In the Academy as Sukuna

He got transported into an academy game with Sukuna's powers, and now, he aims for the top. His power keeps growing, but he never forgets to have fun. But this world seems to be different from the one he remembers, how will he survive uncharted territory with his newfound powers? The first few chapters are actual crap, it gets better later though, I think Cover image from Pinterest by 'stefani' My first work, I hope I do well :))))

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Tournament (Part 1)

"If you're in a bus, you see an elderly woman standing, looking like she's going to fall anytime, and you push out someone else from their seat to make room for her, did you do a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Is that how you start conversations with everyone you meet for the first time?"


I'm currently talking to the red haired girl I talked about in the last chapter, a few hours ago in my case.

She seemed to be ignoring everyone but actually gave me attention, probably because I'm famous everywhere.

The news of five first-years escaping the B-Rank dungeon had basically spread everywhere, thanks to the internet. My Reverse Cursed Technique leaks also played a part.

Well, for the reason I'm talking to her, she has all my attention in his tournament, she seems really strong, like, too strong. Shouldn't the protagonist be the strongest?

She hasn't lost any matches yet, and we are already in the top 200, but the best thing is, she hasn't even tried.

Also she's named Eva, Eva Helion.

I told my father's subordinates to do research on her, and they found that she's from a family that can considered low nobles, but had some very strong connections. These connections are no longer because . . .


A few years ago, there was a massacre in her family, by an unknown person, in which her parents, grandparents and some other relatives died, her mother's body was found brutally diced, while her father's body was not found.

Even children were not spared, bodies were laid out everywhere, from the grounds, to the halls, to the bathrooms.

Eva survived only because she hid herself on the roof.

Ever since that day, she became distant from the world and trained without stop. Doctors said that this was due to her trauma at a young age.

She claimed that she had seen the person who did this, but refused to tell anyone, saying that she will be the one to punish him. Pretty dumb if you ask me, well, I don't know about my family getting massacred so I shouldn't judge.


If you didn't read all that, I'll simplify it, she's a Sasuke.

But, she's totally indifferent to people, like, she doesn't care if another person loses their family in the same way as her if she gets closer to killing the person she wants to.

"No, that's just a question I wanted to know the answer to. Anyhow, cake?"

I held out a plate in which was kept a piece of vanilla cake with chocolate chips on top of it.

I could literally see the confusion in her eyes, how adorable.

Contrary to my expectations, she accepted the cake.

"I hope we meet again, as friends this time."

I said as I walked away.

I sat on a chair, ordering another vanilla cake.

'Well, I don't have a match until top 100, so I'll just rest for now.'




'Friends?' I thought as I looked at the boy walking away.

I took a bite of the cake he gave me and . . .

'It's good'







We were living so happily, even though it was just me and dad, I never felt sorrow about having no mother.

That was until he, Ryomen Sukuna . . . he, he did . . .

Calm down

I am really frustrated right now, I lost the match and now I'm just sitting here.

I was trained by dad and thought that I was actually strong, but compared to the monsters in the academies, I'm lower than average.

While he, Ryomen Sukuna, has won every match without difficulty, I doubt he would even need to blink to kill me right now.



I left the Tournament, it was no doubt that he will win, and I don't want to see that.

As I was walking on the deserted road, something seemed off, it was too quiet, not even the rustling of leaves was heard.

So quiet that I could hear my heart beating, it started beating faster and harder.

I decided to run to a more populated area, my instincts told me to.

But as I was running, I was engulfed in darkness, it was an Infinite Void with nothing but black.

Suddenly, a portal, which looked like a dungeon entrance, but much bigger, giving a sense of oppression, materialized in front of me.

I couldn't run, I was too scared to.

"I can give you power"


The dark sphere in the roadway disappeared, the boy who was stuck inside the sphere had disappeared as well.




I told the guys to do some research on the gay guy too, and what I found was really amusing.

Ya'll remember the random assassin the author hired to show off my new Dismantle at the start of the story? Well apparently that guy had a child.

The people that retrieved the assassins body were pretty harsh with the boy, so he started hating me for no reason.

I think that he knows that his father was an assassin, well it would make more sense if he doesn't but who cares.

He's weak, and I don't even need to blink to cut him into half.

Also, he's not gay, surprising.

I also found that this world had Nokia, and I've been addicted to it since then.

It's the third day of the Tournament now.

What? You didn't know that 2 days had passed? Well meh, you know now.

I have a match in about an hour, and I've been playing the snake game for a few hours without stop, it feels so good.

Anyhow, my match is with some random guy who's pretty good for his age, not from my academy though.

Eva is in another set of participants, so I'll probably meet her in the finals.

And then there's also this guy who didn't fight once but he–

'Aw come on! I died again!'

I died in the snake game, which broke my train of thought.

Huh my drink arrived, anyhow, next game.

All I could here was beeping of the phone.

A little chill chapter




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