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Mark is a normal guy who was rejected thrice for the NY police departement ,three times rejected by the Military,three times rejected by his family.Facing rejection,he gave his life only to hear the words ,"Reject ,i didn't need your help" He finally reincarnates into the body of random guy in the marvel universe. In this world, he finally has the chance to make a change.will he become something or forgotten like flowing sand Author Note: MC is a Hero Type and has the moral compass to do the right things, if you are not into that and want harem and sex stuff, you won't find it here, so please don't read it and then leave a shitty review when you see that the mc is just a hero and not to your liking Tags: World traveler Alternate Marvel universe Weak to strong Mutants Eternals No love yet

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Chapter 10...Getting books

For all they knew, we both had come out at the same time, the various scars on our bodies and our muddy face were the least of their concern, what they were more concerned about was whether who won and who didn't.

I saw my father,err, Cedric's father come ran towards me and grabbed me in a hug so strong that would break even Captain America's bones.

But it seemed like someone knew what was going on, Moody or should I say Crouch Jr. ran away after he saw that Harry and I were fine.

Dumbledore also seemed to notice what was going on and ran towards us, "Harry, what happened out there are you fine"

Dumbledore went ahead and used his wand to cast a spell, something washed over me and I was good as new, he released a gasp as he said

"The unforgivable curse" that one word seemed to shut everyone up as they looked at him and us, some even began pointing fingers waiting for the headmaster to finish talking so they can have a juicy story.

"Not here Headmaster," Harry said and was led by Severus and dumbledore out of the way, they took me with them, I wasn't against it as I would be able to see the great Hogwarts castle myself.

The headmaster kept talking with harry in hushed voices before they left me and started going somewhere else, as I was about to follow them

"Mr Diggory, if you could please follow me to the headmaster's office while headmaster goes ahead and verifies something"

I turned around and saw professor Mcgonagall, The best at transfiguration in Hogwarts at the moment, perhaps only Headmaster might be able to contend with her.

I might as well take this time to ask her about some doubts I have regarding conjuration and punishment. Once we were inside the office I was led to a chair and Professor sat on another chair, I could see she was a little worried about what happened.

She started asking me questions regarding what happened and I told her how me and harry we're summoned to this unfamiliar place and had to fight a dark wizard who looked like melted cheese, I didn't tell her about the one who shall not be named, didn't wanna handle all the extra drama, let that be handled by Harry Potter.

After she was finished with me, I decided to talk to her regarding my doubts and she was generous enough to answer all my questions, though she didn't give any demonstration since we were in the headmaster's office.

I was offered to attend the transfiguration club that she is the head of if I wanted to after I told her how I used Transfiguration to annoy and distract my opponent. She even offered me all kinds of treats and I got to eat my first ever, all flavours candy and a chocolate frog.

I had the memories but experiencing them is the best. That led me to think if I could use apparition in the harry potter universe since I 'knew' about where the Diagon Alley was and stuff like that.

'I shall also rob all the potions inside Professor

Snape's cabinets, or maybe I should go to the medical wing and steal all those tasty healing potions that Pomfrey has, hehe, it's not like I am gonna stay here forever I could help but think that as I saw the window in front of me

[Congratulations on completing the 'Defy the death' rewards have been submitted, would you like to return]

Soon enough, Headmaster came back and Prof. Minerva left the room along with Severus. I knew what was coming and to be honest I was a little scared if this dumbledore was the one that used 'Greater good' as an excuse and if he would try and alter my memories.

I was ready to throw all my thoughts away and leave this world as soon as I felt that he was going to do something. Contrary to my expectations he just asked me to stay quiet about what happened in the graveyard and about the 'Baby like abomination' I had seen.

I don't know why they are trying to hide this from me. I decided to accept the head asters advice, after a bit of talk I was left to my own devices, this year the tri wizard had two champions and everyone was happy.

I decided it was time for me to be done with this world, I decided against sneaking into the potions room. Lest I encounter some kind of charm and get caught.

I used the foggy memories I had of the canon story to go to the room of requirements the next day and thought about Occulumency and Legiliemency, it's a good thing to have.

There were a bunch of books in the room once I entered it. I used spells to copy a bunch of books I thought would help me learn the art and then asked the room for some advanced hexes and curses, some charms and quickly copied the contents and left.

This was good enough for me, I bet I wouldn't learn half the stuff I got from here, With a final look at the beautiful Hogwarts Castle, I pressed Yes and left the world.


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