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What is journey to multiverse a tensura fanfic , Tempest brothers

Read ‘journey to multiverse a tensura fanfic , Tempest brothers’ Online for Free, written by the author Aditya_Sharma_6664, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: I write this fanfic for my satisfaction.. [ fanifc which will include world from anime , dongua and novel ] English i...


I write this fanfic for my satisfaction.. [ fanifc which will include world from anime , dongua and novel ] English is my third language and this is my first book. I might make some grammer mistake. so please try to overlook them. Mc is a manas [ from tensura ] this fanfic will include many world. from 1.anime = naruto , mushoku tensei , arifureta, tensura , misfit of demon king , eminence in shadow , boruto , one piece , bleach , genshin impact and honkai imapct 2. dongua = doupo , great ruler , soul land , perfect world , against the god , renegade immortal 3.novels = supreme harem god system, sacred ruin , divine emperor of death , im a heavenly destined villain. suggest on which order should I take. if I got a good response. I will not drop this fanfic. 1st world [ tensura ] 2nd world [ will select from comment section ]

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I couldn't get past the first chapter even though I would like to read this novel. My head hurts from reading it. You know, there are a lot of tools out there to help with writing if your English isn't good, like Grammarly if you want to write by yourself, or ChatGPT to fix errors, etc. And the systems are stupid. Why would anyone want a system? I'm starting to get annoyed with all these system novels. Some are good, but people don't have the imagination to create their own skills for their characters and just copy-paste skills from every anime, movie, etc. It's so boring.


The author has mistakes in the text, but he tries to correct them by listening to his readers, the chapters come out quickly, in some places I would like to add my own things,but here the writer is not me,the author describes well the places where the actions take place


Not good. not for because it contains clones of mc.


5stars just for appreciation... (1). this story is very hard/hurt to read, there are to many inconsistency about conversation writing, sometime they used like "example" sometime MC: example and mostly always used [MC said, example....] (2). the story line is exact copy of OG novel with a little SI. (3). the whole chapter is a complete CHAOS, even if you familiar with tensura story line you will be got stroke with this.... (4). this comment was written after I read chap4, and the author mentioned the real story will start after siizue-arc which mean we need to re-read the [destroyed version of tensura LN]


as its author it is compulsory for me to give my book a 5 star


I decide that first world will be tensura.


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