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Loner in Danmachi


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What happens when a loner's soul merges with the soul of an orphan from Orario? Will the new abomination born from these two souls be able to see the bright side of the world and become a bright sun illuminating the world, or will it stay as an abomination? Read and see the story of Wayne, an orphan from Daedalus Street and a loner from another world. -------------------------------0---------------------------------- This is a Danmachi Fanfic, and there will be no brainless romance in this story. However, there will be R-18 chapters with related female leads. -------------------------------0---------------------------------- For those who are searching for a protagonist that is perfect from the start, please don't read this book and insult me. This novel is, of course, a wish fulfillment, but it is a wish fulfillment of mine. Keep that in mind. ------------------------------0----------------------------------- You can reach my pat reon, if you want to read chapters ahead and support me. There are 15 chapters ahead currently. Here is the link... patreon.com/user?u=84066306