Living Doll of MHA

A child is born into the world of MHA. She is not born in Japan but is instead born in England. Her Quirk? It is still yet to be determined but from her birth, she has the appearance of a baby toy doll. Will she be a hero? Will she become a villain? Or will her path be one that is her own that is outside of those two choices? (Short release of a chapter or couple of them, unlike my other projects that have been continued.. do not expect regular updates!) Kofi Link to donate and join monthly for early chapter releases: https://ko-fi.com/dancematdan Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ehdpPFzrFF

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The sky darkened as the moonlight replaced the sunlight causing the light rays to come down to poorly light up what lay below.

Few sounds were being made besides the occasional rustling which came from rodents living and moving around in the trash.

A figure lay in the pile of garbage wrapped up in an old carpet with many trash bags and other things piled over the top.

About an hour had passed since the body had been dropped off where it had been left and it remained there very still.

That was until there was a sudden rustling noise that came from small movements on the trash pile.

It looked like something or someone beneath was trying to push aside what trapped them but they were unable to do so.

Tiffany was feeling the restrictiveness of the carpet wrapped around her along with the weight of everything else on top of her.

Her vision was very blurred and she had not been awake for very long so the amount of strength she had in her body was at its minimum.

There were many pieces of missing skin from the fragments that fell off her face from the previous impact while she was in a lot of pain.

It seemed like she had been unconscious for a very long time and her unique physiology made it very difficult to help identify if she was still alive.

That allowed her to be identified as dead by her adoptive family which resulted in her being dumped far away in the hopes of covering up their supposed crime.

After waking up after so long, Tiffany was feeling very disoriented and was unable to fully grasp the situation she was in.

She had survived but that did not mean she was completely fine.

Her body was not in the best condition and that was made even worse by the fact that she was unable to get her body free right away.

There was a moment where she was in a large state of anxiety which soon turned into a strange calm.

Her chaotic thoughts gradually became a little more clear and then her body became limp once more.

An arm detached from her body causing it to move on its own as it used its hand and fingers to crawl out of the opening in the carpet and then further out of the trash pile.

The arm started to slowly crawl across all of the trash piles with very small movements as it created more rustling noises as the arm kept scraping along everything it went over.

What followed was the arm moving around blindly as if searching for something then moments later, it dived into another pile of trash tearing at a trash bag just like it had done many times over.

Inside of it was a bag of discarded toys that were either broken or very old, among them were some slightly newer and better condition toys that were mixed in.

The hand connected to the arm reached out towards one toy which allowed them to come into contact for some time as the arm lay there motionless with the toy in its grasp.

What happened moments later was that the toy started to show minor signs of movement as if it was coming to life.

The toy soon gained full control of its body and was then released from the grasp of the arm which followed with the toy and the arm moving towards the remaining toys.

One toy became another, one doll became another, and one figurine became another as they started to come to life after the hands of the arm or the animated toys started to make contact with them.

The area was just a place where discarded things were dumped after they lost their usefulness but Tiffany had started to reclaim what had been discarded for herself.

At first, Tiffany was all on her own without a single means of escaping but then she had a small army that kept growing the more that she searched through the trash.

The tiny toys were moving very slowly and covered little ground so it took quite some time to unearth so many under her control.

Tiffany used the sight of one small soldier toy to get a better view of the toys that were under her control but occasionally switched her full control over to another.

The small army of children's toys marched towards the direction of where Tiffany's body was lying then started to move aside the trash that was in the way.

The carpet was soon within their view and they then freed her body with their combined efforts causing her damaged body to be revealed.

Her arm made it back and reattached itself to her body then the rest of her body started to move once more. "It seems that it is time to finally use this."

Her bright green eyes moved towards the arm of toys that were under her direct control then she reached out towards one picking it up.

The longer that she held it, the more it changed to become quite similar to her own body and less like an ordinary inanimate object.

Some areas inside started to become a little more flesh-like and her connection kept growing.

it was slowly starting to feel like she and the toy had become one with each other and like it was a connected part of her body.

Her mouth opened once more as she spoke. "Come to me."

What followed after her words was a strange sight where the toy started to break apart and travelled along her body gradually being absorbed into her from her hand.

A strange tingling sensation traveled up her arm followed by areas that had long gained cracks and wounds on that arm that were beginning to close up very slowly.