6 Training IV

Year: 7, Month: 10 -> Training Month: 25

Two years have passed since Yamamoto began his training. He had noticed that he was truly stronger than he was before. For some reason, he didn't notice before but now, it has become apparent. He had finally gotten over the fact that he had lost all of his hair. He had faith that he would get them back as soon as he got his Meta Essence back. And even if not, he was sure that there was a skill he could create that would allow him to create hair again. He wasn't that worried but still angry about it.

Never mind that. Yamamoto had gotten stronger and that's all that mattered. He was still going through with his training and never missed one day of it. He was fighting stronger monsters now. After his encounter with the Magicicada Nymph, he had encountered five others of similar strength but, he wasn't sure how strong they were. His growing strength was getting a bit of a problem. It was hard for him to measure the strength of those much weaker than himself.

But that wasn't a problem for him, he would continue to train and not give up, no matter what happened.


Year: 7, Month: 11 -> Training Month: 31

Time passed again since the last time the log was updated. Yamamoto had grown stronger again ... at least he thought that that was the case. He wasn't sure anymore. In the last couple of months, he needed less and less to win a fight. The monsters weren't getting weaker at all, Yamamoto was just getting far too strong. He was now in the last few months of his training. But he wasn't aware of that. He was just looking for strong monsters that could get that same feeling out of him that he used to get when his life was on the line and he was about to pass out.

He hadn't thought about being in the world of Bleach or becoming a Shinigami right now. He was fully invested in the training regime. And he had even forgotten that he wasn't even from this world originally. At the moment he was just Yamamoto, a hero for fun and someone who was training to grow stronger.


Year: 8, Month: 5 -> Training Month: 37

{The rumblings and the tremors continue ...}


{... the explosions rocking City A have spread, blanketing the whole ...}



"Here I go.", Yamamoto says as he watches the news.


"Waaaah Mommy Daddy!", a small girl was crying in the ruins of City A. The monster which was responsible for all this destruction heard the girl and walked towards her. The monster was a large, purple hairless humanoid with two rounded antennae on his head. He had a bare muscular body and looked very intimidating. As he walked close to the girl he extended his hand to her and it seemed like he was about to comfort her.

But that wasn't the case, his hand transforms into a big and clawed one and he proceeds to try to grab and crush her. His fist closes and some wind is felt. He opens his hand again and sees that the girl isn't there, she has been saved by someone with a weird ... haori and sandals.

"Who are you?", the monster asks.

"Someone who's training here for fun.", Yamamoto says as he stands in front of the monster with a slight smile. He has high hopes for this monster. He thinks that this is the one. The one to finally stop his streak of one-shots.

"What kind of ridiculous backstory is that?! I exist because of humankind's constant pollution of the environment! I am VACCINE MAN!!"


"The earth is a single living organism and you humans are the disease-causing germs killing it! The will of the earth gave birth to me ...", Vaccine man began to transform into a hideous and big thing, "... so that I may destroy humanity and their insidious civilisation!!!

But you do this for fun?! That's the reason you dare to oppose me, the Earth's apostle?! Then indeed I must wipe humankind from existence!"




"Ah, man. And I thought it would be different. It seems like things will come to an end soon.", Yamamoto said with a hint of nostalgia.


| Saitama's training simulation: Complete.

[Survive and complete the Saitama's training simulation: +1'000'000'000 SP]

[Survive and complete the training, with sealed Meta Essence: +100'000'000 SP]

[Defeated Personification of a light pull cord: +1'000'000 SP]

[You have shattered your limiter: +10'000'000'000 SP]

[Defeated Vaccine Man: +50'000'000 SP]

[Gained new skills on your own: +1'000'000'000 SP]


New skills created!

[Shattered Limiter: Rank: N/A]

[Haki: Rank A- -> S] -> Evolution of Skill -> [Indomitable Will: Rank D >> S]

[Phykokinesis Immunity: Rank A+]

[Temperature Immunity: Rank A+]

[Ice Immunity: Rank A+]

[Fire Immunity: Rank A+]

[Poison Immunity: Rank A+]

[Radiation Immunity: Rank A+]

[Blunt Force Immunity: Rank A+]

[Piercing Immunity: Rank A+]




[Overwhelming Aura: Rank A+]

[Non-Physical Interaction: Rank B]

[Self-Sustenance: Rank B+]

[Indifference: Rank A-]

[Situational Supreme Accelerated Development: Rank S]


There were quite a lot of things that Yamamoto gained. It made sense. Everything he gained during this training, was translated into skills which now got their own notification since the Meta Essence activated again.

[Survive and complete the Saitama's training simulation: +1'000'000'000 SP]

This was a welcome amount of SP for him to get after working and pushing himself for three years. It was interesting since he didn't know what Saitama went through during his training years. So he didn't know what to expect. He managed to pull through though and now he was rewarded. It made sense that he gained this much.

[Survive and complete the training, with sealed Meta Essence: +100'000'000 SP]

Well, it was just as Yamamoto imagined it to be. He got rewarded by only relying on himself to push through the training and not using the Essence. Although 100'000'000 SP might sound like much, it wasn't really for him. The better skills are quite expensive to make. But it was still nice to gain some SP for making his life harder. However, what he didn't know was that he wouldn't have reached the same result if he had used the Essence to make it easier. So he unknowingly made the perfect decision.

The real treasure was the reward for shattering his limiter. That was a tremendous amount of Skill Points but it did make sense. If he wanted the skill created, it would have cost him: 100'000'000'000'000 SP. Now, by completing it himself and gaining the skill, his Meta Essence saw this as a humongous feat and awarded him with 1/10'000th of the price he had to pay. Quite generous.

[Haki: Rank S]

His Haki had evolved and granted him the skill of Indomitable Will. Not only that, the skill reached Rank S, showing how much he had pushed himself through torture and came out powerful at the end. It also seemed like the skill Indomitable Will ranked up during his training and reached the highest Rank. What was interesting was the long list of immunities that Yamamoto gained. They were all A+ Rank. That was interesting because he managed to reach Rank S in two other skills.

The reason for that was because it wasn't possible to simply grant him the highest amount of immunity, due to Yamamoto not having experienced all of the potential things that could harm him. There were worlds where poisons could kill the most powerful cultivators and it wasn't clear whether he could withstand those. But he wasn't worried. A+ was just short of Rank S and he would get there sooner or later.

[Indifference: Rank A-]

Now this was an interesting skill to have. It was so true. He used to feel the thrill of a fight and the urge to train or fight before he began the training simulation. But the fire of his Hanma bloodline, which was the cause of this, was almost entirely drowned by the training he did. He imagined that his somewhat normal aptitude was due to the Hanma bloodline. He was still interested in learning new things but not like before. He was doing it ... for fun and nothing else.

[Situational Supreme Accelerated Development: Rank S]

Now this was an interesting skill. What was surprising was that it was Rank S instead of A+. And the reason was that the skill was Rank S but it was only situational. Yamamoto would need a strong emotion or motivation to get affected by this. So if he had that emotion, the skill was definitely S-Rank. Together with the skill [Shattered Limiter], Yamamoto now had a slightly lower version of the Rank S, Meta Essence: The Blank. The reason for this was that with the Essence of the Blank, you could learn any skills, even if you shouldn't be able to normally. And that's something Yamamoto couldn't do just yet.


Yamamoto left the training simulation and was back in the Rukongai in the world of Bleach. He touched his head and noticed that he was still bald. He sighed and thought about the reason for this. And after thinking about it for a while, he concluded. He had made a miscalculation. Yamamoto bought the skill [Indestructible Hair] for 5 million SP and thought that would stop him from losing all his hair. But he was wrong.

Just because his hair was indestructible, didn't mean that it couldn't fall out. And that's what happened. His hair fell out, they didn't get damaged or destroyed, they just fell out. And now he was bald, at 21 years of age. What a dilemma. But he was sure that by spending a few points he would be able to think of a skill that would allow him to have his hair grow again. How would he find love if he was already bald? Nothing against bald people but it was just not the sexiest look there was. At least in his opinion. He didn't understand women at all, so what did he know?


Yamamoto was thinking about what to do now. First, he thought that it was time for him to have a look at his Skill Points. He had been training for three years now and also got all of those rewards. He was bound to have a lot of Skill Points.

Before he began the training he had 271'557'070 SP left. He also had the SP generator skill at rank D, which gave him 2x the amount of SP per second than it did before. Meaning he made a total of 4'838'000 SP per month. That was alright. Now after 37 months of training and added to the amount he already had that makes a total of 450'563'070 SP. Not bad but quite underwhelming.

And to finish it off, he gained a ton of skills and Skill Points due to finishing the training and getting powerful as well as defeating monsters.

Current SP: 12'601'563'070

Oh baby what a juicy amount of points he now has.


So what was Yamamoto going to do now?

Well, he had a few options. He could wait and relax, which was something he was going to do and he was going to do it for a while. He could create new skills, like the Shadow Clone skills and have them train. He had many options, but what he was definitely going to do, was build a house. Or even better ... he was going to have others build a house for him.

He was also interested in getting the skills of Chun Myung Hoon from the Red Storm Manhwa. That guy was seriously cool and he thought that it was cool to have those skills. Another idea was the martial arts of Cheon Yeo Woon from the novel Nano Machine. But that could wait for now.

So he did the only thing he could and created a new skill.

[Shadow Clone Jutsu: Rank D - 3'000'000 SP]

As soon as he had created the skill, he created 100 clones and had them get to work and build a home for him. And while they were doing that, he would kick back and relax, while he watched some TV.

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