Journalling in the MCU: Characters Can Read My Diary?

Crossing into the Marvel world, Zhou Cheng gains the ability to become stronger by writing a diary. However, Zhou Cheng doesn't realize that the diary he writes is not only visible to him. The entire world gradually starts to become strange. Tony: I am not Iron Man, stop calling me that! Captain America: Bucky, go turn yourself in, while there's still time! Thor: Father, you never told me I had a sister? Translated from: https://www.69shuba.com/book/52096.htm Future chapters at: https://www.patreon.com/FFAddict

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Chapter 108

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Of course.

Even though Zhou Cheng placed Professor X on the same level as Captain Marvel, Black Widow didn't have a clear concept of how strong Professor X actually was.

But she was more familiar with Captain Marvel, mentioned multiple times in the diary.

Black Widow knew, this was a deity maintaining peace in the universe!

Since she's maintaining universal peace, it undoubtedly shows her power is at the top of the universe.

But now, it seems even such a character is no match for the Scarlet Witch.

And from all the content in the diary.

Black Widow felt, adding up both heroes and villains, the Scarlet Witch must be the strongest.

Dormammu, capable of devouring countless planets, was also incredibly powerful.

However, the diary never mentioned that Dormammu could transcend the limits of a single universe.

So, Black Widow thought, if one were to rank the most powerful, it would still be the Scarlet Witch.

"Even Danvers is no match for the Scarlet Witch?"

"Who exactly is this Scarlet Witch!"

Nick Fury felt an increasing sense of urgency.

Nick had always treated Captain Marvel as a secret ace up his sleeve, or rather, his last resort.

Because with this last resort, Nick had confidence knowing that the era of superheroes was coming and there would be numerous extraordinary battles in the future.

Because in a moment of despair, Nick Fury could always call Captain Marvel for a turnaround, right?

But now, Nick Fury realized a heavy truth: not all situations can be handled by Danvers!

Nor can Danvers defeat everyone!

The only solace was that the Scarlet Witch was not initially a villain but turned evil later on.

So, the key issue is, by any means necessary, to prevent her from turning evil!

But now, Nick Fury didn't even know who she was.

Regarding the Scarlet Witch, aside from her alias and her strength, the diary didn't mention much else.

To find out her identity, it seemed only continuing spoilers from the diary could help.

Of course.

What Nick Fury would never know, is that the Captain Marvel killed by the Scarlet Witch was not Carol Danvers.

But Carol Danvers' good friend!

In this universe, the Captain Marvel killed by the Scarlet Witch had already become an old woman.

"In my opinion, the third place goes to Captain Marvel who overwhelmingly defeated Thanos with all the stones in the Endgame."

"That's Thanos with all the Infinity Stones, holding the most powerful force in the universe, hardly anyone could stand against him."

"None of the Avengers, whether it be Doctor Strange or the Scarlet Witch, or any others, could possibly be his match."

"Except for Captain Marvel who came from the sky at the crucial moment!"

"Thanos probably didn't expect, even after collecting all the Infinity Stones, he would still be beaten down like that?"

"Even before the two officially fought, Captain Marvel alone destroyed Thanos's entire fleet!"

"Is it finally Danvers's turn?"

Nick Fury sighed in his heart.

The worry caused by Danvers being no match for the Scarlet Witch was somewhat alleviated.

Being ranked third by Thanos, just behind the battle of the Scarlet Witch against the Illuminati.

The standard of Captain Marvel fighting Thanos with all the stones could be imagined by Nick Fury.

Nick Fury had already analyzed and judged what level all-stone Thanos was at.

The diary also clearly stated, holding the most powerful force in the universe!

Danvers overpowering such a Thanos is beyond doubt powerful.

As for Danvers alone destroying Thanos's entire fleet.

Knowing Danvers once singlehandedly scared off Ronan's fleet, Nick Fury found it to be expected.

That's just basic for Danvers.

"From the performance in that battle, it's clear Thanos was no match for Captain Marvel."

"If Thanos hadn't specifically taken out the Power Stone at a critical moment and used it to send Captain Marvel flying, what the outcome of the final battle would've been is hard to say."

"But one thing is certain, Captain Marvel is truly tough!"

"Saying she's the universe's toughest superhero, I don't think anyone would object."

"It's just a pity, she still didn't manage to defeat Thanos."

"Otherwise, Stark wouldn't have had to die."

Power Stone!

This term immediately caught Tony Stark's high attention.

Considering the context, it's clear the Power Stone is one of the Infinity Stones.

Although the diary didn't elaborate much on the Power Stone, since it's called "Power Stone," it clearly grants immense strength!

Considering "Infinity Stone" is its prefix, one can imagine the power this stone grants.

This was also fully reflected in the diary.

Wasn't Thanos using the Power Stone to send Captain Marvel flying?

Wait a second!

Reading this, Tony Stark showed a hint of confusion and bewilderment.

Why did Zhou Cheng say Captain Marvel was the universe's toughest?

Shouldn't the toughest be him, the destroyer?

That's a real tough head.

Doesn't Captain Marvel have a tougher head than me?

Was Thanos using the Power Stone on Captain Marvel's head to send her flying?


If that's the case, Iron Man concedes.

In terms of having a tough head, I, the great Tony, acknowledge you as the strongest.

And after a slight sneer, Tony Stark quickly gathered his thoughts and continued analyzing the Power Stone.

Based on "Power Stone," could the other Infinity Stones each contain a type of power as well?

Like, a Speed Stone, a Mind Stone, a Thunder Stone.

Or other similar stones?

Although just from one Power Stone, it's impossible to deduce the others.

But without a doubt, all diary holders have deepened their understanding of the Infinity Stones by a great deal.

At least, the Infinity Stones are no longer just a simple, unknown concept.

Now, they can somewhat grasp the outline of the Infinity Stones.

"Sir, it seems your death in another world is related to this Thanos."

Jarvis's voice sounded at this moment, as the attentive AI made such an obvious judgment.

Mentioning his own death, Tony Stark's expression also became solemn. Even he couldn't see through life and death.

However, based on the available information, wasn't that other version of himself died by snapping his fingers? And yet, the diary stated that if Captain Marvel defeated Thanos, he wouldn't have to die.

In other words, if Captain Marvel defeated Thanos, then he, the great Tony, wouldn't need to snap his fingers!

Why was that?

What exactly was the connection between snapping his fingers and Thanos being defeated? Could it be because if Captain Marvel defeated Thanos, the battle wouldn't result in so many deaths, and he wouldn't need to snap his fingers to save people?

But on second thought, something seemed off.

After all, the diary specifically mentioned fleets, Thanos's cosmic-level fleets! The scale of the final battle was evident by the mobilization of interstellar fleets.

One could imagine the casualties even without thinking hard.

Could Captain Marvel's battle against Thanos have such a significant impact on the casualty numbers? Or did Thanos slaughter countless more, tens or even hundreds of times more people after Captain Marvel's failure, skyrocketing the death toll to an unacceptable level?

Lacking additional information, Tony Stark was unable to come up with a more reasonable explanation.

"Captain Marvel fighting against Thanos with all the stones ranked third, so Thor nearly finishing things off with one axe blow naturally ranked fourth."

"It has to be said, when Thor was fierce, he was really fierce. That was Thanos with all the stones, and he couldn't withstand a single blow from his axe."

"Although Captain Marvel pressed Thanos hard from the start, she didn't injure him."

"But Thor? He almost split Thanos in half!"

"If it weren't for the wrong spot, the 'Avengers' series could have ended right there."

"Such a pity, that battle was arguably the most regrettable."


An axe blow nearly killed Thanos with all the stones?

Truly worthy of an Asgardian God!

Tony Stark couldn't help but nod in agreement quietly.

Even someone as arrogant and self-centered as he couldn't help but show admiration.

According to the diary, this person performed much better than Captain Marvel, who not only failed to injured Thanos but also lost.

But Thor? He nearly finished Thanos!

Why then did Zhou Cheng rank this battle below Captain Marvel's?

Iron Man pondered for awhile but couldn't figure out Zhou Cheng's logic.

Of course, he couldn't know that Zhou Cheng simply felt Thor had an advantage because of the Stormbreaker axe. Such a powerful weapon significantly enhances its wielder's strength, leading Zhou Cheng to subconsciously rank Thor's battle below the unarmed Captain Marvel's.

Of course.

This was ultimately a trivial matter, and Tony Stark didn't dwell on it much.

He then refocused on analyzing the diary's information.

"Thor hit the wrong spot?" Iron Man raised an eyebrow, wondering if Thor hadn't aimed for Thanos's vital point. But if so, why was Thanos almost killed?

If he was near death, it meant Thanos must have suffered a fatal injury, a vital hit.

Why then was it considered hitting the wrong spot? Could it be that Thor hit a vital spot but not the most critical one? Hence, Thanos was only nearly killed rather than outright.

But what did that matter? If one axe blow didn't finish the job, then another would, especially since Thanos was already severely injured.

Something must have happened on the battlefield preventing Thor from delivering a second blow.

Otherwise, Zhou Cheng wouldn't have felt such regret.

"Axe?" Black Widow noted another point of interest. According to Asgardian legend, Thor's weapon was supposed to be a hammer. The diary even confirmed that Thor's hammer would soon land in New Mexico.

Yet, the weapon Thor used to defeat Thanos was an axe, not a hammer. It seemed Thor had more than one weapon then.

Black Widow made such an obvious guess.

"Next up should be the Avengers' battle against Thanos on Titan, right?" 

"How many stones did Thanos have at that time? I can't quite remember, about three or four?"

"Although not at his peak strength, he was already a top figure in the universe."

"Stark, a mere mortal relying on his Iron Man suit, managed to fight back and forth with Thanos was already quite impressive."

"He even made Thanos bleed."

"Although it was just a scratch, I think ranking fifth is justified."

"Fifth?" "What a joke!" "I'm only ranked fifth!"

Tony Stark immediately protested.

Who was he? He was the outstanding Stark, among the earth's finest.

Yet, he didn't even make the top three, only ranking fifth? Iron Man found this unacceptable.

"sir, you faced 'part-stone Thanos,' not 'full-stone Thanos.'"

"I believe this is the key factor limiting your ranking."

Knowing his boss's temperament well, Jarvis immediately offered Tony Stark a way out.

Iron Man's mood somewhat improved, nodding in agreement.

"Exactly, if I encountered the full-stone Thanos, I wouldn't lose like Captain Marvel, nor fail like Thor; I would have killed him."

"The only reason I didn't was that I didn't encounter him!" Tony Stark asserted confidently.

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