15 Ch-15: Desperate Encounters

As Ichigo and Ishida battled the relentless hollows, Rukia rushed towards the chaotic scene. Fear gnawed at her heart as she thought of her friends' safety. With every step, her prayers for their well-being intensified.

Arriving at Ichigo's side, she saw the grim struggle he was facing against two formidable hollows. His determined voice broke through the chaos, instructing her to save Karin and Yuzu. Rukia nodded and turned to leave, but destiny had other plans for her.

Ichigo (gritting his teeth): "Rukia, go and save Karin and Yuzu! I'll handle these two!"

Rukia (worried): "Ichigo, be careful! Don't do anything reckless!"

Suddenly, three massive hollows descended before her, blocking her path. Panic coursed through Rukia's veins as the situation worsened. The influx of hollows swarming around Ichigo and Ishida grew overwhelming. They fought valiantly, but the odds were stacking against them.

Ishida (voice trembling): "This... this is getting out of hand. I might have overestimated myself and made a mistake."

Ichigo (grinning defiantly): "Don't lose hope, Ishida! We've faced tougher odds before. Keep pushing!"

Ishida (nods): "Right... We can do this."

As for Rukia, she was caught by the hollows, their grotesque forms gripping her fragile body as if she were a mere plaything. The situation had taken a perilous turn, and the fate of our heroes hung in the balance.

Rukia (struggling): "Get your filthy hands off me, you monsters!"

Ichigo, his resolve unyielding, continued to clash with two hollow adversaries. His determination and unwavering spirit served as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness. However, even he was beginning to feel the weight of the overwhelming numbers.

Ichigo: (gritting his teeth) "Is that all you've got? Come on, bring it!"

The hollows, sensing Ichigo's determination, pressed their assault with newfound intensity. The clash of spiritual powers, the thundering strikes, and the resounding roars of hollows filled the air, creating a tumultuous spectacle of combat. It was a fight for survival, and Ichigo was determined not to yield.

Ishida, on the other hand, found himself regretting his decision to confront such an enormous horde of hollows. Despair washed over him as hope seemed to slip away, the relentless creatures closing in from all sides.

As for Rukia, she was caught by the hollows, their grotesque forms gripping her fragile body as if she were a mere plaything.

Suddenly, the heavens themselves seemed to respond to the tumult below. A deafening roar tore through the air, a cry that sliced through the pandemonium and carried with it an ominous foreboding. As if the very elements were at the beck and call of an otherworldly force, the wind began to whip with an unmatched fury.

And then came the scream—an incantation of untold power, a harbinger of imminent destruction. "Hado #9 Kokonoha!" The words reverberated like a chilling prophecy, echoing across the battlefield.

In that fateful moment, the skies themselves trembled. A tempest of green leaves like things, ethereal yet deadly, manifested in a swirling vortex. It was as if nature itself had revolted against the invading horrors.

The hollows, once fierce and relentless, found themselves ensnared in a merciless maelstrom. One by one, they were torn asunder, their anguished cries drowned out by the roaring winds and the cacophony of the tempest. The green vortex danced with malevolence, each leaf a harbinger of doom. They tore through the hollows with ruthless efficiency, leaving behind only fading echoes of despair.

Ichigo, Ishida, and Rukia watched in awe and disbelief as the divine tempest raged on, the green-clad savior untouched by the carnage they had unleashed. With each hollow's demise, the air was filled with the palpable weight of their vanquished spirits.

As their eyes lifted in search of the source of the powerful shout, they were met with a sight that left them in awe. Like descending from the heavens, a commanding figure emerged, draped in vibrant green. This mysterious presence seemed like a deity of war descended from ancient legends.

As he touched down, guess what, another jaw-dropping bombshell hit us like a ton of bricks. It was none other than our buddy Ridhiro, looking totally normal without that cool green glow. He just stood there, grinning like a mischievous kid, and goes, "Hey, how'd you like my little attack?"

Back to that scene when Ridhiro was up in the sky.

So, there I was, soaring through the sky like some kind of superhero. My heart was pounding with excitement, and I couldn't help but think about the insane potential of these Kido spells. I opened the Hado list.


Hado Section

1. Hado #1 - Sho

2. Hado #2 - Zephyr

3. Hado #3 - Gansakuken

4. Hado #4 - Byakurai

5. Hado #5 - Raitenka

6. Hado #6 - Hishoken

7. Hado #7 - Soraburu

8. Hado #8 - Genjitsu

9. Hado #9 - Kokonoha

10. Hado #10 - Fukushinzan


Next up was Hado #8, Genjitsu. Now, I wasn't going to be fooled by this one. Thanks to my Naruto knowledge, I knew that "Genjitsu" meant "illusion." But this time, I wanna try the next one.

With newfound confidence, I shouted, "Hado #9, Kokonoha!" The system chimed in once again, and I eagerly read the notification. But what I saw left me completely gobsmacked. The winds around me were going absolutely bonkers, and I felt an insane surge of power coursing through my veins. The notification explained it all, and I couldn't believe my eyes.

<System >: Hado #9 Kokonoha: It also known as "Leaf Whirlwind," is a highly advanced and devastating Hado spell. When cast, it invokes a powerful whirlwind of razor-sharp leaves that can slice through and obliterate anything in its path.

It was as if this spell, despite its lower number, had been cranked up to over 9,000 by my captain-level proficiency. This was way beyond anything I had ever expected.

I couldn't believe my own eyes as I stared wide-eyed at the sheer devastation my Kido had unleashed. It was like a force of nature, obliterating every hollow in its path without a second thought. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was kind of awesome, but also seriously terrifying. I never signed up for this level of destruction.

But before I could fully process what was happening, I noticed something was seriously wrong. My epic flight was suddenly turning into a not-so-epic nosedive. Yep, I was falling from the sky, and it wasn't because I had some grand plan for a dramatic entrance.

Nope, it was because I had apparently overdone it with the Kido, and now I was about to crash-land like a clumsy superhero wannabe. Talk about a buzzkill! But as if saving my respect the spell decided to land me safely at the last moment, and guess who was in front of me, Ichigo, Ishida and Rukia the trio.

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