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The Celestial Saga


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With a dazzling personality and a mysterious dark aura, Lucas is someone who fascinates Katherine and she can do nothing other than being inexplicably drawn towards him. But there is something about him. Something he is keeping from her with his clever replies and sarcastic humor. Something that would change everything for Katherine. * * * * * How would you feel if your true identity has always been kept a secret from you? Katherine Grayson was in trouble. A presence is looming over her since her childhood. To add more misery into her already messed up life, a series of unrealistic events leaves her traumatized. Amidst all the chaos, she gets to learn about her true identity. It turns out she is a witch from a very powerful coven. Now a new set of challenges and adventure awaits her. Will she be able to prove her worth? * * * * * •Two chapters everyday(more if author keeps getting powerstones and daily unlocks) •Join rhe discord : https://discord.gg/dwZfFjCn (if the link doesn't work, then try the one in author's bio) •Buy the privelege to enjoy more chapters. Come on, the author dares you (it's real cheap) •The book cover is not owned by the author, it belongs to the original creator * * * * * This book involves fantasy, thriller, suspense and of course romance. We have savage characters, a scaredy-cat, a charming sweet character, King of trolling and a character with God complex. More interesting characters will be introduced as the story progresses. * * * * * Excerpt 1 , ["Nice bracelet." He traced a finger on the bracelet, momentarily touching my skin. The hair on my skin rose and I shuddered under his touch. I immediately drew my hand back. "It looks good on you .... Katherine." He complimented and his enchanting gaze seemed to bewitch me. "Thankyou" I said, without even giving it a second thought. Immediately I wanted to take that 'thankyou' back. Thank you? Of all the things I could have said, "thankyou" was the worst. I didn't want Lucas thinking that I liked his compliment. It didn't take much thinking to realize that he was trouble, and I had enough trouble looming, no need to invite more. "And I prefer Kat." I corrected, realizing that he had called me Katherine earlier. "Why not Katherine?" His gaze looked appraising. "Cause it's boring." I answered and turned towards the chalkboard. "I think it's beautiful." His reply caught me off guard and I turned sideways, he was still staring at me intently, with those dazzling charcoal grey eyes.] * * * * * Excerpt 2, [He shifted in his seat and his eyes met mine. "I believe there's always more to everything than it meets the eye." He was inclining towards me now. "Do you not believe in witches?"  "I don't. . ." I lied. "They only exists in folklores and myths." I added to make my lie more convincing.  I noticed his lips turn into a smile but it faded away the second he looked at me.  "Are you sure?" He raised an eyebrow. "Do things out of blue not elevate your curiousity?"  "They do." I replied. In fact, everything happening lately had my curiosity skyrocketed.  "And have you ever tried to find answers to those questions? If you do find the answers. . ." He leaned in closer. "I bet you won't be disappointed." He was unnecessarily close, his husky voice went straight into my ears.  He shifted back in his seat and put his hands behind his head. There was a smirk plastered on his lips and for some reasons I had a feeling that he had challenged me to some mysterious quest.] * * * * *


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