7 Chapter 7...Broom


The shield broke but it gave me enough time to get out of the way, the very miracle that the shield was formed in time to block the attack was a miracle, cause I knew that I panicked and had pronounced the spell wrongly.

It seems I need more practice, target practice and stuff. I quickly put these thoughts aside and apparated a few blocks away from the car chase, waiting for the car to come over.

I quickly used a charm and turned the road into a swamp, this will help me slow down the car and then I will use Arresto momentum to put a stop to the car chase.

Just as I thought the car drove towards my trap as I looked at it from above, Protego was already ready in case that guy fired at me again.

*Ta tatatatata*

Just as I thought, this guy had his eyes on me. normally when you see someone who can use weird shit and fly in the sky, you run, but I guess this is marvel so the adaptability is high.

The car soon started slowing down, its wheels starting to submerge into the ground.

'Heh, looks like I don't need to use the spell to stop the car'

I used a bunch of spells and the goons who tried to escape fell to the ground unconscious, I didn't use a powerful knockback spell against the guy who tried to go all dead shot on me, Nope.

Before running off I turned the street back to normal and the cars that were stuck were out again.

It seems I have become a lot better in transfiguration, affecting a whole street isn't something everyone can do.

Though I intend to use this whole year to at least get the sun to 90 per cent. cause no matter what, there is no way I can survive with just a single Cedric Diggory.

I guess the previous incident made me arrogant, those guys were just a couple of simple humans, and I took them by surprise.

I guess I need to learn to combat with my spells and stuff. Next time when a guy points the gun at me, he won't know what hit him.

I flew back home and opened the news channel, it seems I am still not that much recognized since there is not much talk about me.

No one is paying attention to me and the general public is not aware of me.

Maybe I should start doing more hero stuff from now on, of course only after I master a couple more spells and stuff.

So for the next three months, I kept imagining enemies coming at me, trying to adapt as much as I could, then I had a better idea and used conjuration to fight different things

Serpent, golems, leopard, elephant, I fought everything.

I also stopped a couple more crimes here and there, which helped me gain some clout, the whole media started blowing up over me, or my other character, Cedric Diggory.

I also started learning wandless and castless magic, a work in progress. My sync went all the way up to 70 per cent which goes to show that I was just about to get a new character.

It's been a few days since I have invested myself in a new hobby, permanently charming stuff to accomplish effects, though it's a lot tricky since Cedric himself has never done it due to the meaningless rules and legalities concerning.

It was a slow process but I am this close to charming and making a flying broom


At shit.

A small piece of wood found its way into my hand. fortunately, I have a couple of healing spells I can use to heal myself. Potion making is out of the way since many of the ingredients are unavailable to me due to obvious reasons.


By the night I was finally able to charm a broom but that too stopped working the next morning.


I got back home and made breakfast for myself. I looked around at the empty house, I don't know if it's good or bad that my mother didn't even bother to get a nanny for me.


A cracking sound echoed and the bulb broke, I hurriedly turned the switch to the other bulb on,

'Seems like an overheat...'

I looked at the broken bulb, the inner working was fried due to high voltage.

'Wait a minute, is this the reason that my charms wear off' I couldn't help but think to myself.

Nothing else seemed to make sense, since I was pretty sure I did everything perfectly, But what can use to charm the broom permanently.


The rest of the year I kept looking for some kind of magical plant or something but couldn't find anything worth my while, so I opted to resort to another way.

Getting a rather strong and old tree and shaping a broom out of it. With a prayer to any dirty out there, I started putting the spell onto the broom, hopefully charming it.

I could feel the charm working its way deep into the wood and taking root. I knew instinctively that I had passed.

I had made my first ever artifact, I had half a mind to mass produce these and sell me to the magic community and the only community I know of is Kamar taj, and I don't know if I am welcomed by the Ancient one. it's better don't poke the hornet's nest.

I took the broom for a ride and the inborn ability of Cedric came into immediate effect as I flew high in the air, performing flips and standing in my from while not falling.No wonder he was able to beat the boy who lived once, though it was because Harry was hexed but that's a thought for later.

This way I don't have to float in the air and constantly used flame burst spells to propel myself.

Unaided flight was only learned by the order of the Phoenix and the henchmen of the dark lord in the movies while in the books,only The dark lord was able to do it, as well as his goons while no one else was able to do it because the originator of the spell was Voldi himself.

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