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Legend of Lando


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NOTE: 2nd Season IS OUT NOW! Side Story in development, planned to serializr Fall 2024! WARNING: Recommended for mature audiences (Strong Violence, Cursing, Disturbing scenes), everything here is fictional. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/secjmnyjkH in a post-apocalyptic world where the earth is barren and animals are extinct, humans have turned to genetically engineering creatures called Nephalem for their survival. Lando, a skilled Nephalem pilot, works with a team consisting of Hana, Zander, Bale, Zynkara, and Mara, to complete various missions in order to protect their colony and gather resources. Their latest mission involves infiltrating a group of hostile humans known as the Vultures, who possess valuable information and resources. During the mission, the team engages in a brutal battle with the Vultures, using their unique Nephalem creatures to fight. As the battle rages on, Lando's feelings for Hana become apparent, but he must put his emotions aside to focus on the mission at hand. Despite facing various challenges and obstacles, the team ultimately succeeds in their mission and returns to their colony victorious.