Living Doll of MHA

A child is born into the world of MHA. She is not born in Japan but is instead born in England. Her Quirk? It is still yet to be determined but from her birth, she has the appearance of a baby toy doll. Will she be a hero? Will she become a villain? Or will her path be one that is her own that is outside of those two choices? (Short release of a chapter or couple of them, unlike my other projects that have been continued.. do not expect regular updates!) Kofi Link to donate and join monthly for early chapter releases: https://ko-fi.com/dancematdan Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ehdpPFzrFF

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Her Quirk

There were times in the past when Tiffany could sense her closeness with anything she transformed to make it another extension of her body.

She could gain better control over toys, dolls, and other similar inanimate objects while providing a way to bring them to life in a way since they were like another limb of hers.

Those many limbs could be manipulated by her so long as her consciousness was within a certain range.

If she inhabited one of them then she could use that as a way to control those within the area.

If she took control over the arms then she was able to use her conversion technique on others she had yet to make contact with and that technique only worked with the physical contact of her own hands or the hands of the various things she controlled.

The whole palm needed to make contact with anything she wished to make her own.

It was better for Tiffany to shift her consciousness to something with a head to act as a control center where she could see and hear everything around her but it was possible to still manage it without it.

The biggest issue with that was that she would have to do everything blindly and would have to fumble around over a long time until she found something she could use as a better control center that could better control everything in the area.

She could not remember when her Quirk had manifested like that or how it further developed but she soon found that she could do so much more.

What she could give to the dolls, she could take away in the same way but that technique only worked when she used her own hands that were directly connected to her body.

The various materials of the toys she had given life were absorbed into her body and provided a way to heal herself.

She tried it out a couple of times but she could not use it too much so that her Quirk was not discovered.

If her old wounds were discovered to be healed up all of a sudden then it would be something that could expose her secret to her adoptive parents.

Just like the other secrets she held back from them, it was yet another part of herself that she kept secret from them.

Tiffany did not know how far she could make use of her new ability since it had not been tested properly but when she finally used it, she found herself healing up at a rapid rate.

The various discarded toys and dolls made out of all kinds of different materials entered her body and merged with her.

The various materials that were most suitable for different body parts began to fill in the areas where she had damage done while there was a strange feeling within her body from the other materials that were merging with her body.

Her bones, muscles, and skin started to transform with each thing she absorbed into herself causing her previously fragile porcelain body to become slightly more durable.

Depending on the percentage of the various materials she was absorbing, the more her body was taking on the properties of those materials.

An example would be if she mostly absorbed toys mainly made from plastics then those would mostly be absorbed into her body.

Her body was becoming more durable and stronger than before but the process was very slow and cost her many of the toys she had spent a long time collecting in the area.

Her body was a little heavier and she felt like she could do so much more than ever before.

Tiffany stood up and looked around herself before sighing. "Where am I?"

She did not have any idea where she was but she still remembered what took place before everything went dark for her. "I never expected that.. she would hit me with that.."

There were some times when her foster mother did all kinds of stupid things when she was drunk and angry but she never actually went as far as to throw anything directly at Tiffany.

If anything was thrown around or broken then it was done away from or somewhere near her.

Tiffany did not know whether it was an accident that happened in her foster mother's drunken state but none of that mattered anymore.

Since it had already happened and she was already dumped in a random location where she had to heal herself from a critical condition, Tiffany could no longer return to the carnival.

She had no idea where she was so she stretched her body and patted off some of the dirt on her before walking around the area she was dumped.

After wandering around lost, she finally came across a road which she followed in the hopes of finding a street sign or something similar to get a more accurate idea of how she should proceed next.