Journalling in the MCU: Characters Can Read My Diary?

Crossing into the Marvel world, Zhou Cheng gains the ability to become stronger by writing a diary. However, Zhou Cheng doesn't realize that the diary he writes is not only visible to him. The entire world gradually starts to become strange. Tony: I am not Iron Man, stop calling me that! Captain America: Bucky, go turn yourself in, while there's still time! Thor: Father, you never told me I had a sister? Translated from: https://www.69shuba.com/book/52096.htm Future chapters at: https://www.patreon.com/FFAddict

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Chapter 107

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"Jarvis, have you found any clues about this Doctor Strange?"

After reining in his sigh, Tony Stark casually asked Jarvis this question. "Casually" because Iron Man had asked Jarvis to search for Doctor Strange before.

As expected, nothing useful had been found.

"Sir, no new clues have been retrieved."

Just as expected.

Jarvis immediately provided this response.

"What about Doctor Strange? Has he shown any outstanding talent or anything unusual?"

Iron Man nodded, indicating he understood, and then suddenly remembered something and continued to inquire.

After all, the term "Dr. Strange" that appeared in the notebook meant "Strange".

The word "Strange" in English means strange or peculiar.

Honestly, it is indeed rare for someone to use "Strange" as a name.

So, when most people see "Dr." followed by "Strange", they subconsciously think it's a nickname, not a name.

It's like the classic misunderstanding in "Avengers 3".

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man hijacked Ebony Maw's spaceship to head to Titan, marking the first meeting between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, thus leading to their self-introductions.

At that time, Doctor Strange introduced himself as "Doctor Strange".

However, Spider-Man mistook Doctor Strange for introducing his nickname, so he also reported his own Spider-Man nickname.

At this moment, the holders of the notebooks, seeing the description on their notebooks, also made the same assumption.

They all unconsciously took Strange as a nickname, not a name.

As for "Dr.", it is the abbreviation for "doctor", meaning both physician and PhD.

Considering the Doctor Strange described in the notebook possesses the ability to travel through time, everyone naturally assumed that Doctor Strange is a PhD, not a physician.

Especially since the notebook just spoiled that Doctor Strange used time magic, further confirming this belief for the holders.

But what about Jarvis?

When he searched for "Dr. Strange", he actually found a person whose name matches.

A doctor named Strange!

At that time, Tony Stark had already been incredulously mocking, what kind of person would use Strange as their name?

That truly was a very Strange name.

Moreover, that Strange individual being a physician added to the coincidence.

Looking at the name alone, it perfectly matched the nickname "Doctor Strange".

This gave Tony Stark the first impression that it was too much of a coincidence.

However, even so, to be cautious, Iron Man asked Jarvis to keep an eye on that Doctor Strange.

Although Tony Stark also felt the possibility was slim, what if?

"Sir, our Doctor Strange is as usual, driving luxury cars, wearing designer watches, attending high-profile parties, just as low-key as you."

Jarvis immediately gave this response, not beyond Tony Stark's expectations.

Looks like I thought too much!

Tony Stark couldn't help but shrug.

That guy, earning not even a fraction of a fraction of my income, yet acting all high and mighty like me.

How could he possibly be someone as formidable as Doctor Strange.

"The second must be Scarlett Witch!"

"Not the Scarlett Witch from the Avengers era, although even then, Scarlett Witch was powerful, able to destroy the Infinity Stones single-handedly, and even hold off Thanos wielding multiple stones!"

"But compared to the Scarlett Witch after her transformation, there's still a significant gap."

"The transformed Scarlett Witch, who slaughtered her way through multiple universes!"

"She single-handedly obliterated the entire Kamartaj and annihilated the Illuminati!"

"Truly fierce beyond measure, hardly any opponent in the multiverse could match her."

"Scarlett Witch?"

"And it's not me?"

Tony Stark couldn't help but pout reluctantly.

The notebooks had clearly stated that he, Tony Stark, would become a top-tier powerhouse in the universe.

He had ventured beyond Earth, and even crossed paths with titans like Thanos.

Of course, besides Thanos, there must be many other impressive battles for Tony Stark, just not mentioned in the notebooks.

Iron Man felt that, given his own excellence, even without knowing which incredible battles he would fight in the future, securing a high rank should not be a problem.

Doctor Strange's battle with Dormammu was acceptable.

After all, Dormammu was indeed too powerful, too transcendent.

Doctor Strange resorting to countless suicides as a strategy was indeed not something ordinary people could achieve.

Tony Stark also had to admit that.

But then, Scarlett Witch ranking above him?

Iron Man really felt a bit unconvinced.

However, soon, as he continued reading, Tony Stark was at a loss for words.

This damn, Scarlett Witch was really that amazing?

Even during the Avengers era, she was able to destroy the Infinity Stones single-handedly!

And it wasn't just about destroying the Infinity Stones. While doing so, she also held off Thanos wielding multiple stones!

What exactly are the Infinity Stones? The notebooks didn't elaborate much, but even with just a wild guess, Iron Man knew they were no ordinary things.

Destroying the Infinity Stones single-handedly, certainly, was not something just anyone could achieve.

And as for holding off a Thanos armed with multiple stones, that was even more remarkable.

Because, according to the notebooks, a Thanos with multiple stones was bold enough to challenge beings like Odin or the Ancient One.

This indicates that with the stones, Thanos's power was at the level of Odin or the Ancient One.


Even a being of such caliber was overwhelmed by Scarlett Witch?

And that, while she was also destroying the Infinity Stones?

How strong was Scarlett Witch?

But what was even more shocking, even such a powerful Scarlett Witch wasn't at her limit yet.

The later transformed Scarlett Witch could even slaughter through multiple universes!

What concept was that?

Iron Man felt he could not even begin to imagine.

After all, his current self, let alone slaughtering through multiple universes, couldn't even touch or prove the existence of the multiverse!The vast difference between them could not be overstated even if described as a disparity as vast as the heavens and the earth.

"Turn to darkness."

Nick Fury, in front of another journal, immediately had a thought, sinking into deep contemplation.

Does that mean the Scarlet Witch was originally a protagonist, but later turned dark, becoming an antagonist?

Becoming a villain?

So, is this the reason described in the journal for the Scarlet Witch rampaging through the multiverse?

After turning dark, she harbored some ambition or conspiracy, involving the entire multiverse?

This is even more alarming than Thanos erasing half of the universe's population!

After all, even if Thanos erased all beings in the universe, it would still be confined within a single universe, without exceeding the universe's limits.

But the Scarlet Witch?

She went across the multiverse!

From this perspective, the Scarlet Witch is indeed more formidable than Thanos!

No, the Scarlet Witch was always stronger than Thanos.

Didn't the journal mention that she dominated Thanos, who possessed all the stones?

So, a very key question now is, what caused the Scarlet Witch to turn dark?

Although the reason is still unknown, Fury made a silent decision.

If there's a chance in the future, he must prevent this from happening!

The Kamar-Taj, the Illuminati.

Next, Fury's attention was on these two names.

Although the journal only briefly mentioned the names, without further description.

Without a doubt, these two organizations must be extremely significant.

Judging from the journal's tone, being able to confront or even annihilate such organizations is a remarkable feat.

"The Illuminati of that other universe, truly tragic."

"Trouble comes from the sky, they were doing fine until the Scarlet Witch crossed universes to knock on their door."

"Except for Baron Mordo, who avoided the catastrophe by not participating, the rest were mercilessly killed by the Scarlet Witch!"

"Poor Mr. Fantastic didn't even have the chance to fight back before the Scarlet Witch turned him into human noodles; his death was particularly tragic."

"However, considering Mr. Fantastic's abilities, even if he had the chance to fight, it would have been useless."

"He wouldn't have been able to harm the Scarlet Witch at all."

"Black Bolt was almost the same, he didn't even have the chance to speak before his head was exploded by the Scarlet Witch."

"Otherwise, Black Bolt might have been able to resist the Scarlet Witch for a while."

Crossing universes to go knocking on the door!

Even Tony Stark almost exclaimed in surprise.

This is too extreme, isn't it?

Before, Iron Man, knowing that he ventured into the universe to engage in interstellar wars, felt so great, so powerful.

But compared to her, it's nothing at all.

She directly crossed universes!

Although I don't know how it was done, the Scarlet Witch was a deity capable of traversing the multiverse at will!

Also, the journal had just mentioned that the Scarlet Witch "rampaged through the multiverse"!

But one thing.

You're not even in the same universe anymore, yet able to traverse universes to seek revenge; how deep is the hatred?

It seems the Illuminati really offended the Scarlet Witch badly.

Mr. Fantastic.

Black Bolt.

Tony Stark's gaze then fell on these two names.

Without a doubt, these were members of the Illuminati.

Judging by the nicknames, obviously superheroes.

What type of superhero Mr. Fantastic was, Tony Stark couldn't figure out at the moment.

But Black Bolt, could he be related to Batman?

The journal also pointed out that Black Bolt didn't even have the chance to speak before being killed by the Scarlet Witch; if he had, maybe he could have fought the Scarlet Witch.

Doesn't that mean Black Bolt's ability is activated by his mouth?

Could this person emit sound waves like a bat?

It seems the era of superheroes really does have all kinds of remarkable individuals.

But these people are from another parallel universe.

It's unknown if such superheroes exist in our universe.

"Captain Carter doesn't need to be mentioned; she's simply a female version of Captain America, with no chance of opposing the Scarlet Witch."

"Cut in half by her own shield, her death was equally tragic."

"The only ones capable of standing against the Scarlet Witch were Professor X and Captain Marvel."

"Unfortunately, neither Professor X nor Captain Marvel could defeat the Scarlet Witch."

"Though Professor X was powerful, ultimately, he couldn't overpower the Scarlet Witch's chaos magic."

"Only Captain Marvel lasted till the end, but after a fierce battle, she too was killed by the Scarlet Witch."

"Reviewing the process of the Scarlet Witch confronting the Illuminati, it was like a god blocking and killing a god, a Buddha blocking and killing a Buddha, no one could stop her."

"Utterly dominant."

"Captain Carter?"

Black Widow's eyebrows involuntarily rose, instantly stirring thoughts.

I wonder if this "Carter" has any relation to Peggy Carter, one of the founders of SHIELD?

Could it be Peggy Carter's descendant?

Could it be Sharon Carter?

Sharon Carter, too, is a SHIELD agent, who grew up listening to her aunt's tales about Captain America, admiring Captain America a great deal.

Even her admiration might not be less than Coulson's.

Influenced by such surroundings, it's entirely possible for Sharon Carter to become a superhero similar to Captain America in logic.

However, it's truly unfortunate that Captain Carter was killed by her own shield, a fate indeed horrendous.

Black Widow couldn't help but click her tongue in dismay.

Even considering whether Sharon Carter, if she truly becomes the Captain Carter mentioned in the journal, should join the Illuminati.

"Professor X?"

This name also immediately came to Black Widow's mind.

The journal had mentioned this name quite early on, but only in passing, without much description.

Black Widow only knew that, like Magneto, Mystique, and Cyclops, he was one of the so-called "mutants."

As for the rest, not so well understood.

Even with his very distinctive nickname, it's hard to deduce what abilities he possesses.

But, that Zhou Cheng considered this person along with Captain Marvel as the strongest assets against the Scarlet Witch shows how incredibly powerful he must be.