It Started With Devils & Artefacts

WARNING: I write my fanfics from a phone and on move. So, there will be some spelling mistakes, plus English is not my native language. Though I have an editor this time so, it should be better. Chapter every Monday, Wednesday, Friday until it catches up with chapters in Discord SYNOPSIS: A genius inventor dies and wakes up in his younger self-body... Only that it wasn't truly his younger self, more like an alternative younger self from reality where supernatural is real. To make it even better he finds out that someone decided that he is the successor to Solomon and now he has powers to enslave devils... It's time to cause some worldwide chaos from one's garage! Tags: Neutral-Evil Mc (enslavement, selfish Mc), Harem (obviously), Inventions, tech progress, Sacred Gear creation, AU DxD universe (part of Dragon's Omniverse) This fanfic is a STEAMROLLER with the main focus being Mc progress and his technologies and how it affects the world around it. So, if you want drama, suspense, epic battles for no reason, this one is not it. Prologue 2k words, regular chapters 5k words ~~~ For advanced chapters (+5 chapters, 25k words) my pat: pat reon.com/DragonsFics OR Discord: discord.gg/denoffanfics ~~~ P.S.: I do weekly voting on Patreon if you want more chapters for this fic (or other fics ) vote there.

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Its strange.

I thought that after posting nearly half a million words, people would understand that Mc is a sociopath.

I will translate it:

When he became the top 3 strongest beings, he didn't see it that way. For him, it was that everyone else became weaker.

After all, the purpose of strengthening experiments was that he could wield his tech better. He even said that when he tested his suits, there was no value in that strength in his eyes apart from that.

With underworld conquest, it was even easier to understand it was a move to expand his garage space and get more data.

The only value he has and takes his pride in is his creations, apart from that he has no reason not to listen to his mother as nothing changed to make it different.

The changes: Everyone got weaker, 'we have more labour work' Marcus pointed it out to his mother, and his garage got bigger. Thats about it.

There you have it for all the mother-haters stuff through eyes of sociopath who wants to build stuff and live his slice of life (there is a tag for that, too!)