Dark Paradise (Tom Riddle) Book

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Dark Paradise (Tom Riddle)


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The first book in The Orphic Chronicles Cordelia Lucretia Black was the textbook definition of a well-raised pureblood witch, she was spoilt, charismatic, conniving, and above all a Slytherin. Tom Riddle was an aspiring Dark Lord with a tendency to loath anything that threatened or disobeyed him. Each of them had ambitious plans for their sixth year, but it seems those plans had to be delayed due to a certain Triwizard's Tournament being brought to Hogwarts. As the snakes battle each other to gain the title of one of Hogwarts's champions, and above all the Triwizard Champion, buried secrets of their past and future are discovered. How can you hate someone who once was all you had? How can you love someone when you can't feel?