It Started With Devils & Artefacts

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What is It Started With Devils & Artefacts

Read ‘It Started With Devils & Artefacts’ Online for Free, written by the author Dragon15681, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, R18 Fan Fiction, COMEDY Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: WARNING:I write my fanfics from a phone and on move. So, there will be some spelling mistakes, plus English is not my na...


WARNING: I write my fanfics from a phone and on move. So, there will be some spelling mistakes, plus English is not my native language. Though I have an editor this time so, it should be better. Chapter every Monday, Wednesday, Friday until it catches up with chapters in Discord SYNOPSIS: A genius inventor dies and wakes up in his younger self-body... Only that it wasn't truly his younger self, more like an alternative younger self from reality where supernatural is real. To make it even better he finds out that someone decided that he is the successor to Solomon and now he has powers to enslave devils... It's time to cause some worldwide chaos from one's garage! Tags: Neutral-Evil Mc (enslavement, selfish Mc), Harem (obviously), Inventions, tech progress, Sacred Gear creation, AU DxD universe (part of Dragon's Omniverse) This fanfic is a STEAMROLLER with the main focus being Mc progress and his technologies and how it affects the world around it. So, if you want drama, suspense, epic battles for no reason, this one is not it. Prologue 2k words, regular chapters 5k words ~~~ For advanced chapters (+5 chapters, 25k words) my pat: pat reon.com/DragonsFics OR Discord: discord.gg/denoffanfics ~~~ P.S.: I do weekly voting on Patreon if you want more chapters for this fic (or other fics ) vote there.

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This is a masterpiece, a magnum opus, a chef d'oeuvre. It isn't just your typical DxD fanfic with issei bashing and no plot. It is a perfect blend of amazing ideas from technological to weapons of mass destruction. The way Dragon manages to make up all of these weapons and machinery and then explains how it exactly work AND make sense is just perfect. And also the future smuts are just god tier. I won't be going more into details as that will spoil a lot but I really suggest you come join the Discord server and read the advanced chapters. You can also discuss the fics with us!


This is an OC DxD fic that derails from Canon quite a bit. The MC is a super genius inventor and somehow managed to inherit the legacy of an OC Solomon who worked with the Biblical God and managed to summon, bind and enslave beautiful Devil Ladies from the 72 pillars using his Ars Goetia, he was also know for his absolute mastery of magic and his biggest trump card to negate any and all kinds of energy which made him the bane of most supernatural forces, after he passed away living through his normal human lifespan the devils wanting to erase the shame of this boogyman erased everything regarding him but still our mc managed to inherit it all of his legacy in full and using his own intelligence modifying it to summon some Devil ladies to do his bidding. The age of the MC is similar to that of the DxD main cast and he is more of an inventor and the story follows how he breaks the world logic with his epic inventions and having fun with his Harem. Premier Connoisseur Approved!


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same old trashy power fantasy wish fulfillment Gary stu mc,story is boring. ... ... .... .... ..... .. .... ... .... ..... .. ..... ... ....


Another wish fullfiling ff… quite boring really everything is going as mc’s way and he got op sooool early that is so borinngggggggggggggggg


It’s a praise/bragging fest for the mc, for everything he does (even if he already did something more impressive) he brags about how easy it was and how smart he is, with the summoned girl in turn that somehow gets awed every time Also yes, it’s the usual ”saying the mc is a super genius so you don’t need to explain how he understand stuff he never interacted with before” which is not always a bad thing but cmon.


When I like some novel, I tend to write some fast reviews. To write another with how story proggresed, because that's kind of important. See if story whould make it even better. Unfortunately, that's not exactly the case. There is some very obvious problems. Some minor, some... Might be pretty big. And first of all - yes, a villain tag doesn't work... At all. Probably the most useless tag in this God forsaken place. Oh well. The most glaring problem - it's not dxd story. Not because it's doesn't "follow Canon". But because there is just too little dxd elements in it. It's more like isekai with some dxd girls. And because of this, magic seems to be a lot less intresting. First of all, because it's a tool that we spend a lot time to discuss but have no use. And second, because author just use some very basic ideas, like electro - magnetic induction and somehow magic energy actually follow them... Yeah,no. If magic acts just like another energy, then it's shouldn't be called "magic". That's kind of important, ya know. Either way. I just hope it's whould proggresed at least to some kind of plot. Because right now, it's just a bunch of useless "wish-fulfillment" magic theories with a little bit of girls. But without any kind of story behind it. There is literally nothing more then a guy that summon chicks - that he doesn't need, to do more things - that doesn't have meaning... Not exactly a story, ya know. But, the grammar is fine and autor seems to have at least ideas-so, I kinda believe that later it becomes better. Or not. I tend to believe in a lot of nonsense lately.


story is great, idea is unique, chapters are long, Grayfia & Serafall in harem so far and I like it so far. thus I give you a 5 stars review! SUGGESTION: it'd be great if he have great influence over both human world and supernatural world with his very advanced technology, if he create something similar to 'Deus Ex Machina' or DEM in short from Date A Live.


It was great before he started getting too involved with other people and mortals


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Sadistic Dragon at last ypu brought Devil and Artifact here on webnovel. See you on Discord........................... ........................................................... ..............................................Bokep .............................................thanks


it was a great story overall, but it's just stepping beyond boundaries of some a human should have mass killing, experimenting on living and non living, etc. when theirs so many better options for a genius. and his personality is just not my cup of tea. that's all but it's a good story.


This is one of the best DxD fanfics I've ever read, it's totally worth it, in fact I've read all the chapters posted on Discord, I just came here to give my support to the author. :P


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Honestly it started to bore me, the writing feels almost as annoying as if it were a Chinese fanfic. At first you don't take it seriously, but the amount of praise is excessive, Salomon's alchemical knowledge is not consistent with the DxD world and the disdain for sacred gear is annoying, most of the chapters are about the protagonist treating them like trash or inferior things. I don't like it, I hope you enjoy it.


It is a good work, it has a fantastic beginning, but as you progress you realize how power affects the protagonist, to the point of becoming tedious and too arrogant (Like a wuxia-style young master, but without the dialogues), I will wait Let's see how it ends :v


The writing quality is very good, with diverse word selection and near flawless grammar and spelling. However, I can't say I'm a fan, still I won't give it less than 4 as I believe that's a fair rating, taking into account my own tastes. My main problem is there isn't really any overarching plot, nor does the protagonist have any real goals beyond inventing stuff. This is fine if you just want a simple, easy going fic, but I was hoping for something more. There's no kingdom building, business building, world takeover, battles, rivals, etc. The protagonist is one of the strongest beings in the world, yet spends his entire time just working on tech that he doesn't really need, nor does he really use it beyond testing if it functions. The cycle is pretty much: get idea, make idea, show off idea to girls, go back to step 1, repeat ad infinitum. I have seen some reviews compare the protagonist to Tony Stark, and I agree with that, if Tony never actually used his inventions in any meaningful way. In over 100,000 words there have been 2 incredibly brief steamrolls and that's it. The girls are well written with their own distinct personalities, wants, and desires. Though I'd have liked some more balance, as when a new girl gets summoned there rest seem to get mostly relegated. Adult scenes are well written and aren't cringe inducing like many WN fics, they're well dispersed and spaced, with some nice variation too. Overall, it depends what you want in a fic. Well written slice of life, with an easy going plot and no real goals? This is for you.


Wow, it's refreshing to see a DxD fan-fic that differentiates from the norm of character bashing and face slapping enemies from left to right. I won't explain much about the book(like Story Development and such), but this is definitely worth it to read. By the way, Author-san, are both of your books which are 'Elder Brother(ATG)' and 'Cheating to Heaven' dropped, or is it on hiatus? I really like both of the books; it would be such a letdown if they were dropped.


Just curious, but will the Mc travel to different worlds? In other words, will there be Multiverse traveling? Cuz at the rate it is going, the Mc will dominate DxD at chapter 50 at the latest.


Everything is going well, the writing quality is over the top, good release rate and interesting story. Only one question I'm sorry that certainly have been asked a lot but do you plan to let Issey have Rias and the rest ? (my personal opinion but Issey is just to bad of a character and even if you change is mental it just makes me drop) thank if someone can spoil me on that. If it's the case I think to stop reading that fanfic but good continuation to you, even if that goes against my taste I recognize that it is a top tier work, good luck.


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