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Madara in the Avatar World


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A man on his late 20s survived more disasters than anyone would ever know, during his whole life, nothing ever worked for him, it was if the world itself wanted to get rid of him. Until one day when he woke up on a dark space and decided to make a deal with a strange voice that echoed through the abyss. To enter a world of his choice with a single wish, and the knowledge about 5 things about the world. "They said one wish, not one power... i already selected the avatar world.. i need a powerful bender, someone who can take on an army on its own, someone badass, iconic.." "My wish is.. to become Uchiha Madara!" _________________________________________________ I'm forced to add this stupid disclaimer here. No he is NOT the real Madara, he will NOT have Madara full powers, and the story is NOT about him becoming the one all be all and dominating all the world and getting all the girls. Now if you can get past that, you more then welcome mate, i shall drink my beer in your honor! but if you can't ... well... im sure there's plenty of other Madara related fanfictions, go ahead and try them. Cheers! _________________________________________________ This is my very first and probably only fanfiction on this site, I’m doing it as a hobby because i got inspired so it all depends on how well it is received. English is not my main language but I’m trying my best :D _________________________________________________ Space Dedicated to some boring disclaimer about not owning Avatar, the Image that i use or Madara himself, yeah yeah.... yadda yadda... yall know the drill. Cheers! _________________________________________________