Marvel's Black Steel

Nothing special, it's just that your average nigga end's up dying while following his heart as he protects a woman from rape; you know, the usual BS. Dude ends up dying, only to reincarnate in a world full of people that can destroy universes on a whim, and all that other crazy stuff, lucky for our MC, he happens to meet a chill yet powerful being that reincarnates him with the potential of the strongest version of Superman; Superman Prime One-Million. _______ Would like to point out, MC won't be an edgy villain or anything of the sort; he's got a good heart, and will be raised by kindhearted parents, though as it is the marvel universe and the not the goody two shoes DC universe, he will kill people, though, only when absolutely required to. Also, this novel is a slightly slow, so you've been warned. Ps. I've set this novel up for both a Harem and Non-Harem route, so really it depends what ya'll want, so you gotta let me know; though like I said, the novel is a little slow on the uptake, so don't expect that much romance in the beginning. I also haven't read any of the marvel comics, so all of my knowledge is coming from the movies and wiki-fandom, so don't expect me to get super in depth on comic lore. Although I know this kind of novel has been done several times before, I've only read like two that I really fucked with, so I wanted to make my own, hopefully ya'll enjoy and if you do, might as well leave a review

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Chapter 72: Virgin No More

As Sara and I continued to kiss each other passionately, I subconsciously started to hump her; I was too busy kissing her to even notice my actions, though when I felt Sara's hand grasp my crotch, only then did I notice. I was feeling very embarrassed with Sara's hand rubbing up and down my crotch, though, at the same time, I was enjoying her touches as I continued to hump her.

However, it seemed, I was underestimating Sara's boldness as she unzipped my pants, allowing my raging dick to pop out, though not entirely as I was still wearing underwear, but that alone caused me to recoil. Separating from the kiss, I looked at Sara's heavily blushed face and grabbed her hand, which was rubbing up against my dick, causing her to give me a weird look.

"I-I'm just as eager as any other man, but don't you think we're moving a little too fast, Sara? I don't want either of us to regret this." Asked Pharaoh seriously as he looked at Sara, who lightly smiled.

"We've known each other pretty much our whole life, Pharaoh, and we know so much about each other; I think by now, we would know if one of us didn't like each other." Replied Sara lightly as she broke free of Pharaoh's hands and continued rubbing his dick through his underwear.

"When you put it like that, you're not wrong." Remarked Pharaoh with a nod as he leaned back down, initiating another kiss with Sara.

Since neither of us was backing down from the inevitable, I didn't wish to lose out, so despite how scary it was, I grabbed one of Sara's sizable breasts and started gently playing with it, moving it around, squeezing it, whatever I wanted to do with it, I did. It also seemed Sara was enjoying it from the soft moans she'd emit amidst our kissing.

I wanted to take off her clothes, but I also didn't want to separate the kiss, so doing something that would probably make her annoyed with me in the near future, I ripped off her shirt, revealing her flawless pale skin and her pink bra, that was holding up her plentiful breasts.

Although I'd seen her in her underwear plenty of times before, this time, she looked several times more sexy, and I couldn't help but caress her soft stomach. Though it looked like Sara finally had enough of this soft-core stuff as she pulled my underwear down, freeing my dick and allowing it to bask in all its glory. Now, since I was still fourteen and wasn't done growing, my dick, unfortunately, wasn't the biggest, but it was currently a solid six inches, which should hopefully be enough for what was coming.

(Note: Don't worry, Pharaoh will be getting his proper BBC; though, I would like to point out and say six inches is a solid length👍🏾)

The sensation of Sara's soft, cold hands wrapped around my erect dick caused me to shiver in pleasure as I started humping even more, using her hand to jerk myself off. Feeling as if I was being one-upped, I reached behind her and unhooked her bra before tossing it into the distance, causing her sizeable breasts to spill free, and despite having seen several breasts on porn sites, hers were just so sexy, I didn't know what made then sexy, but they were, and I didn't bother questioning it any longer.

Grabbing her breasts, which were too big for my hand to fully grasp, I played with them to my heart's content before lightly pulling upon her nipple, causing her to release several soft moans; her sexy moans sounded like music to my ears, and I wanted to hear it even more, so I grabbed her other breast and did the same.

"~Ahh~ Tut, I-I'm going to ~Ahh~ I-I'm cummmmmming!!" Yelled Sara between her moans as she stopped pleasuring Tut's dick and arched her back, staining her panties in juices.

Seeing Sara lay there after having orgasmed seemed to ignite something within me as I no longer hesitated and stripped naked before doing the same with Sara, and I may or may not have smelled her panties. I kneeled right before her crotch, which had a little bit of red pubic hair, and while I know some people like no hair, I thought it looked perfect just the way it was.

"Um, Sara, you ready?" Asked Tut eagerly while looking at Sara as his dick rested right atop her pussy, which was secreting several juices.

"Y-Yeah j-just be gentle, please; I heard i-it hurts the first time." Replied Sara with a blushed face as she nodded before grabbing Tut's dick and pressing it right up against her wet entrance.

Nodding, I was just about to plunge my dick in when I suddenly heard a crack, as if glass had broken; frowning, I looked around, but I noticed nothing, which only deepened my frown.

"I-Is something wrong, Tut?" Asked Sara as she saw him looking around with a frown before shaking his head and focusing back on her.

"No; let's continue from where I left off from." Replied Tut with a smile as he repositioned his dick and plunged the tip inside, causing him to stop momentarily.

'F-Fuck me, if I wasn't purposely holding back, I would've nutted right there.' Thought Tut, not knowing whether to praise Sara's pussy or blame his dick.

Once I was good, I slowly pushed deeper inside Sarah, forcefully spreading her pussy apart; that was until I reached the hymen, which halted my advances, though it was only temporarily, as I quickly slammed right through it, well I tried to at least, but that didn't work.

'Oh yea, Sara is still enveloped in my aura; I'm going to have to really slam my dick in.' Thought Tut as he took a deep breath of nothing before slamming Sara's hymen with a monstrous amount of strength, breaking right through it.

"Ugh, t-that wasn't as bad as people made it out to be." Said Sara lightly as she tightly hugged Tut's body.

"Then, I'll start moving." Remarked Tut as he pulled his bloody dick out of Sara's pussy before plunging it back inside, causing Sara to moan loudly while Tut softly grunted.

Hearing her sexy moans, I didn't hold back, and like an animal in heat, I started ramming her pussy; there was no technique or skill involved; I was simply plowing her pussy as hard as I could without hurting her, which seemed to be working wonders as Sara was constantly moaning without restraint.

This went on for a few minutes with neither of us bothered to change our position from missionary, and that's when I started to feel her warm, wet, spongy pussy walls that were coiling around my dick with every thrust, tighten, and if I had to guess, she was close to cumming.

"~Urgh, a-are you about to cum ~Urgh~ S-Sara?" Asked Tut lightly as he kissed her neck while ceaselessly ramming her pussy, causing her breasts to sway around.

"~Ahh~ y-yes, I-I'm ~Ahh~, I'm about to ~Ahh~ cum! D-Do it inside; i-it's a ~Ahh~ safe day!" Replied Sara amidst her loud moans, which could probably be heard throughout an entire neighborhood.

'Good thing she said it was a safe day since I was going cum inside her either way.' Mused Tut as he pistoned Sara's pussy even harder, no longer holding back his orgasm.

"~Urgh~ I-I'm c-cumming inside!" Said Tut with a loud grunt as he completely sheathed his dick inside Sara's pussy, painting it white with his large volume of cum.

"~Ahhhhh~ c-cummming ~Ahhhhh~!" Yelled Sara as she wrapped her legs around Tut's waist, pushing him even deeper inside her while her pussy convulsed, squirting juices all over Tut.

After a few moments of calming down, I pulled my dick out and plopped atop Sara's groin, causing my cum to trail down her pussy.

"T-That was amazing." Muttered Tut as he looked at Sara before leaning down and kissing her.

"Y-Yeah, never knew sex was so good." Said Sara with a nod as she grabbed Tut's head and passionately kissed him, only to suddenly moan when she felt him enter inside her again.

"We've got some time until it's morning in Serbia, and I'm still very horny." Declared Tut with a grin as he started ramming her pussy with his energetic dick.

"G-Good ~Ahh~, d-don't stop until ~Ahh~ there is nothing left ~Ahh~ in your balls!" Stated Sara with a sexy smile while her moans spurred Tut on.



Laying naked beside Sara, we stared at the Earth after having just completed a few hours of hot, passionate sex; we would've kept going, too, but Sara was starting to hurt, so we called it for today.

"So, what are we now, Sara?" Asked Tut curiously while playing with Sara's breasts, which she didn't seem to mind.

"I don't know. Shouldn't that be something I ask you, Mr. Genius?" Remarked Sara lightly as she glanced behind her, looking at Tut.

"Nope, you're the adult in this situation. Speaking of that, you're nasty; you just slept with a 14-year-old; don't you feel any form of regret?" Stated Tut with a mischievous smile, while Sara just huffed and looked away.

"You may be 14, but you are far more mature than anyone your age, and no, I don't feel an ounce of regret. If anything, I wish we did this sooner." Replied Sara softly as she rested her hand atop Tut's, which was playing with her breast.

"Don't know whether I should be happy or sad." Said Tut with a smirk as he planted kisses on Sara's nape.

"So what is our status quo, now Sara?"

"Hmph, if you wish to know so badly, we're obviously dating; you're my boyfriend, and I'm your girlfriend. Happy now?" Declared Sara with a huff of annoyance as she eyed Tut, who smirked and kissed her lips.


"So, are you feeling better now? I'm still raring to go." Asked Tut as he started rubbing his dick across Sara's semen-filled pussy.

"Haa, I should've expected this when I thought of dating a superpowered boy." Muttered Sara in exhaustion as she shook her head before grabbing Pharaoh's erect dick.

"No, I'm still feeling sore; but I'll give you a handjob."

"What about a blowjob, my lovely girlfriend?"

"Eww, no; your dick is still covered in some of my blood. I'll do it next time, so just settle with a handjob for now."



It's officially happened! Our Mc has finally lost his virginity! Time to celebrate! Also, would like to point this out in advance, but Pharaoh and Sara will be a pair of little freaks in the bed; nothing outright disgusting like scat play, that's diabolical, but do expect them to have some fetishes and slightly weird kinks.

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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