Martial Grandmaster in Naruto World Book

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Martial Grandmaster in Naruto World


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The title is self-explanatory. To clarify, I'm not a Naruto expert. I'll try to minimize the plot holes, but if I can't, I apologize. Precisely because I'm not an expert on naruto, this fanfic will be more about the protagonist's point of view. He won't get too involved in the politics of the ninja world, and there will only be a contrast between his values and those of the ninjas. The focus of the story will be on the protagonist getting to know the world, adapting to the new world, romance, and how he will leave his own legacy in this world of death. I dont know the future of this. I have other novels. I'm writing this as I got a inspiration after reading a very good fanfic of Naruto. I dont own rights on Naruto. +18, Romance, Martial Arts


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