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reborn in a world that is crazy on crack, a soul must find a way to survive with everything in his arsenal, which just happened to be a system, that allows him to grant items options, with this system, follow the journey of the Oliver as he goes from a homeless kid, barely surviving in hells kitchen, to one of the most powerful being in the universe, who even a single atom of his has several EX ranked options. ------------ WARNING THIS IS BASED ON MARVEL COMICS. THIS IS HARDCORE GRINDING FANFIC WHERE HE WOULD HAVE TO WORK EVERY DAY. THIS IS GOING TO BE A MIX OF ACTION-PACKED STORY AND A CRAFTING STORY, HE HAS A SYSTEM, THAT PUTS EMPHASIS, ON THE ITEM'S PURPOSE, HISTORY, CREATION PROCESS, AND FUNCTIONALITY, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE MAINLY A CRAFTING STORY. GOOD NEWS, I HAVE FINALLY DECIDED ON A FM LEAD AND ITS OUR FAVORITE WITCH, THE STRONGEST SORCERERS, AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL(IN MY OPINION) THE SCARLET WITCH as for plot, i will try to have a cohesive story structure, key word TRY

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Reunion with Black cat again????(chapter 89)

previously in chapter 88

"Well, distractions it is," Salva smiled as steam came out of his body, his eyes turning golden and slanted. His body expanded a bit as scales appeared beneath his clothes, but he stopped there, examining himself, "Yep, this should do it," he smiled to himself before bursting through the door of the building. This immediately caused armed men in black to swarm the lobby. 

Salva stopped to admire the number of people surrounding him, who immediately opened fire without a second thought or speaking. Although the bullets shredded Salva's clothes, they couldn't penetrate his armor. His clothes were no more, causing him to grunt in annoyance as he said, "Hey, I was beginning to get comfortable in those." Although he wasn't naked, the scales that appeared on his whole body covered him, giving him a nice armor. 

After the bullets stopped, Salva cracked his neck and said, "Well, let's see how you guys handle heat," before he breathed a large stream of fire from his mouth, spinning 360 degrees, burning anyone who was close with an extremely hot fire.


Chapter 89

After the smoke cleared, literally, Salva was the only one left standing in the middle of charred walls and furniture, some of which were still on fire. He then shrugged, "Well ti-" His words immediately stopped as, from the corner of his eye, he saw three figures: one extremely tall and muscly, another fat, and lastly small and lean. All of them were wearing white clothes with blue accents and masks. The fat figure immediately moved, stretching their hands forward, which then became surrounded by an orange circle, before throwing a literal explosive at Salva. Once the smoke cleared, Salva could be seen, unbothered and undamaged, as he stared at the new group.

"Oh, this should be interesting," he mused to himself as the fat figure threw more explosions at Salva, who just walked towards the group without any hint of stopping. Seeing that their attack wasn't working, the tall and muscled head of the group lunged towards Salva with his fist balled up into a hammer before striking at Salva's head, which caused Salva to be driven down to the floor, creating a small crater. But that was it. Salva was still unbothered as he then delivered a quick jab to the muscled figure's abdomen, sending the figure flying back several feet and hitting the wall, denting it. 

"Wow, I am actually quite strong," he remarked. Since he hatched, Salva had only been fighting strong creatures, much bigger than him, creatures that could and did kill him. If he could die. But each time, he would continue to fight them until he killed them. As time went on, Salva evolved and grew stronger, and since he didn't fight creatures on his level or weaker than him, he didn't realize how strong he truly was. The short and lean figure then took out a staff from which lightning spewed out at both ends, becoming a lightning staff. "Ooh, sparkly," Salva joked as the short figure then leaped towards him with the lightning staff, which Salva then caught before he rag-dolled the figure.

That was when Yelena arrived and saw the mess that Salva had caused, as well as the thousand bullet holes in the walls. "Ah, you really are bulletproof," she remarked, as Salva smiled. "So what is next?" he asked, and Yelena replied.

"Well, I got all the data I wanted. Now all I have to do is make sure Armament never gets a hold of it," which had Salva thinking, before he said, "Well, guess this is where we part ways then, White Widow." He extended his hand towards Yelena, who shook it as she said, "Well, Gloria, if you need anyone assassinated, then call me." Salva chuckled as he said, "I will," before activating his ring and mumbling lowly, "There is no place like home." But if Yelena's bursting laughter was anything to go by, she heard what he said perfectly clear "Damn you, Oliver," as he cursed Oliver again, before teleporting again.

This time he appeared inside an old building where several figures were present. Most of the figures were dressed in red ninja costumes which gave a familiar feeling, while two of the people present were a large white man and a short crazy-looking man. There was also a woman with brown skin and black hair that was cut on the side, wearing a suit, who could be seen talking to a banged-up Black Cat, who had cuts and bruises. His appearance startled the people present, and the red ninjas immediately attacked him with their daggers and swords, but all of them bounced off. "Why is people's first instinct always to attack? anyways please, its pointless" Salva asked as his eyes then laid on Black Cat. Since he had Oliver's memories and was essentially Oliver, he knew who she was as he said, "Oh, it's good to see you again, Black Cat," surprising Felicia, who wiped the blood off her mouth and asked.

"Have we met before? Because I am sure I would not have forgotten you, even for a moment," she said in her usual sultry voice. Since Salva was in his human form, it was understandable. Salva then smiled as he remembered something. "Oh, we met back when I was a young thief. Well, I say back then, but it has been only one year for you, I think, but it has been years for me. time traveling is quite hard. Anyways, I was a young thief, you know, red hair, quite short, and you offered to take me under your wing," he said, making a hand gesture to indicate his height back then.

Black Cat seemed to have a good memory as she immediately remembered who he was. "Wait, you are that kid?" she said in surprise. Although Salva resembled Oliver a little, he wasn't a carbon copy. "Yeah, time flies, right? I mean, look at me," he said, gesturing to himself. That was when the other woman, Odessa Drake, said, "You two can have your reunion later, but I believe you came to me for help because Manhattan is currently being stored away in a vault after your mentor and father figure tricked you into exchanging the city for your and his immortality" This interested Salva as he said, "Oh, this is more interesting than helping Yelena steal some data. Mind if I tag along?" he asked. Odessa and Black Cat looked at him before he said, "I am sure that an unkillable T. rex/dragon hybrid could be of some help," he continued, grinning.

Since he was in his hybrid form or something along those lines as he had no scales showing and the only features that showed he wasn't human were his eyes and and sharper and longer teeth than a normal human, so his smile was full of sharp teeth. Black Cat sighed as she walked towards him before saying in a serious voice, "Fine, but if you double-cross me, then I will claw your heart out." She wanted to be threatening, but Salva just chuckled as he said, "Well, I am unkillable, but I get your point." Black Cat then said, "Alright, let's go and send me to the vault," to which Odessa Drake then said, "Are you sure? Nothing can get in or out of that vault." Salva immediately replied, "Are you sure about that?" he asked, flashing his hand.

They looked at him confused as he said, "I literally just appeared in front of you. How do you think I did that?" The two women looked at each other, and Black Cat said, "Great, you are coming with me," to which Salva was happy. After 10 minutes, Odessa brought her men, who specialized in sorcery, to perform a ritual to send the two of them to the vault where Fox, Black Cat's mentor and substitute father, had traded the city of Manhattan for their eternal lives. Black Cat wanted to steal back the deed of the city. After the ritual was performed, the two of them were transported into a realm where mountains of gold coins, pearls, and gems flowed like the sea, coins as old as the oldest human civilization, shells from before humans even knew the concept of currency.


A/N does this count as a reunion? Anyway, Oliver is a taken man plus black cat is sort ah, of beneath him so she has no chance, but Salva is available.

ps: do any of you watch the shadow hunt series on Netflix? if so who is the most powerful woman aside from Lilith and don't say the FL,