5 chaos in hells kitchen (chapter 5)

Back in his humble abode, Oliver could be seen peeling off his stealth suit, exchanging it for somewhat cleaner clothes. With a sigh of relief, he dropped the backpack he had been carrying, revealing the loot he had managed to secure from the opulent mansion room. Among the treasures was not only the jewelry box but also an actual shotgun, a laptop, and two phones—one for sale, another for wiping and selling, and the last one for personal use.

"This was a nice haul," he grinned, taking a moment to appreciate his success. His attention then shifted to a small pot, bearing a modest mound of soil. Placing a seed inside, he mused, "This is actually a surprise." The pot turned out to be one of the items that pleasantly surprised him.

[ Name: Humble Planter Pot ]

[ Grade: White ]

[ Description: This simple planter pot is unassuming in appearance, crafted for those who appreciate the modest touch of nature in their surroundings. ]

[ Option: Enchanted Soil - +0.1% chance for planted seeds to grow into magical plants, with a 99.9% chance of failure (Rank: F) (Passive) ]

[ Durability: 75% ]

"Although 0.1% is abysmal, it's not the worst. Plus, I can always try this when my skill levels up," he contemplated, a hopeful smile playing on his lips. The mention of magical plants in the description sparked an idea. "Maybe I should become an alchemist or something." The image of himself in a spacious house, compartments neatly organized for various functions, brought a contented smile to his face. "After I sell my gains, I should divide funds into three parts—one for current use, another for emergencies, and the rest for the house I want to purchase."

In the past few weeks, Oliver had been on the lookout for a better place to stay. He explored abandoned houses, assessing their security, location, and condition, So far, none had managed to catch his eye, some even had residents, and not the friendly kind. Refocusing on his current residence, he decided to fortify it. The first order of business was cleaning, and he used whatever he could find to fortify and secure the place. A dust brush, discovered in the process, triggered a thought of giving it an option. Though it seemed like a gamble, the option did not disappoint.

[ Name: Dust-Bane Duster ]

[ Grade: White ]

[ Description: An old, worn-out duster discovered in the forgotten corners of a hotel. Though its bristles may be frayed, it still carries a whisper of its former usefulness. ]

[ Option: Dust Abatement Aura (Rank: F) (Passive) - Emits a faint magical aura that helps repel and reduce the accumulation of dust in the surrounding area. ]

[ Durability: 42% ]

Fortunate with his discoveries, Oliver smiled at the Dust-Bane Duster's passive option, realizing its potential value if ever revealed. "Too bad its durability is below 50%," he sighed, contemplating the worn-out state of the Dust-Bane Duster. Oliver still lacked a way to repair objects, a consequence of his current low level. The daunting thousands of experience points required to level up hung over him, but he shrugged off complaints. "But there is no use in complaining," he mused as he threw himself onto the worn-out mattress, now adorned with new bedding that added a touch of comfort. "I should probably give it an option," he thought, feeling something uncomfortable on his back as he leaned.

Retrieving the item revealed fingerless gloves and a smile crossed his face. "God, you do make my life easier don't you?" he said, glancing at the status window of the gloves.

[ Name: Well-Worn Fingerless Gloves ]

[ Grade: White ]

[ Description: These fingerless gloves have seen better days, bearing the marks of years of use. Despite their worn appearance, they grant their wearer a subtle advantage, perfect for someone navigating the challenges of the streets. ]

[ Option: Sleight of Hands - Once per day, the wearer can enhance their manual dexterity, making their hands more elegant and less noticeable for a short 5 minutes. (Rank: F) (Active) ]

[ Durability: 36% ]

Though it was an active option, it was one of the better skills he had received. "And the duration is 5 minutes." Oliver wore the gloves, but he didn't immediately leave to do some pickpocketing, no, he waited for the cooldown to pass after a recent heist. Cleaning up his place even more, he then left with the intention of pickpocketing.

—scene change—

"I could not have picked a better time, could I?" Oliver sarcastically asked himself as he leaned over the edge of the rooftop. Behind him, destruction unfolded on the road caused by a band of villains, including Bullseye, Crossbones, Stilt-Man, bullets, and Rhino. They were not after any particular superhero, with Daredevil being the likely target in the city. To his surprise, the entire neighborhood wore Daredevil masks.

"Right, Daredevil quit a couple of months ago. That's when random Daredevils appeared. I guess it was random people picking up the Daredevil persona," Oliver observed. The community was putting up a fight, though it wasn't nearly enough. Taking a deep breath, he took out his pistol, considering leaving this chaos. Just as he was about to finish that thought, *CLANK CLANK CLANK* echoed—the sound of metal hitting the hard concrete floor. A tremendous force hit Oliver's left side, sending him rolling on the rooftop, almost falling off.

"Aghhh!" He lost sight and hearing on his left side, feeling numb, he nearly even fell of the roof, but he struggled to get onto the rooftop, laying on his back. Half of the rooftop was missing, and he groaned in pain while his left side still continued to feel numb, "Fuck!" Cursing, he looked at the culprit—Stilt Man, a man on elongated spring legs, not just two but four, wearing full armor except for his forehead, wreaking havoc on buildings.

"Motherfuckers!" Oliver cursed. His eyes turned to his Glock, slowly crawling towards it. He reached it before laying on his back and turning to look at Stilt Man, who was heading towards a church. Raising his Glock slowly, with the hand that wasn't numb, Oliver aimed at Stilt Man, his hand shaking before activating the skill on the Glock. Everything slowed down from his perspective as he pulled the trigger, aiming straight at the man's only exposed part—his forehead, successfully killing him.


A/N This is marvel guys, not DC, there are no killing rules, even for heroes, and Oliver is certainly not a saint. so expect some ruthless moment from him, (and some wholesome moments as well, this isn't a villain story)

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