Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red Book

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Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red


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She was robbed from her mother's arms and sold for the Righteous sect of Light, At the age of eight. There, she was trained, brainwashed, used and manipulated for years, so she could assume the revered tower maiden status as a puppet. Those years twisted her. Time and time again. she bottled her madness into a facade. Soon she got old and wasn't needed anymore. But before the day of her disposal, she found a demonic book. 'Give your soul away, and live again in the flesh.' The title said She read it until the end and laughed. Laughed with unrestrained joy and happiness. "My chance came mother, I don't care who gave me this or with what intention but without this, I won't ever have a chance of living" With madness in her bloodshot eyes, she took hold of her dagger. in one swift motion, she plunged it deep in her heart. "TODAY I DIE AS A LAMB, TO LIVE AGAIN AS A DEMON!"