Marvel's Black Steel

Nothing special, it's just that your average nigga end's up dying while following his heart as he protects a woman from rape; you know, the usual BS. Dude ends up dying, only to reincarnate in a world full of people that can destroy universes on a whim, and all that other crazy stuff, lucky for our MC, he happens to meet a chill yet powerful being that reincarnates him with the potential of the strongest version of Superman; Superman Prime One-Million. _______ Would like to point out, MC won't be an edgy villain or anything of the sort; he's got a good heart, and will be raised by kindhearted parents, though as it is the marvel universe and the not the goody two shoes DC universe, he will kill people, though, only when absolutely required to. Also, this novel is a slightly slow, so you've been warned. Ps. I've set this novel up for both a Harem and Non-Harem route, so really it depends what ya'll want, so you gotta let me know; though like I said, the novel is a little slow on the uptake, so don't expect that much romance in the beginning. I also haven't read any of the marvel comics, so all of my knowledge is coming from the movies and wiki-fandom, so don't expect me to get super in depth on comic lore. Although I know this kind of novel has been done several times before, I've only read like two that I really fucked with, so I wanted to make my own, hopefully ya'll enjoy and if you do, might as well leave a review

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Chapter 38: Hana Meet's X-Men

Waking up from my slumber, I hopped out of bed and stretched a little before exiting my room while yawning; first things first, I entered the bathroom and brushed my teeth, and while doing so, I checked the house for Dad, who apparently wasn't home. It wasn't the first time he wouldn't be home by this time of day; sometimes he'd have a longer shift, and other times he'd hang out with some friends and drink through the night, and considering yesterday was Friday, I'm inclined to believe it was the latter.

However, after what happened with Lily, I made sure to expand my hearing throughout New York, focusing on everyone I cared for, such as Dad, Mom, Gwen, and Peter; though, Dad and Gewn were a little hard to find because they were still sleeping. Differentiating between the way people sound when they're sleeping is just as hard as you'd expect.

'Seems the X-Men are awake as well.' Thought Pharaoh as he looked in the mirror before deciding to take a shower as well.

"🎶 Aint' no mountain hiiiigh enough, ain't no valley loooow enough, ain't no river wiiiide enough, baaaby🎶!" Said Pharaoh as he sang Marvin Gaye in the shower while cleaning himself, indirectly waking Hana up.

While I was cleaning myself, I heard Mom approach the door, and with a lack of courtesy, she opened the door and walked in, not even bothering to knock, though I'm sure she must've known that I knew she was coming.

"Privacy Mom!" Yelled Pharaoh as he immediately stopped singing and covered his junk, though he was still hidden behind a shower curtain, so Hana could only see a blurry silhouette.

"Stop singing so loud; you woke me up, and please, Tut, I changed your diapers when you were a baby; I've seen everything there is to see; nothing has changed; you're just a little bigger now, that's all." Replied Hana in slight annoyance as she looked at Pharaoh through the shower curtain before turning around and leaving the bathroom.

"I-I don't know how to feel about that comment, Mom." Remarked Pharaoh awkwardly, though he got no response as Hana had returned to her room.

With Mom's interruption, I quickly finished cleaning myself before exiting the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist; leaving the bathroom, I headed into my room, making sure to lock the door behind me lest Mom barges in on me again. Drying my body, since I was going somewhere with Jean, I wore some casual clothes: sweatpants, Jordans, and a hoody as it was currently November, so it was pretty chilly; not like I've ever been cold before.

Exiting my room, looking clean as fuck, I headed downstairs and decided to cook some breakfast for Mom and I; I wasn't Gordon Ramsey, nor was I even as good as Mom, but I could make a decent dish. While cooking scrambled eggs, I heard Mom walk downstairs and approach me before kissing me on the head.

"Good morning, Tut, and next time, don't sing so loud." Said Hana lightly as she rubbed Pharaoh's head a little before looking at the stove and noticing the scrambled eggs in a pan.

"My bad, Mom, and good morning. Making some eggs, and Dad is sleeping; I think he went out and got drunk with some of his friends." Replied Pharaoh with a nod as he turned off the stove and separated the scrambled eggs into two plates before putting the pan into the sink.

"Tch, that fool; he could at least call me." Muttered Hana with a frown while grumbling under her breath as she sat at the table with Pharaoh.

"Oh yeah, speaking of that, Mom, do you mind if I'm gone for today and tomorrow?" Asked Pharaoh as he ate his scrambled eggs while looking at Hana, who furrowed her brows and frowned.

"Why, who, and where?" Questioned Hana while staring at Pharaoh, who sported an uncomfortable expression.

"Why? Well, because last night, I found out Jean was a mutant. Who? Jean and a few other people. Where? A school." Replied Pharaoh with a smile while giving the most bare-bones information possible, which clearly didn't slide with Hana.

"Jean's a Mutant? I suppose her powers must've manifested after what she saw yesterday." Said Hana with a raised eyebrow before shaking her head in pity, while Pharaoh frowned and quietened down.

"A school? And a few other people?" Questioned Hana as she stared at Pharaoh with an all too familiar look, causing him to sigh.

"The school is called Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters; I don't know exactly where it's located, but it's in New York, and it's a school for Mutants. And the few people, well, that one's a little hard to explain; I don't even know them that well." Said Pharaoh lightly while looking down at his food, still saddened by Lily's death.

"I'm assuming Jean was asked to attend such a school now that she's a mutant?" Remarked Hana as she looked at Pharaoh, who nodded in response.

"Yeah, I wish to go with her because I don't fully trust them, and I don't want anything bad to happen to Jean." Replied Pharaoh as he finished eating and glanced at Hana, who was sporting a thoughtful expression.

"Hmm, where are these people? I'd like to meet them." Said Hana, her words slightly surprising Pharaoh.

"I don't think that's a good idea; one of them can read people's minds." Remarked Pharaoh in slight concern, though his words seemed to hardly affect Hana.

"I don't care, Tut; even if you're incredibly strong, I'm not just going to allow you to tag along with a group of unknown individuals. What kind of Mother would I be then? So where are they?" Stated Hana with a slight frown as she wiped her mouth with a napkin and stared unflinchingly at Pharaoh, causing him to rub his face and sigh.

"Haa, I'll go and get them, Mom. I'll be back in a few minutes." Muttered Pharaoh with a nod as he stood up and headed towards the entrance of the house.

Leaving the house, I started walking back towards the park as that's where the blackbird was parked, though now that it was morning and not night, the neighborhood was active. Well, not that active as it was still morning, but I'd spot the occasional neighbor sitting on the porch drinking coffee and a group of children running around playing.

'How the hell am I supposed to get them into my house without them being seen appearing from an invisible plane?' Thought Pharaoh while rubbing his head, sporting a troubled expression as he saw the destroyed park in the distance, which neighbors surrounded.

'Ugh, great, and with this many people, it'll be impossible- wait a second, they aren't even in the plane.' Mused Pharaoh with a frown as he looked at the numerous people observing the destroyed park before suddenly stopping and looking at the plane, which was entirely empty.

I hadn't really paid the X-Men too much attention after I found their voices, so I just assumed they were in the plane, but they weren't; they were actually in the distance, sitting on a bench while observing everything. However, weirdly enough, no one ever noticed them; I mean, I feel like Beast should garner some attention, but nope, not a single person saw them; it was like they were invisible.

"Ah, I see; it must be that device in Beast's hand that's making them invisible." Remarked Pharaoh quietly as he eyed what looked like a discus in Beast's hand.

Approaching the six, they had already noticed my presence, but none of them moved, which probably meant that the device only had limited range; of course, that made sense. I was about to sit down, but Beast shook him, prompting me to turn to the side and sit on the ground beside the bench, which must've also been invisible.

"What brings you to us, young Pharaoh; it's still rather early in the morning?" Asked Professor X as he turned his wheelchair and glanced at Pharaoh, who eyed him before sighing.

"Could you meet with my Mom? I told her some of the things that happened last night, and she didn't seem very eager to hand me over to a group of people she hadn't met." Asked Pharaoh lightly while looking to the sky, refraining from looking directly at any of the X-Men.

"I'd be rather honored to speak with your Mother; please, lead the way, Pharaoh." Replied Professor X calmly yet eagerly, which was exactly how most of the X-Men felt, except for Wolverine, who didn't seem to care.

'Welp, that was easy.' Thought Pharaoh as he stood up, dusted his pants off, and walked back home, prompting the X-Men to stand up and follow him from a distance.

"Has that bench always been there?"


"You sure? I could've sworn it wasn't there earlier."

"Nah, man, you probably just didn't even notice it earlier; it's always been there."

"Eh, yeah, you're right; I'm probably just tripping."

The walk back home was rather quiet. I didn't talk much with X-Men as I was still a little depressed about Lily, and it would also look weird to seemingly talk to yourself. Once we arrived at my house, I opened the door, and they all entered quickly, followed by me entering and closing the door behind me.

"Ay, no reading my Mom's mind; otherwise, I'll turn you into a satellite." Remarked Pharaoh seriously as he glared at Professor X, who chuckled but nonetheless nodded his head.

"You have my word, I won't touch your Mother's mind, Pharaoh." Said Professor X softly while he and the rest of the X-Men suddenly appeared standing in the entrance hallway.



Now, before y'all start knocking Hana, 'cause I know some of you will, she's just acting like a good Mom, and I stand by that. Also, would like to add I'm sexy as fuck!

Though seriously, for those who don't want a harem, how does a Mistress or friend with benefits sound? Also, how many love interests do you consider to be a harem? 2? 3?


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