4 System Appears!

Tenshi sighed to himself and looked down, he turned to the screen in front of him and looked at it, wiping his eyes.

[Don't be sad, Host! You are the proud owner of the Multiversal Cafe System!]

[The System has one goal and one goal only! To make the best Cafe in the multiverse!]

[Wish to bind to [Unnamed Store]?]

Tenshi nodded in silence.

[Binding Complete!]

[Please name the Cafe!]

Tenshi looked at the empty text box before smiling gently as he typed into it.

[Hibari's Cafe has been opened!]

[Gift Package is being distributed!]

[Gabimaru Ninja Skills!]

[3 Body Arts experience package!]

[Coffee Release!]

[One time remodeling Token!]

Tenshi blinked and there were a bunch of new memories in his head. His body warped violently and bulged like a balloon before emitting a thick steam as it shrank down to a slim build.

He sat there and smiled gently, he didn't care about any of this at all…

At the moment if he had to gauge his strength, it was probably Chuunin level… Then again, Tenshi didn't know. He was only guessing.

What he was more interested in was the remodeling token.

[How can a Cafe be a Bookstore!?]

[Remodel the new Cafe?]

Tenshi clicked on [Yes] and was instantly shown several different viewpoints of the former bookstore with options like a side scroller. There was even a preview option!

Tenshi slid through the options and quickly decided everything. He kept the wings and feathers theme and the System recalibrated the options to beautiful feathered carvings and firm oak tables.

Tenshi's eyes were soft as he customized the cafe to what he liked, everything reminded him of his mother. There was even an area with bookshelves, the System even provided a bunch of books for free.

Some stories, history of coffee, etc.

All sorts of reading material.

After he was finished customizing, the System optimized everything to correct any architectural flaws while keeping the general motif. Tenshi looked at the final product and smiled gently.

It even had a piano in a corner.

Then he was prompted to customize the signboard.

Tenshi looked at his mother's name and wiped his eyes, smiling sadly. He drew on the signboard and made a halo over the corner of the 'H' with little wings on the sides of the halo.

After he was done the System optimized it again before asking for confirmation.

Tenshi clicked [Yes] but was confused as there wasn't a coffee machine at all.

[Note to Host: The System will not provide anything for the Host. Only distributing rewards, displaying Achievement List, and automatically calculating profits as well as managing financials.]

[Everything the Host needs will have to be acquired by himself. However, as the Host has just started, all cups and glasses have been provided. Water has been connected to the sink via the System and the host has a hot sand bed along with 6 Cezves.]

[Per the System's guidelines, all the information to progress through the ages of Coffee Making are in the books provided by the system.]

[Please Refer to the Achievements List, Host.]

[The System recommends accomplishing Achievements to acquire rewards that may help the Host on his journey. Other than this, the System is completely hands off. Enjoy, Host!]

Tenshi asked aloud, "About the rewards… Are they anything? Let's say I get a Devil Fruit and eat it, will the Sea weakness be fixed? What's the range of system rewards?"

[The System's functions can be explored at the Host's leisure…]

[If the Host wishes to know if there are Resurrection rewards…]

[The answer is: Yes.]

Tenshi's eyes lit up and he looked through the system as he smiled, "Thank you."

[The System exists for the Host.]

Tenshi smiled and looked around, reading the note by the side, describing that the remodeling will take place overnight, Tenshi will only have to touch the door tomorrow morning.

He walked home and looked at the empty house, tears pooling in his eyes.

He walked around the empty home and collected some memories. Pictures, books, etc.

He packed all these things in a box and laid down on his bed, exploring the system.

It was very simple.

An Endless Achievement list along with a little shop.

There wasn't much in it, just some normal coffee beans, cups, glasses, etc.

He received a bunch of Coffee beans from the system, but it seemed like he had to order more if he wanted more. But maybe he would get new ones?

He didn't know if Naruto even had coffee beans, maybe they didn't exist?

Well, he would find out tomorrow.

Tenshi turned on his side and tears rolled down his face.

He really missed Hibari…

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