33 Scamming the Hokage

Guy and Lee tasted the coffee and were blown away, their eyes sparkled and their hair blew back behind them. The coffee seemed to be shining!

Mocha licked the milk and rolled on the ground happily.

Tenshi stretched out his arms and laughed happily, "Yes! Do you see now! This is the beginning of my Multiversal Supremacy! HAHAHAAH! LOSE YOURSELF TO ECSTASY IN MY SUPREME COFFEE! AHAHAHAHA!"

Kakashi walked in and rubbed his neck, "What are you shouting about… Jeez…" Tenshi made him an Espresso and he drank it like normal before his eye sparkled, his hair waving in the wind.

Iguchi yawned, "What's all that racket?!" Tatsumaki rubbed her eyes coming to the counter, "Morning, Boss Tenshi…"

A while later

The Female Anbu walked in and looked at everyone standing like statues with their eyes shining and hair blowing back as though there was wind. She was dumbfounded and licked her finger, holding it up, muttering "There's no wind in here…"

A short few seconds later, her hair was waving majestically behind her…

After a day of being blown away, having their hidden injuries healed by the purifying spirit of Lon Lon Milk graced by Malon herself…

Everyone was very happy.

Hiruzen asked for the milk directly and Tenshi charged him 20,000 Ryo for a single Jug. Hiruzen paid bitterly but still bought one. Danzo also came out and bought one, as well as a bag of new blend for 5000 Ryo.

Tenshi smiled very happily as they left the shop.

The Lon Lon Milk was only 1000 Ryo for a Jug on the system shop.

But that bastard tried to snatch his mother!

Forget it, you suffer while I laugh!

Kakashi watched Tenshi rip-off the Hokage and felt great inside, you know that old bastard keeps giving him missions! He can't even enjoy a nice coffee and book! He has to go deal with… 'Obligations' and 'Responsibilities' it was ridiculous!

Kakashi was thinking about becoming a Civilian these days but then… he realized he would eventually run out of money. Then how could he buy coffee? So now he had to suffer for life. It was a real problem.

A few weeks passed

Naruto was sitting on a stool in the cafe, complaining "You won't believe it! Then this Bakasuke actually thought it would be a good idea to pull on the cat's tail!" Mocha hissed angrily on the piano, Tenshi smiled gently and nodded while cleaning a cup, "How awful."

Sasuke was sitting right next to him and complained angrily "You pulled on its damn whiskers, Bakaruto! I tried to catch it!" Mocha looked betrayed and Naruto drank his Coffee Juice, snorting "Don't believe him, Mocha! He's a liar! I was clearly comparing our whiskers when you pulled its tail!"

Sasuke drank an espresso, like a real man, as he shouted angrily "That's nonsense!" Sakura sat on the side and sighed, drinking a Moka, not saying anything.

Tenshi sighed, "How awful." Naruto pointed at him, "Uncle Lady, you're not listening at all!" Tenshi sighed, "How awful." Sasuke clenched his fists, "My Uchiha Pride!" Tenshi burst out laughing before covering his mouth, smiling with amusement "How awful."

Sasuke and Naruto glared at him angrily, "Bakashi!" Kakashi looked over and they were aggrieved, "Not you, Bakakashi!" Kakashi sighed and turned to Tenshi, "You see what I have to deal with?"

Anko dipped a doughnut in her coffee, laughing happily, "I think they're real cute! I wish I had a team…"

God of Ramen, Teuchi Otsutsuki, chuckled while sipping on an Espresso.

Tenshi ignored the kids and looked at the Achievement List, can you believe it? He forgot to collect those rewards!

[Serve the Minor God of Ramen- Completed]

[Upgrade Coffee making method- Completed]

[Spice up the Cafe with some Entertainment- Completed]

[Only Coffee? Where's the Variety?! Add other drinks- Completed]

Tenshi's lips twitched and he looked over at Teuchi, so the rumors were true… No wonder Konoha was so prosperous! It's a shame he was only a Minor God not a True God… whatever that was.

He collected the rewards.


[Senju Cells]

[Mei Hatsume Mechanic Talent]

[High-End Sanitation Dishwasher]

[Life Saving Pill]

Tenshi looked at the descriptions before sighing.

[High-End Sanitation Dishwasher: High Powered Dishwasher that will sterilize and clean everything inside in 90 seconds! Never run out of cups or plates! (Placeable inside Counters)]

[Life Saving Pill: Will save a life, no matter how bad the damage, reverses life and death, capable of saving anyone in an instant!]

Tenshi sighed and looked at the little pill in his hand. He tossed it to Kakashi, smiling gently, "Here." Kakashi caught the pill and looked at it in confusion. Tenshi said "I heard you're going on a trip. This is a life saving pill, take one and it will save a life no matter what. I only have one… so use it wisely."

Kakashi was dumbfounded and was touched to the extreme. He said seriously, "Thank you, Tenshi." Tenshi smiled gently and nodded, "Unfortunately… I was too slow last time." Kakashi fell silent and sighed.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were intensely curious but Kakashi shook his head, signifying them not to ask anymore.

Tenshi perked up after a second, anyway, he moved on. There was nothing to do about it anymore, he couldn't change the past, just look towards the future! The revival reward was only for One Person.

He was determined to revive his mother, he felt that Aizami and Keigo would have agreed with him.

Anyway, maybe one day, he'll get more.


For now, just live out each day happily.

That night

Tenshi was sitting on his bed as his body inflated to the max before shrinking down and emitting steam from his pores.

He cracked all his bones and spread out his wings before going to sleep thinking about the coffee machine. So his structure was inefficient. He would fix it tomorrow!

The next morning, Tenshi felt like he had infinite energy! What a great day!

Mocha ran next to him, meowing happily. Tenshi rubbed her ears and smiled gently, "You feel good too, Mocha? Must be all that practice!" Mocha meowed and bounced on her tail, holding her palms together, saying "Meow Meow!"

She continued bouncing but nothing happened, she spread her paws and sighed, "Meow…" Tenshi picked her up and stroked her soft fur, "You're so cute. One day, you'll be the Queen of the Ninja Cats!" Mocha waved a paw, meowing happily.

Tenshi laughed happily and scratched under her chin, listening to her purr with comfortably squinted eyes.

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