56 [56] Three Days Pass in the Blink of an Eye!

Time hurriedly passed, and for three days, both Loki Familia and Hephaestus Familia were busy. 

Firstly, Loki Familia formed a mining team consisting of level 3 adventurers. There were twelve members in total, responsible for the excavation of the adamantite mine on the 28th floor. Alongside them, there was also a level 5 escort to prevent any unexpected incidents.

As for the people in Orario, they were also not idle and started bustling about.

However, August remained indifferent to all of this, enjoying his time in Orario to the fullest.

He didn't return to the Dungeon during these days, as he didn't know when Finn would ask him to go to the 28th floor. As for other matters, he had no business interfering.

During these few days, August, accompanied by Ais, leisurely explored the entire Orario.

They ate and drank everywhere, strolled around, and, in the process, absorbed the lust from various places in Orario, inadvertently enhancing his own strength.

Even though he didn't go to the Dungeon again, August's strength didn't stagnate.

In the western street, August was enjoying some takoyaki while Ais was having grilled meat.

Although the whole Familia was busy during these days, August and Ais became distinct exceptions, indulging in pleasures every day.

"August, I finally found you."

Aki, looking rushed, approached them.

"Hey, Aki, want some?" August handed her an uneaten takoyaki.

"Hmn. The Captain is looking for you."

"Hmm? Looking for me?"

"Yes, the first batch of adamantite has been almost entirely excavated. Finn wants you to go to the 28th floor."

"No problem."

August quickly finished the remaining takoyaki and handed another one to Aki.

Ais, who was beside him, swiftly dealt with her grilled meat. Since August was going to the Dungeon, she naturally had to accompany him.

In these short three days, the relationship between the two of them had progressed significantly.

Especially considering Ais's naive nature, August had gradually become more unrestrained.

The intimate relationship between the two was no longer a secret in the Familia, making numerous male members of the Familia heartbroken – the princess had been taken by someone else.

"Ais, do you know the way?"


"Good. Let's go then."

"Hey, aren't you going back to the Familia?"

Seeing August talking to himself, Aki immediately asked.

"My only task from start to finish is to go to the Dungeon and bring back goods. Nothing else."

"It's still better to tell the Captain when you go back."

"It's alright. Finn has already arranged all this. Otherwise, why do you think I've been wandering around these few days?"


"It's okay. Stop worrying. I'll treat you to a meal when I come back, Aki."

After saying that, August rubbed Aki's head, giving a completely different feeling than petting a cat.

Aki didn't react immediately.

"What are you doing~"

After realizing, she opened August's hand and looked embarrassed.

"I'm leaving. Take care, Aki."

After saying that, he left with Ais, leaving Aki with no target to vent her frustration.

It had been a few days since he merged with the original sin of lust, and August had undergone some changes during this silent assimilation.

As the master of lust, absorbing scattered lust was far less effective than creating it himself.

Soon, they arrived at Babel, passed through the revolving staircase, and, after three days, once again entered the Dungeon.


Familiar scenery! Familiar scenes! Familiar plot!

Goblins crawled out of the rock walls.

However, this time, August wasn't here to grind monsters but to travel quickly to the 28th floor of the Dungeon. So, he directly activated his treasury, instantly dispatching the two little monsters.

He didn't even bother to collect magic stones, he could make big money soon. Such small amounts of money were beneath his notice.

As a level 5, Ais had formidable speed, and although August was only level 2, his overall strength had already reached level 3 and even surpassed many within that level.

From the upper floors, through the middle floors, all the way to the 18th floor, the two of them traversed without stopping, not wasting any time.

"Are you okay? Do you need to rest for a while?"

At a safe floor, Ais stopped and looked at August with concern.

"I'm fine. There hasn't been any combat, and my stamina consumption is minimal."

The sin in the Dungeon was much more concentrated than the lust in Orario, even though the component of lust was not very high.

But even so, by absorbing this bit of lust, although it couldn't enhance his strength, August could use it to restore his magic and stamina.

If he wasn't worried that Ais might find it hard to accept, August felt he could use Blink to travel.

Seeing August say that, Ais nodded, and the two of them continued on their way.

Meanwhile, on the 28th floor at the adamantite mine, an angry dire wolf was venting its frustration.



With an angry kick, it directly shattered a monster, leaving only a magic stone.

Around it, there were scattered magic stones all over the ground – all the results of its "hard work."

Three days ago, the female it had been pursuing ended up getting intimate with other men right in front of him, igniting its rage.

However, despite the anger, it didn't let it cloud its judgment. It didn't question or pick fights because it knew everything was meaningless.

After the anger and a bit of calmness, it had no idea what to do.

Its relationship with Ais was only at the level of "comrades," and it had no right to interfere in Ais's private life.

Moreover, it was powerless against the guy who took away the one it was pursuing.

Because August was also its comrade, and also a monster with immense potential and exceptional talent.

In less than a month since coming to Orario, August had grown from a rookie to a level 2 adventurer, even creating substantial benefits for the Familia.

Not only did it establish cooperation with Hephaestus Familia, but it also earned them a favor.

Including itself, many members of the Familia had gained significant income from this.

Thirty percent of the profits allocated to the Familia, of which 10% was for the Familia fund, and the rest was scattered among all those involved in this cooperation.

Even it was part of the combat personnel for this adamantite mine excavation team this time.

When they returned, although it was uncertain how much they would earn, it would undoubtedly be much more than what it earned the first time in the Dungeon.

So, for such a man.

Younger than itself! More potential! Smarter than itself!

Besides silence, it didn't know what else to do.

As for doing something to its comrades, that was something it absolutely couldn't do.


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