Leon Greyrat: The Second Son - Mushoku Tensei OC - OmegaLul1234

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What is Leon Greyrat: The Second Son - Mushoku Tensei OC - OmegaLul1234

Read ‘Leon Greyrat: The Second Son - Mushoku Tensei OC - OmegaLul1234’ Online for Free, written by the author DBoblivion, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: This is not my work. This belongs to OmegaLul1234 and is being shared on Webnovelif you don't know what MT is about and ...


This is not my work. This belongs to OmegaLul1234 and is being shared on Webnovel if you don't know what MT is about and read just to comment hate on characters like Rudy and Paul please don't read One day in the six-faced world, a newborn child, completely conscious of his surroundings, is taken in by a certain party of adventurers... the Fangs of the Black Wolf. But not two years later, the party splits, and our main character, Leon, is greeted with the pleasant surprise of a younger brother, in the form of Rudeus Greyrat. Embark on a riveting journey alongside Leon as he navigates the uncharted territories of a world brimming with magic, swords, and imminent danger. In the face of tumultuous times, Leon strives to carve out his identity and grapple with the enigmatic memories that haunt his consciousness. As destinies intertwine and fates are reshaped, witness the unfolding of a divergent narrative in this tale teeming with action, romance, and adventure. Join Leon in unravelling the mysteries that lie ahead and shaping the course of his destiny in this enthralling saga. This is not my work. This belongs to OmegaLul1234 and is being shared on Webnovel #action #adventure,anime #fanfiction #fantasy #harem #joblessreincarnation #magic #mushokutensei #ocxeris #ocxroxy #ocxsylphiette #originalcharacter #polyamory #reincarnation #romance #rudeusxsara #sliceoflife #sword #swordsmanship

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Great story, I highly recommend you read it, anyway I don't have much to say The original story is by OmegaLul1234 The original story is by OmegaLul1234 The original story is by OmegaLul1234


Author here! I am now posting this story on webnovel and have posted arc 4 for those who are interested. Also, for any new readers, I have rewritten the first two arcs, so there are many corrections and easier flow of reading. Thanks!


Well, honestly, I didn't watch the anime, I like reading fanfic and I really don't like most of them, they just follow the same course which is boring when you read almost the same thing, also from my point of view it's the same rudeus but without being perverted


this is great, it's not just a copy paste of a fic and the mc actually works hard and the characters have emotion too not like any other fic of jobless reincarnation, I absolutely recommend that you read this( I hope it continues to update)


I love the story, the mc is also well written, keep it up, although I see that the story hasn't been updated in a while. 👍 stars I look forward to the next update and continuing this great story


Wow!😍,harus aku katakan ini sangat luar biasa!!,ini salah satu ff mushoku tensei terbaik yang aku baca😳,hanya saja pembaruan yang cukup lambat sedikit mengurangi Reting....😔dan semoga saja ff ini tidak dijatuhkan/diberhentikan🤐


Good give it a try it one of those good fanfic that not that many find


does he really steal rudeus girls? I just need a know


This is one of the best fanfics of mushoku tensei. I love how the story,plot and emotion connects. I also love the character developments and interactions between them. I hope the author finishes it completely otherwise it will be very sad and disappointing if it gets dropped


Amazing. Chapter 47 the best chapter in this story so far; Leons fight with Orstead was INCREDIBLE, all of Arc 3 was incredible! I’m still curious about Leon, whom he truly is (or what); reincarnation, some weird miko or something else. GREAT WORK! And please update the this again soon. ❤️


Looking forward to new chapters! The story is not very fast but not slow either, Mac’s relationship with other characters is very pleasant and well described by the author, and Mac himself is not super strong, a little stronger than Rudy


Loving it best mushoku tensei fic I seen loving it so far plz don’t drop the main character some times acts like a Typical mc but then tips it on it head not acting naive and doing what needs to be done.


Soo far everything is following canon events and he is just an improved version of Rudy with Touki...


One of the best fics I've ever read, both the character development and the MC's personality are good, and although I don't like harem I see that the author won't simply throw new girls at the MC every 20 chapters.


É ótima fanfic muito bem escrita com um ótimo MC com um ótimo roteiro. Agradecimentos ao escritor desta obra, pois eu nunca tinha visto uma fic de mushoku tensei tão boa antes, na verdade acho que nem tem


What a story. It feels like the beginning of a masterpiece... ................................................................................................................


Amo esta historia, el desarrollo de personajes me parece increíble y muy bien logrado. Espero el autor pueda terminarla cuanto antes


This is a good story. I had a 900+ letter review singing it’s praises, but WebNovel had to be jank. To summarize the story has wonderful grammar, and style. The author is well knowledgeable when it comes to Mushoku Tensei, and I would prefer the story to go a bit more off the rails rather than MC taking Rudeus’ place, but better.


So far, it is still following the flow of the anime’s main story, but it’s still REALLY well written. I would recommend this


Great writing and quite good compared to what I expected but it is very slow paced to my taste. I would surely recommend it to u if you can deal with the pace.[img=recommend]


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