Man?Monster?God? Book

novel - Fantasy



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"Finally dead. gone, away from that wretched world and the scum that lives on it I only wish I had power, if only, I would destroy that planet, no announcement, no display of power, Just... death" these are the word of a dead man who has always suffered, his one good feature turned him into a slave. but little does he know he is going to be transported to another world, or 3? Who knows? In his new world, a world ruled by Fragrance, the thing that brings peace, by creating chaos, contained in a (world of time), that the inhabitants get lost in as they face death and solitude. They slave it but are enslaved by it. Will Enopy succumb to hard times, and let himself be thrown at death once again, or will he reach his goal of immortality, taking down all obstacles and creating a world of blood, with no care if he is hated or worshiped This is not a novel about the enemy of man? or is it?, maybe it's the enemy of monsters?, or maybe it’s god?, we’ll just have to find out, Just watch as the MC turns into a man?, A monster? Or a god? Or maybe he'll be killed by them