Last World : Celestial Archeist Book

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Last World : Celestial Archeist


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after reading what was considered one of the best books of all time, and also possibly being a soldier inside of a war against massively overpowered AI robots which could easily send out nuclear bombs... Rei gets reincarnated inside of the epic book that he had read all the way until the end at chapter 5425 ( Last World ), where the main protagonist, Kiro, awakened the last world system to become the strongest arcanist alive! unfortunately being reincarnated as a side character is way harder than you think, although it becomes way less hard when you're reincarnated with limitless potential and your own system. watch as the path of the very fabric of the world is deviated by the Awakening of Rei, The last celestial ( Spoiler ), and The upbringing of multiple other characters. can you withstand the will of the heavens which simply makes you think that this novel is trash, or will we surpass your normal expectations? Well prepared to get on the journey of your life! - Volume 1 - Arch Acadamia - Just keep in mind that my grammar is trash because I use text to speech...( speech to text ), sooo.... yeah