54 [54] Ais's Protection!

In the late afternoon, August returned to the manor with a bruised and swollen face, accompanied by Tsubaki. As the captain of the Hephaestus Familia, Tsubaki held a position on par with Finn, especially being a blacksmith, she was highly regarded by numerous Familia members.

Tsubaki's arrival immediately drew attention from the entire Loki Familia, including Loki herself, Finn, Ais, Bete, and Tiona, among others. However, in such a serious atmosphere, August, with his bruised and even swollen face, stood out conspicuously.

Tsubaki had already informed Finn of the recent events involving August.

"I understand. So, Tsubaki, you're representing the Hephaestus Familia to establish cooperation with us, the Loki Familia, right?"

"That's correct."

"This surprises me a bit, Tsubaki."


Tsubaki snorted. In Orario, those who could enjoy exclusive benefits were unwilling to share. Moreover, having been taken advantage of twice in a row, she was feeling very displeased, and her mood was quite sour.

Her gaze fell on August, making him shrink his head. A severe beating—this was indeed a severe beating. Tsubaki, who had been exposed for the second time, erupted, assaulting August wildly for over half an hour, specifically targeting his face. That explained why August looked the way he did when they returned to the Familia.

Finn, watching August turned into a pig's head, burst into laughter. He wasn't the only one, everyone joined in. However, it wasn't mockery but rather approval for a comrade.

This deal wasn't small change, but rather a billion-unit business. After all, it involved adamantite ore, and its value was substantial, even if it was low-quality adamantite.

"For this cooperation, our Loki Familia will be responsible for excavation, collection, and transportation. The Hephaestus Familia will handle sales, and if the ore is internally forged into weapons, our Loki Familia will also have a share."


"How will the shares be divided?"

"Loki Familia takes 30%, Hephaestus Familia takes 30%, and August alone takes 40%."

Yes, the share distribution was indeed extravagant, with August's share approaching half. In other collaborations, August might not have such a disproportionate share, but this collaboration was entirely built upon August's spatial abilities, so he was entitled to a large portion.

"Then let's have a pleasant cooperation."

"Pleasant cooperation."

Finn stood up, shook hands with Tsubaki, and at this moment, the Loki Familia and Hephaestus Familia formally established a cooperative relationship.

This had significant implications because, in the Dungeon, various precious metal ores were not in short supply. This time it might be low-quality adamantite ore with limited profit, but what about the next time? If it were other high-quality ores, the profit could be astonishing.

"Oh, Tsubaki, I'm curious. How did you meet August?"

As this question came out, August, who was already wearing a pig's head, suddenly froze. Everyone around also looked curious, especially Loki. Their child went out and brought back such a big deal, this was a good thing.

"Well, it's because your Mr. Pighead got lost in Orario. He accidentally stumbled upon me in the southern outskirts while I was receiving goods, so we met."

"What? Got lost?"

In an instant, August became the target of everyone's ridicule.

"August, you actually got lost."

Ais said this, and her tone was full of doubt and incomprehension, especially with a slightly ignorant tone, making the mockery intense.

August didn't want to speak anymore, not a single word.

"August, you got lost? I'm surprised. It seems you're not just a monster in terms of strength but also a 'monster' in other aspects." 

"Actually getting lost by himself, in these many years, you're the first one I've seen." 

"Not even recognizing the roads. Truly an idiot." 

"Hahaha! August, you really are unexpected." 

"Really, just today you went out by yourself and then got lost."

Tiona, Tione, Bete, Gareth, and even Riveria all spoke up at Tsubaki's words.

What is social death? At this moment, August is experiencing social death.

Although no one had malicious intentions, the blatant teasing and banter were just too harsh.

"In the future, I'll go with you, so you won't get lost."

While everyone was teasing and bantering, Ais suddenly walked up to August, grabbed his hand, and held it.

This suddenly brought the entire reception room into silence.

Then, it was a volcanic eruption!

"Scoundrel, Ais, let go of that guy!"

Loki roared with immense anger and envy.

"Ais, did you really choose such a guy? What's good about him? He just levels up a bit faster, has a bit more power, and can make money a bit faster! What do you like about him?!"

Bete was also furious, his wolf eyes were fixed on August, and his eyes were overflowing with killing intent.

And Tsubaki, not far away, watching Ais holding August's hand, suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable, as if her things had been stolen by someone else. This made her inexplicably realize that she might have actually developed feelings for this guy in just a few hours.

Recalling the scenes that had happened earlier—the first time unabashedly pulling a man into her arms, the first time being seen completely naked by a man, the first time being taken by a man—she didn't feel any repulsion. Suddenly, she found the problem.

As for August, with a face turned into a pig's head, being stared at by Loki and Bete with murderous eyes, he also felt a bit flustered.

"This... charisma, I really can't help it."

Pretentious, extremely pretentious, making everyone want to beat him up.


Riveria took action directly, slapping August on the back of his head.

"Speak properly."

This slap hit everyone's hearts and felt extremely satisfying.

"August, are you okay? Riveria, you're too heavy-handed."

However, this moment of refreshment quickly returned to harsh reality.

It's really hard to believe that this gentle girl treating a man would be Ais. Especially for everyone present, including Tsubaki, who had watched Ais grow up, it was really hard to believe that this was the same girl who had been jokingly called a 'doll' by the outside world.

Especially Riveria, who had taken care of Ais with her own hands. In this instant, there was a feeling of one's own cabbage being snatched by a pig, and the mother's anger flared up.


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