1 A new beginning

21 December 2021,

The streets are busy as they always were, people are talking, laughing around and of course shopping for the upcoming Christmas,

But sadly I am not a part of that crowd instead, I am just an 18-year-old Grown-up whose gaze is fixed at the phone panel, reading every word appearing on the screen. And waiting patiently for her food.

"So, Are you interested in this type of novel too?" A Lady who was sitting beside me asked.

That question was kind of out of blue but still, I nodded my head.

"I see, you have good taste." The lady said again.

"Thank you," I said politely and luckily by that time my food arrived too. So, I took them and went towards the bridge.

I took a deep breath as I felt the freshness in the air and right then a notification popped up on my screen, " Some novel sequel is out...I must read it once I get home." I said as I looked at the starry sky for one last time and started to walk towards my house which was just 5 minutes away from here.

And as for the novels I read are usually about being reincarnated, transmigrated to fantasy land or going back in time, mostly one can say it is a chance to live once again and to change the wheels of fate but I often wonder what if tomorrow dawn I find myself travelled back in time, will I be able to change my destiny...

Hello, I am Lilly Winter just like my last name I am as cold as winter but alas I am not even the slightest of my first name----LILY,

Lily which means peace....looking back at the past 10 years of my life, no matter how many times I see it or think about it there isn't even the slightest bit of peace in me nor my life.

My life right now seems stable..so stable that I am bored of breathing now. It's not like I have nothing to do or I am a lonely fool it's just that things are complicated. If only I could go back in time and make things better, Then maybe the 'me' today would have been different.

But even If I go back in time.....

How could I change the wheel of fate?

How can I save the people I love from getting hurt?

( A/N: She has been thinking of all this throughout her walk until she reached her house.)

"All these things only give me high hopes...I better not think of it.." I said as I laid down on my bed and even before I realized it.

I was already in a deep slumber and it felt really warm, I don't know why but it felt as if my body became light and the surrounding seemed to be flushed with an aroma of fresh Jasmine, it made me feel so relaxed as if.....

My mother is holding me gracefully, her touch feels the same as if 6 years ago before she left father because of his drinking habits.

"Dear, doesn't she look like an angel." A harsh yet warm voice said...a voice I recognize it's FATHER, this feeling being with my parents.....the ones whom I missed for the last 6 years....the feeling of home...I missed it a lot though in my stable life I had food to eat, a house to live in, but what I didn't have were my family and their love...

I am so overwhelmed by this that I can't help but cry " Waa...Waa" WAIT! In my dream whose baby is crying like this as far as I remember none of my neighbours has babies then why?

"OH! Dear, why are you crying? Did mother did something wrong to offend you?" it's Mother's voice but who is the child crying and why is mother pampering him or her!

"My little Angel did we disturb your sleep, that made you cry so bitterly." Even father is pampering that child just who is that Angel? I want to see it but if I open my eyes now then I may wake up from this dream.

" I don't think so, maybe she had some kind of bad dream." Mother said in a gentle voice, she was always this caring to me and my younger brother, but it's strange mom and dad are here but where in the world is my brother.

WAIT!! Right now I want to know who this girl is to take my parents love away from me!! Enough I have to see her myself. I slowly opened my eyes only to see my mother looking at me, they looked young maybe they were in their 20s, their eyes seem teary yet full of happiness, " Her eyes are indeed pretty just like the blue sapphire" father said patting my head.

WAIT MY HEAD!!!!..... I looked at my hands and they seemed to like that of babies, I tried to get up but my body didn't cooperate with me, I opened my mouth to say something but only gibberish words came out. My mind went blank for a second.....So technically I have become a baby again of my own parents but something is different.

"Dear she seems to be saying something," said father. " Maybe she is saying to give her a name How long shall we call her baby and all." said mother giving me a peck in my forehead.

"Hmm, you are right but what should I name her which will portray her beauty her calm nature and those sapphire eyes..." said father looking at me.

" Indeed her sapphire eyes are special but we shouldn't judge her just for her eyes, think about the happiness she bought in our life, our marriage was a political marriage so more than love we had complicated feelings between us but after her birth, it feels as if like a wall between us has broken down and now we can clearly look through each other..."Mother said looking at father.

But what's a political marriage? As far as I remember they had a arrange marriage so where did politics come here, and the surrounding seems different it's not a hospital nor my old house then where is it? The ceilings have some ancient paintings drawn in them and the clothes my parents are wearing look really different not even 90s or 80s but really different, I have only seen such types of clothes only in comics it's mostly like a gown And what do they mean by sapphire eyes? Aren't my eyes black?

There are so many questions in my mind right now but I don't think I will get the answers soon. and father seems perplexed to choose a name for me I wonder what my name shall be but it feels like I already know the answer by judging the way they are talking.

".....You are right she doesn't only have those pretty eyes but also had a peaceful sensation around her....it makes me feel peaceful..." Father said as his eyes meet mine.

" I am glad you understand...so what should her name be who is as delicate as a flower with a peaceful sensation around her," Mother said with a smile.

" I know it!" Father said as he took me in his arms.

" Really what is it then!" Mother asked with excitement.

"Its....Irene Winter" said, Father.

"Irene what a pretty name." Mother said rubbing my cheek. Wow, my name got upgraded though it still refers to peace but whatever the reason is I feel really happy.

" Dear she must have liked her name just look at the way she is smiling!" said mother.

" Wow I am pleased to make my little daughter this happy." said father with a smile.

" Now shall we take her outside the people in the mansion are eagerly waiting to see their little lady." Mother said. Father nodded and both of them went outside the room.

Many people were gathered around the house, females were wearing maid's uniforms, a man in his 30s was wearing a butler's uniform and many servants were also present there. Honestly, it feels like I entered into a novel.

" Is she our little lady?" asked the butler.

" She is indeed pretty!" the maid said.

" Wow, she is not only pretty but calm too!" A male servant said. Their praises knew no bounds and since when did our family have these many servants?

" Everyone please calm down our Irene will be scared otherwise," said father jokingly.

" Well you see right My Lord....but rather than being scared or even surprised the lady seems to be observing us." said the butler.

" You are right this little lady here is really special." said a voice and a beam of light covered the hall, a man with long bluish hair and crystal blue eyes appeared in the room out of nowhere.

"Your Holiness!" everyone said bowing their heads. Even mother and father bowed, he must be some big shot but looking at his long hair and the outfit he looks like he is from some ancient Chinese Drama but his surrounding feels so mystical.

Who is he? Everyone is calling him Your Holiness seems like I heard it somewhere...WAIT! In novels, this type of character always appears the one with divine power plus they are called the eyes of God. Hmm, but how come he is here and in this Era??

" Your Holiness How come you came to our residence." asked mother respectfully.

" Well it's not like I came here it's more like I was attracted here...thanks to this little lady present here." He aka His Holiness said as he marched towards me and kissed my hands.

Our eyes meet for a second and my head filled with questions seemed to be calmed down.

" Your Holiness how come our daughter makes you attracted that you came all the way from the temple to here," Father asked.

"Before answering that may I know this little lady's name?" Asked His Holiness.

"It's Irene Winter," said my mother

" Irene meaning peace a perfect name for this pretty lady...then if the lord doesn't mind then as a birthday present may I gift her with a middle name." said His Holiness with a smile curved in his angelic face.

Everyone looked surprised and happy at the same moment, well according to the knowledge I have gained from novels receiving a middle name from the temple is like a blessing as it shows the speciality of the person. But receiving a middle name directly from the eyes of God aka His Holiness is much more than a blessing...but why me?

First I turned into a baby, then my eyes are like sapphire, my name changed so it doesn't look like I came back in time but it rather it feels like I entered in a fantasy land...no it can't be...

"We will be happy to receive a middle name for our daughter from his holiness' said father.

"Then I shall proceed." Saying that he took me in his arms and a blue light surrounded us.

"BEDISA," said His Holiness.

"Irene Bedisa Winter my lady I hope you like your new name." said his holiness.

"Bedisa what a mystical name as expected of his holiness." said a person from behind us he was wearing a white gown which reached his foot maybe he is from the temple.

"Your Holiness How many times have I told you not to leave like that everyone would be worried sick for you." said the person seems like His Holiness offended him.

"Well you see I came here to visit this lady but seems like I lost track of time," said his Holiness with a sly smile on his face. The priest looked at me and then said " I understand."

"Looks like I need to go now...." saying that he looked at me and whispered in my ears,

"...this time your fate is in your own hand my dear lady be the blessings of God be bestowed on you and your upcoming journey."

My fate is in my own hands what did he mean before I got to get even a glance of his face he disappeared just like that. No matter now how hard I think about it....the only answer I get is that I got rebirth from the same parents but in a whole different world. Should I be happy or sad about it?

" Irene you got a blessing from his holiness the eyes of God," said Mother with a caring voice.

"Our Irene is indeed lucky for us she bought peace as well as bliss in our household." said father as he took me in his arms.

"I know she is truly special." my mother said and a tear rolled down her eyes.

"Dear it's time to be happy so don't shed tears." said father as he patted Mother back.

"I know but these are the tears of happiness." said mother as she smiled brightly towards me.

Her eyes which only look towards me, mother love is always selfless, in my past life I didn't value her and in the end, I lost my only mother but this time I won't lose her or my loved ones anymore. Thank you Dear God for giving me a chance to start a new life with my lovely parents. This time I won't let any doom hurt my family.

And with that determination in my heart, I started my new life as Irene Bedisa Winter.

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