Life Protection

Translator: CKtalon

Six-Winged Guardian Dragon: Mythical

Life Providence: Life Guardian Dragon

Life Soul: Wings of Black Flame

Wheel of Destiny: The Last Life Guardian

Strength: 80

Speed: 80

Constitution: 80

Essence Energy: 80

Talent Skill: Sanctification, Poison Breath, Dragon's Rage, Hell Demonic Flame, Six Wing Slash.

Companion Form: Holy Flaming Dragon Wings

Zhou Wen remembered that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's stats were around 60, but now, all of them had become 80. According to the advancement of his Companion Beasts, the top Mythical creatures likely had 81 stat points. Now that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's stats had reached 80, it could be considered top-notch.

The Life Providence and Wheel of Destiny had slight changes. He had no idea what the word "life" meant, but he believed that it couldn't be a bad thing.