Lackey's Seducing Survival Odyssey Book

novel - Fantasy

Lackey's Seducing Survival Odyssey


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The world was cruel..... Especially for those who had lost their chances to shine. Aether was one of them.... Aether, an individual born with a silver spoon, found himself discarded like a defective product. He had longed for love and tenderness, but what others showed him was nothing but pain. Even in the face of that pain, he smiled not because he wanted to, but because he had no other choice. Despite the heartbreak, he entered into a hell called society with a beautiful smile..... "Can't you do a single thing!!" "..." "You are fired!!!" "....W-Wh.." "I am sorry, Sir, but you need at least a bachelor's degree to enter our company!!" "....I-I am..." "I am sorry, Sir, but we cannot provide a loan for your ideas without reassurance!!" "....W-Why?" "I heard your father is a politician.... So, You know...." "...." After a long struggle, he finally got a job, but his brother's words rang in his ears: "Yeah, yeah… I know you got the job thanks to me, of course. So, don't ever contact me or even MY parents" his brother declared. "...Heh..." Just as he believed he had earned society's recognition, an unforeseen event claimed his pathetic, seemingly worthless life.... "HONK!! HONK!!" Yet, amidst the cruelty of society, he defiantly cried, “I JUST WANT TO LIVE!!!!!” Witnessing his heartfelt cry and desire to live in the hellish place called society, he was granted a second chance. ~Ding!~ However, even in this new life, his situation remained unchanged. He continued to struggle not only to live and eat but also..... seduction. "HOW DARE YOU SEDUCE THE PRINCESS!!" ".....he..he... B-But I didn't seduce her!!" "HOW DARE YOU SEDUCE MY MOTHER!!" "...Hehe" "YOU HAVE SOME NERVE TO SEDUCE MY WIFE, DON'T YOU?" "HEHEHEHEHEE....." _________________ Discord Server Link: 6JA46z23bw