued to shoot lasers as they flew in close to Salva, whom burned them to molten metal.

"Well, that was something," thought Salva, who was now surrounded by burning woods that were quickly being put out by the water on the land.

"What the hell is an alien doing he—" he stopped himself as he realized how ridiculous his question sounded. "Never mind," he sighed as he continued to move. However, just as he took a couple of steps, three red dots appeared on his chest as he looked down before a beam of light hit him, imploding his chest, creating a hole in his chest. But Salva then looked ahead where another Yautja warrior was, and the Yautja was actually looking at Salva, with a hole through his chest, walking towards the Yautja, whom threw a disc at a high speed towards Salva, whom had severed him in half, actually in half, causing Salva to fall down. The Yautja did some sort of battle cry for victory as he stood over Salva, only for him to regenerate in seconds and bite the Yautja warrior in half.

"Fuck," Salva cursed as he looked around for more. Finally, he found there was nothing. "Finally," he sighed as he finally left the burning sea of swamp. He left the swamp before arriving at a forest with a waterfall, where there was a cave behind it. This was Salva's home, or his temporary home before he left this place, that of course after figuring out how to shape-shift. And this was well, something he has not been able to do. The same thing that was blocking him was still there, constantly preventing him from taking the next step. "At least the barrier seemed to be getting weaker," he sighed as he then slept, which was something he liked to do. It wasn't natural to him thanks to the memories he possessed. Oliver spent most of his time either forging items or preparing materials, while Salva's days consisted of him just hunting, eating, and sleeping.

[3 weeks later]

Deep within the icy lands of the Savage Land, where every single breath froze solid in a matter of seconds, this fact alone made it impossible for life to thrive. And yet in this unforgiving environment, two giants were colliding. One of those giants was a 20 feet rhinoceros-looking beast with ice scales for armor, but some of the scales were burned and melting and sharp and large ice horns that looked like crystal. It was currently running through the ice, colliding with the sides of mountains and creating avalanches as something ran alongside it, but it was more or so chasing it. The creature chasing it, of course, was Salva, who was now twice the size.

Standing at an impressive 14 feet, his scales were even more solid, his fangs and claws sharper, as were his senses. His muscles were stronger, overall he had received an all-round improvement, and this happened yesterday after he finally hunted a Sarcosaurus, which he had been beefing with for the last couple of days. It was not only bigger than Salva, but it refused to step out of the river it was on, and Salva, well, he doesn't like water. Not since drowning isn't his favorite pastime. That wasn't the only thing he hunted, as Salva developed a habit of picking fights with things that were several times his size. Since he couldn't die by normal means, that bolstered his confidence, allowing him to take on more dangerous fights, like fighting a horse of Triceratops and getting impaled a thousand times.