Fighting Torch Dragon Again

Translator: CKtalon

"Yes. Back then, Young Master Wen, Zhang Yuzhi, and I killed a Six-Winged Guardian Dragon together. However, it didn't drop a Companion Egg. Later on, Young Master Wen lured Medusa to fight with the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon. The outcome resulted in a Companion Egg. Now that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon has been strengthened, its combat strength should be considered high among Mythical creatures," An Sheng said.

"That's not necessarily the case. Wild Mythical Companion Beasts are ultimately inferior to those you nurture," said An Tianzuo.

An Sheng didn't refute him and only said with a smile, "Overseer, you are right. However, no matter what, that's a powerful Mythical creature. With it being Young Master Wen's, he can be considered a cornerstone of our Luoyang City."

"When did you degenerate to the point of relying on a student? When did our Luoyang City degenerate to the point of relying on a student as a cornerstone?" An Tianzuo glared at An Sheng.