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The girl who bumped into him was the first to rise, cleaned herself from the dust, and offered her hand to help the man who still sat down on the ground. He is still utterly shocked. “I was in a hurry so I didn’t pay attention before. Eh, are you okay?” Azalel’s eyes fluttered several times. He is still dumbstruck by what had happened. No… It wasn’t her who made him stunned in silence. Neither is her sincere apology. “You?? You can see me??” He asked her in disbelief and rose from the ground easily. She frowned at him as if he had just spilled the stupidest question in the world. “Yes, of course, I can. Is there something wrong with it? “Anyway… Are you ok?” "I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you before…” The girl kept apologizing to him and bowed repeatedly in guilt. Azalel didn’t say anything or give her a formal response but he just cleaned his cloak thoroughly. Seeing the person who bumped with her was fine, she then asked another question. But it sounds more like permission to leave as soon as possible. “You look fine, so I can leave now, right? See you…” Then, she rushed out, turned left, and disappeared without leaving any trace. Azalel remained silent on his spot while his eyes keep looking in the direction where the girl was gone. Meanwhile, Reuben came toward him and suddenly stopped his steps. He looked in the same direction where Azalel is looking right now. He seemed so confused. “Aza?” Silence. “Aza? Are you okay?” “Reuben…” "A mortal bumped me this morning…" "WHAT??? IMPOSSIBLE!!!" Reuben shrieked in disbelief. He thought he had misheard the news. “But it was... TRUE!!" "WHEN WAS IT??" "Before you showed up, Reuben..."