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Hello everyone. I feel like I should write this here for everyone to see. Legend of Lando will be on an indefinite hiatus. I want to explore more projects. This is not the end for Legend of Lando. I feel burnt out and I don’t want to write the story till I get bored of it, I want to give it the proper ending it deserves instead of cancelling it without an ending or giving it an ending that doesn’t mean as much as the proper conclusion I have planned. I wish for everyone to understand this, this has been in my mind for weeks. I want to do other projects that you guys may like better than this one. Lando’s one of my favorite characters and its upsetting for me to make this decision. But I want to end the story correctly instead of writing and going through burn out. I’ve noticed the quality of my storytelling has dropped since posting 13/chs a week. I love and appreciate you guys for reading the story, even if its not every single chapter I release. All 199 of you that have my story added to their library, I want to say thank you. Its been fun. (Pls don’t unadd it Lando isn’t gone forever) PS. Nuggy


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