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Love or profession his temptation


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"Remember, I don't care about love or whatever, just take this relationship as part of your job, I will increase your payment" Raymond said in an extremely cold voice and Sophie could only nod in response, unsure of what to say... Sophie, a twenty six years old lady, stumbles between the bridge of love and profession after getting dumped by her ex boyfriend, Felix. She becomes completely broken and doesn't know what to do anymore... Because his last mission is to subdue her and get her under full control,he says that Sophie has to fulfill his demands and at the same time force herself not to fall too deep into his temptation since that would ruin everything he waited for,only then would she be acknowledged.... But just spending a few months with this cold CEO of her's, Sophie isn't sure if she will be able to cope anymore and keep to their original arrangement. What would be her reaction when she realizes his true identity and his reasons for accepting her?