3 Rose or Violet

A few hours ago...

"Sister what's wrong with you I am turning 5 today not dying," Ashton said jokingly as he wiped my tears which were about to fall from my eyes.

"I know....anyway I brought a gift for you," I said trying to change the topic so it won't affect his mood.

"Gift what is it?" He asked with excitement.

I giggled looking at him and told my maid to bring the red box from my room.

"This is my present to you, it's really precious as I made it myself," I said as I opened the box and took out a piece of Green brooch in the shape of a flower.

"Wow, it's so pretty!!" He said as his eyes twinkled with joy.

"I am glad that you like it!" I said as I pinned the broch in his coat.

"But sister what is this flower I have never seen it before?" He asked as he touched the brooch.

"Its Azalea it symbolizes love and gentleness, and it also lives a long life unlike other flowers so I hope that you too will live a long life full of love and care," I said as I kissed his forehead.

"Sister has worked hard for it right...I will do as you say And live a really really loooooong life alongside you." Ashton said as he smiled towards me.

"I will be more than happy if you do that." saying that I escorted him towards the hall.

"Lady Irene Bedisa Winter and Young Master Ashton Maven Winter are entering the hall!!" the announcer said.

"Ashton Happy Birthday," I said as both of us entered the hall. The hall was full of people from different noble families somewhere from other countries too. After all, we belong to the empire best craftsmen family which is why our family is famous all over the world. No matter what the item is when touched by winter family it turns out to be the most precious ornament ever.

Even the royal family has appreciated us but still why did this family had such a bad ending?? I don't understand. for now Ashton is more important.

"Ashton you should go in front and say something as a welcome speech to the guests," I said to him.

"Okay!" He said and went in front of those people.

"Everyone It's a pleasure that you all took some time off your tight schedules and attended my birthday banquet. I am thankful to you all and I hope you will have a great time here!" He said with a smile and came back to his original place just like that...

Is he really 5? I wonder even I will feel anxious to speak in front of so many people but look at him, but then again his middle name Maven meant Intelligent and brilliant. As expected of my brother. I showed a thumbs up to him and he looked confused probably not knowing what I meant but still, he smiled back.

The gift ceremony soon started and one by one people started congratulating him.

"Hey, Ash I am going downstairs for some time if you need anything call me okay!" I said as I left my seat, Ashton nodded.

Now it's almost time for the leads to appear, thinking that I went downstairs and as expected a crowd of people were gathered at the corner of the hall, Just like the scene from the novel I went near the crowd and finally, I got a glimpse of the two leads, with a pale look on her beautiful face with two emerald eyes and smooth honey blonde colour hair to complete her Damsel in distress look there is our female lead Violet Mèdèè Carot the illegitimate daughter of Viscount Carot and on the other hand, was our Villainess the eldest daughter of the only Duke of Solar Empire Rose Athene Willson standing with her cold orange eye and red hair with an intimidating aura around her.

As expected of the Author both are quite a visual I almost got moonstruck by their beauty. If I remember correctly right in the novel, the girls gathered around rose and violet were fighting to know who is more pretty Rose Or Violet.

But soon their argument turned into a fight and to stop them Rose as well as Violet came forward but what can you expect of 8 years old kids instead of stoping them they themselves started to quarrel. Rose insulted Violet and called her behaviour unladylike, whereas our naive female lead took it as an insult into her heart as she thought Rose said that because she is an illegitimate child.

And this was the moment when the Male Lead takes an interest in the weak female lead. Thinking about the Male lead he must be here too, but I don't correctly remember when he appears in front of the female lead. Wait maybe he was in a disguise??

While coming back to reality, reading about this situation back then I thought of it as a big argument, but looking at it now it feels more like a child quarrel. I mean what am I supposed to accept from these kids who are not even 10 yet.

But I can't let this continue or else the bitterness among them will grow more, Irene you must stop them thinking that I took a deep breath and stepped in between them.

"Please stop it Lady Carot and you too Lady Willson, both of you must have forgotten the fact that this isn't a beauty pageant competition but my younger brother birthday banquet which is getting disturbed because of your rude behaviour, "I said with a cold expression in my face as I looked at both of them, they seemed to have calmed down and from this distance, they look like two Goddess, My heart is melting...why are they so cute I want to pinch there face!!

"My apologies to Lady Winter, It wasn't my idea to create a disturbance here but still I apologize wholeheartedly," Rose said as she bowed down.

"The same goes for me too, my apologies to Lady winter," Violet said as she bowed too.

Both of them realized their mistake and even apologized to each other.

Seems like the matter has been solved but still I think I am forgetting something, what was it...

just then a voice said, "Lady Winter who do you think is more pretty among the ladies here?"

"This...I.." What should I say now?? If I say it's Violet, Rose will put my name on her blacklist and if I say it's Rose I am sure the Male lead aka Crown prince will banish me again...Hah what in the world is this situation!!!

Right then "Lord Raymond Zissel Winter and Lady Melissa Freya Winter are entering!!" The announcer said and everyone's attention turned towards them.

Father and Mother made their entrance they looked, perfect...Ashton joined them, my family they looked so happy....whenever I see them like that the determination of mine to save them becomes more strong. As for the answer to the question I was asked how I know what to answer.

"Ahem Ahem...According to me the prettiest lady in this hall is Lady Melissa aka my Mother, not only my mother, I think everyone's mother is pretty both inside and out and I also know that there is a long way ahead us to be as perfect as them" I said that with a bright smile as I went forward the crowd to join my family. I took a look backwards and as expected they looked flustered, usually, it's female lead work to say something unusual but never mind, saying that one line won't create much of chaos. Right?

"Irene what are you thinking?" My mother asked as she patted my head her green orbs like eyes looked at me they are the same as the first time I opened my eyes inside this novel and her black hair are brighter and longer than mine. I guess it wasn't a lie when I said Mother is the prettiest, During her younger days she was said to be the most adored lady of the empire.

"Irene, what's wrong?" Mother asked again. "It's just that mother is so pretty, Will I be as pretty as you when I grow up?" I said to mom.

"Of course our Irene will grow up to be even prettier than me." Mom said as she brushed my hair with her fingers.

The cake was here, Ashton blew the candles on top of them, " Ash make three wishes say two aloud and keep one to yourself ." I said to him.

"Okay, then my first wish is, I hope my parents will stay healthy and happy together forever. My second wish is, I hope everyone who came here today will have a great night today and as for my last wish.....okay I am done!" Ashton said as he made his 3 wishes, I wonder what his 3rd wish is.

" Sister I want you to be the first person to feed me the cake," Ashton said as he gave me the spoon.

"But Ash..." I wasn't able to complete my sentence. Then suddenly Ashton started coughing.

"Take Ashton to the restroom he must have been tired," Father said, his personal maid came to receive him and took him inside the room but Ash didn't stop coughing.

He was weak since birth... So these situations keep on happening. Now that I remember today is when Ashton gets his first attack...He.....

As soon as I realized what was going to happen next, I ran towards his room praying that it's not what I think it is but...

"Young Master Ashton is coughing out blood...someone helps!!" His personal maid cried.

Mother and father ran towards the room, "ASHTON....my child!!" Mother said as she ran towards him, with tears in her eyes.

"Someone call the physician!!" Father screamed.

I went inside the room only to see Ashton mouth covered in blood, his pink tuxedo is now stained with blood.

without knowing my whole body started to shiver....my heartfelt cold...

"Sister...." Ashton said in a weak voice and soon after that, he lost his consciousness.

My legs gave up even though I wanted to run towards him, I felt so helpless that I started to cry right there. I could hear the whispers of people, but no one was coming forward to help us.

"What do I do.....Help...please help..." I murmured. " Stand up." said someone as a hand came in front of me, I looked in front of me it was a boy a little older than me, he had white hair and crimson eyes, beside him was another boy who had golden colour hair with yellow eyes both of their auras felt divine they were similar to that of His Holiness but they felt like more like a human.

I took his hand and stood up, "We will help you, so stop crying." The white head said. I didn't understand what they meant but the golden head was already inside the room. He kept his hand in Ashton's forehead and a blue light surrounded them, it was the same as of that time when his holiness gave me a middle name.

The white head took me inside the room and when the blue light disappeared, Ashton slowly opened his eyes. "My child, Are you okay?" Mother asked him as she touched his cheeks.

"Do you still feel unwell anywhere?" Father asked. Ashton looked at us and said "Mother, Father, sis.....it was painful but I was more afraid that I might never see you all again...." saying that Ashton started crying his heart out. For the first time, I saw him crying like a usual 5-year-old kid.

Seeing him like that I too was not able to control myself and even though I am mentally 25 years old I still cried out like a kiddo.

The white head kept looking at me throughout that time, without saying anything.

That night passed out with lots of chaos and the next morning we came to know about the redhead and golden head boy who helped us.

"They were what???" I asked my father not believing my ears.

"I said they were Crown Prince Alan Uziel Stewart and Second Prince Alferd Azrael Stewart," said Father.

The Male Lead has appeared!!!



Ashton nickname Ash.

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