King Of Necromancer Book

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King Of Necromancer


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Blood! Everywhere is the blood. How could my life turn into hell in a single moment? The world is ending. Monsters from legends appear everywhere. They eat people, conquer the streets, and begin to make dungeons everywhere. ---------------------------- That day a voice came from the sky, "Your world now belongs to us, you shall give us entertainment. Be ready the merging will start in 30 minutes" changing everything. the people started panicking," What is happening " "What was that voice" As we thought that it was some prank it was then the voice was heard again "System initiating, evolving the primitive species, giving the random class and skills associated." when that voice came, I, Avi, was on the metro train, then suddenly a blue screen came in front of my eyes "Random class selection beginning" after that voice said that, suddenly some cards came out from the blue screen, the voice said "Choose one of the cards as your class" and in panic, I chose one of the many cards, [ Congratulations on getting a unique class, Necromancer, the skills will now be allocated.] [ check your status for more information, be sure to survive ] _________ [Author Note: The start of 8 to 10 chapters might be at a slow pace because I want to properly introduce MC, I just can't jump on the main story. So please bear it for a while.] Note: The cover is mine and also this cover is made by Author A4KL.