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Isekai Life as Ōtsutsuki


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Hi there, after the Holy Chronicles of Baator, I am partially fulfilling my ambition to write Naruto World-inspired Cultivation Novel with MC with a powerful backround without any typical cultivation troupes... *** Isekai Life as Ōtsutsuki features: Naruto Against the Gods Marvel / MCU DC / DCEU Warhammer 40k Legendary Mechanic Lord Xue Ying Dragon Ball *** Tags: Age Progression, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Cultivation, Dao Comprehension, Genius Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Multiple Realms, Romantic Subplot, Harem, Polygamy, Sword Wielder, Time Skip, Wars, World Travel, Strong to Stronger, Clan Building, Powerful Backround, No Face Slapping, No Xianxia Troupes, Beast Companions, Fast Cultivation, Reincarnated into Another World, Conquest, Ruthless Protagonist, Outer Space, Monsters, Politics, Sci-Fi, Futuristic Settings, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Poor to Rich, Army Building, Evolution, Overpowered Protagonist, Souls, Transmigration, World Hopping, Chaotic Neutral Protagonist, Non-Arrogant Younger Master MC

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