Livestreaming My Pokemon Journey! Book

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Livestreaming My Pokemon Journey!


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[Every chapter I write is between 3k and 4k words, so if it takes me a bit longer to update, that's why.] (Synopsis) "Dammit Chat, stop being horny for 2 seconds! She's literally a member of Team Magma! A terrorist!" Dante begged. Chat: A hot terrorist Chat: If the rest of the Magma and Aqua officers look like that, then maybe they have a point. Chat: I for one welcome our sexy evil overlords. "God f*ucking dammit!" Dante slams his tablet on the ground and starts stomping on it, much to the horrors of the rest of Team Magma, who watch on in disbelief. Follow the adventures of Dante Cross, a 16 year old, aspiring Pokemon Champion as he livestreams his entire journey, the exciting, the inspiring, the embarrassing, the boring, he'll show it all.  Watch as he's driven mad by his perpetually horny chat, and his equally as annoying busty companion, May Maple! …also he like saves the world or some shit? But who cares about that?


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