Famous in the Federation

Translator: CKtalon

When Six-Winged was summoned by Zhou Wen. Its huge body stood on the cube, but it wasn't too obvious. However, its claws were a little too big. Its claws covered the tiny circle completely when pressed against it. As it was several times bigger than the circle, Zhou Wen didn't know if this would work.

"I'll give it a try." Zhou Wen was very careful. He didn't let the six-winged dragon immediately attempt it. He only made it stand there and left. He returned to the top of the building beside him before letting the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon inject its Essence Energy into the circle.

If anything were to happen, he could immediately retrieve the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and escape.

Although he felt that it was unlikely that The Thearch would harm him, he still had to be careful.

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon followed Zhou Wen's orders and pressed its paw on the circle, injecting its Essence Energy into it.