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Volume I Isabella lost her job because of her fervour to help her family. Her sister was battling a deadly sickness and no possible job could help Isabella raise the money for the medical bills, thus, she chose the fastest way for a woman. That was to lose her innocence. 'Just one night' was what she told herself, and things went according to her plans. But fate didn't break off there. Luke Powers met a desperate woman at the right time or was it wrong? He was arrogant, cruel and proud. He paid her well for the night but fate didn't cease their interaction. Through his mother's schemes, Luke found Isabella at his gate with her luggage, moving in with him as she was the caregiver his mother hired for him. Was he a child who needed a caregiver? Of course not, but his mother had hopes for him. Hopes that his life will be filled with love and joy. Hopes that Isabella would change him despite possessing a mundane role in his life. However, the job wasn't an easy task for Isabella as she had to face a cold arrogant man. Isabella had to face another agony, staying with and faring with his attitude, all while worrying for her sister. Was there really hope, not only for Luke but for Isabella? Volume one is completed, watch out for volume two!! Volume II Gloria woke up alone after spending the night with the love of her life, Lucian. Unbeknownst to her, their passionate night resulted in an unexpected pregnancy. Years later, Gloria returned to State AD, successful in her career and a proud mother to her son, Michael. Meanwhile, Lucian was now a wealthy man, having fulfilled his duties as an heir and ending his contract marriage. However, his ultimate plan to win back Gloria's heart was still incomplete. Lucian wanted to reunite with Gloria and build a relationship with his son, but Gloria denied him any chance of that happening. She refused to accept him as Michael's father. As they struggled to navigate their complicated past and present, they faced an uncertain future. Will Gloria eventually forgive Lucian and fall in love with him again, or will she continue to deny him his rightful place in their lives? Their fate remains unclear, but only time will tell if they can overcome their past mistakes and build a future together. Check out my new book; One Night With A Billionaire Alpha! Welcome and happy reading!


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