Celestial Bloodline

Author: _Orange_
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What is Celestial Bloodline

Read ‘Celestial Bloodline’ Online for Free, written by the author _Orange_, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: On a peaceful planet filled with magic and power, Kyle's life was lazy and ordinary, but little did he know, he possesse...


On a peaceful planet filled with magic and power, Kyle's life was lazy and ordinary, but little did he know, he possessed something extraordinary. He lived his life with his family like any other lazy human, or so he thought, unaware that everything happens for a reason. However, everything changed when he turned sixteen. His older brothers, who were fed up with his laziness, came up with a ridiculous plan to teach him a lesson. They asked him to take the entrance test for one of the biggest academies. They thought this would knock some sense into their lazy brother. Kyle was stunned, but because of their coordinated planning, he reluctantly agreed with a hint of resignation. "I don't think I'll pass the test anyway. So, trying it for the experience isn't a big deal." "The only problem is, I can't guarantee that all my body parts will stay intact until the end of the entrance test." But to Kyle's shock, he passed the test without even lifting a finger! Still, he was convinced that he would eventually be kicked out of the Academy due to his lack of strength. But the moment he set foot in the Academy, he discovered something incredible about himself. He was special and nature's favorite. . . . _____________________ [#I am gonna try my best but I think there will be a lot of grammar mistakes cuz I'm not an english person (; but everyone is welcome to point out the mistakes. So, I could correct them.] _______________________ (#It's my first time writing so I know the story is not going to be a perfect one QAQ. Plz support me with ps, gt and gifts, THANK YOU) (Note: The cover is not mine, found it from pinterest. All credits go to the owner who can ring me up in the comment section if he/she wants me to remove it.)

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Omg I love Bia and Kyles dynamic so much its so cutee 😭😭 I really like the pacing and how he gradually gets stronger 👍Its such a good read and Im excited to see S2 unfold 😎


Very much satisfied with the story I think this novel is really good for you first novel. As for the story , it is good , story is good and has a lot of potential and as of now author is doing a very good job at it As for the mc , he is likable character and has good character development throughout the story , side charectors are good ( mainly male side charectors as female side charectors are not that developed but still relevant), Also mc has a broken plot armour but you should not have a problem with it beacuse this shameless author was always specific about it so it will not come as a surprise and it doesn't affect the story at all also this point is also a point of comedy in the story😂 As for the romance fl is introduced a little late in the story, and the romance is a little slow but it is still developing at a good rate plus fl personality is very good for me So yeah these were my views about this story and I think you should give this a try


للأن كل شيء جميل في القصه قرأت لأخر فصل الآن ألا و هوا الفصل 473 احداث كثيره حصلت مع كل الحماس إلا انه احس انه القصه الآن بدأت مع توسع الكاتب في العالم و درجات القوه و شرح بعض المسطلحات الجديده في القصه. Eng: For now, everything is beautiful in the story. I read to the last chapter now, chapter 473. Many events happened with all enthusiasm, but I feel that the story began now with the writer's expansion in the world and the degrees of strength and the explanation of some new terms in the story.


Hi everyone! This is 'Orange' and its my very first time writing a Novel and I am hoping to learn a lot in this long Journey.. In this story there no raincarnation, the mc have only one single life 🤣 which he love a lot Ahem.. I means the mc is weak but he just happened to have a high luck giving him opportunities to become strong. You will also see a second mc who have system so many #cheat codes 🙄. If you have any questions you can ask me by replying on this review..


Awesome book! I highly recommend cos it really captures the essence of the MC with a really nice character design. Author-sama, pls do not drop this novel. Love it 😍😍😍


I didn’t have many expectations for this at first, but it’s a lot better then I was expecting like the author says though it is a little slow at first but then gets really good fast. Definitely recommend.


It's very nice bro and just don't make it a harem


Ah, so far, the book is alright; the writing is fine, the story is developing, but slowly, the character designs are alright, and the main character is just a normal smart boy with potential (who knows, maybe he'll get better later). It is advised for readers with a lot of patience, but even though it seems unexceptional, this book has a lot of potential if there is character development.


I’m really enjoying the book. Slow beginning and then turn out very addictive. **spoiler: would be interesting to see bloodline versus system progression.


I gave it a shot and read 100 chapters because the author said the protagonist is OP and doesn't hide his powers much. Well, that was a lie. The protagonist is weak and stupid. Let alone being OP, he's not even the top of his class. He's also very lazy. He's described as someone more mature than his age would indicate, which is 16, but he acts like a 12 year old, so that's also a lie. As for pacing... after 100 chapters, I feel like the novel hasn't even started yet. He has gone to school, been insulted the whole time for being trash, which is true, and now he's playing around in some random tower to find some healing elixir. So I'd say it's snail pace. Veeeeery slow.


mc is good because even if it's cliche u gave enough luck and a hidden bloodline and not dumb in his head and also not lustful in nature where he is mature


Really likable MC, the humour in between is good. other characters are also good not just for extra word count. One of my favourite part is interaction between Kyle & Bia.Definately worth your time.


I like the way you describe the world and the details .Not many authors focus on giving a good world background and lots of details since they think is boring.But I think your book has enough details and backgrounds .I enjoyed reading it even thought I am not into system novels . Keep going ! Love you !


Great story it is funny and good hop you continue


Wow, I am really surprised. This novel is something unusual. I have followed 240 chapters so far, and I highly recommend it. It is a very beautiful story, but there are some things that I would not say are not good. Rather, they are simple. I will not talk about them. Just read it and you will be surprised by its splendor.


Dude i love this story so much like sooo much plzzz drop chapters as fast as possible also i dont have money to buy this book plzzz if anyone can gift me this book i will be Very thankfull to him i want this book like crazy i can live without this book plzzzzzzzzzzz if the author can give me free access or anyone can gift me this plzzz


It is currently one of my favorite publishing books. The only issue I have sometimes is that chapters are a bit short, but otherwise, this book is pretty good. One of my favorite things about this book is how the MC is not training manic but is lazy, undetermined, and does the bare minimum at the beginning, but after like 50 chapters, he understands the value of power and grows up and becomes a determined hardworking person. The MC is basically just a normal kid, who is really talented at the start.


its good I have read so many novels in which plot feels very slow and I tend to drop them but this one felt great neither slow nor fast paced


This novel is great 👑👑🏆🏆 But the trash thing is that I can only read 1 chapter like every 2 or 3 because I don’ have any fast past. 😭😭


i read a nice amount and i love it no cyap


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