In Marvel, I Am God.

Endless transmigrated the timeline of Wolverine 3 and became the last Mutant of the old era. At the moment, the X-Men have long since disbanded, Mutant is no longer brilliant, Wolverine is entering old age, and the entire race is in peril. Fortunately, he found that when he watched battles he could obtain the opponents' abilities "Ding!" "Combat detected, drop reward: Heat Sight (Superman)!" While helping the elderly Wolverine, avoid the tragedy of being killed or injured in a serious injury. Endless also began to watch the battles of different people in multiple worlds, and gradually became an omniscient and omnipotent existence! Note: Not mine, Translated by a certain "Nation" if you know what I mean. Story is SS Tier though. Please Review And Send Powerstones. I even take spam reviews. 3 Chapters A Day. Also I can take time to actually fix and edit them if this reaches a point.

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On The Lethality That Nuclear Bombs Can Do To Him, Go To A New Cosmic Event!

In the Marvel universe, various things are happening because of what Endless did.

Black Robe Picket World.

One is located on the top floor of the top floor of the top of the world.

The air suddenly began to produce ripples like ripples, and then in the center of the circle of ripples, a spatial passage appeared.

The next moment.

Endless took Wolverine Logan and others across the dimension of space and appeared in the villa.

"It's there."

Endless smiled at the few people in front of him who looked up at the surrounding villas, and introduced with a smile: "Next, this is where we temporarily live."

"Now I can assure you that for a long time to come, there will be no more existence that will disturb us.

Naturally, he won't say anything big.

After all, this is the world of black-robed pickets.

And the world's top combat power, Homelander, has become Endless's subject.

As long as Logan and they don't do anything that threatens the whole world, and let the people of this world launch nuclear bombs against them, naturally there will be no problems.


Later, when Endless began to face opponents who had the ability to cross space, it was a different matter.

But at that time, it was obviously far away.

So, after bringing Wolverine into this world, it is undoubtedly very safe, as Endless said.

"Endless, your ability is really more and more beyond my imagination."

"You can do that now."

Charles, who was in a wheelchair, finally began to slowly regain his senses.

And he has felt the existence of all the biological brain waves in the entire Marvel world, so he has already noticed changes just after crossing the world.

Charles was surprised to find that he was no longer on Earth, and could even be said to have come to another world.

"Endless, did you suddenly disappear before, did you have this ability that can be teleported?"

Logan was also amazed at the sudden change in the environment around him.

Unexpectedly, when he first met himself, he was just Endless, who had a weak ability to control water, and he had grown to such a point.

"Is this your new home?!"

Laura and Wanda were already excited and started running around the spacious room.


Endless can now be called the only king in this world, controlling the world's largest company, Walt Corporation.

The entire property of all its shareholders can be squandered by him.

So the area occupied by the large flat floor they are now in is also extremely wide.

Even the two girls running wildly inside had no problem at all.

"Laura, look."


Wanda noticed the view of the entire city in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, so she called out to her little sisters and looked at them with wide eyes.

As for why Endless was able to do it, suddenly bringing them here, the two little girls were not surprised at all.

Endless is so powerful, no matter what he can do, it will not be surprising!

He's totally Superman!

The other side.

Charles looked at Endless, his cloudy eyes thoughtful, "It's not the world we were in before, is it?"

He slowly voiced his doubts, "I feel that there are more things in this world, and at the same time, there are some things missing. "


Endless did not deny it and answered directly.

After all, even a person without supernatural abilities, as long as he has a normal understanding of the world, after coming to another different world for a period of time, he can discover the fact that he has changed the world.

As for Charles, who uses the smartest brain, let alone that.

So he directly chose to affirm the other party's statement.

"Endless, are you saying that you not only took us across space, but even brought us to another world?!"

Wolverine Logan, on the other hand, was shocked when she heard the conversation between the two.

After all, the extent to which Endless can do it now is really outrageous!

In the same world, the ability across space, he has not heard of it.

But Ability, which travels directly to another world, is arguably unheard of.

"So, is Endless already an omega-level Mutant now?" He murmured and asked.

"I think it should be."

Charles replied with a smile.

Endless's speed of strengthening was also shocking and surprising.

But at the end of the day, Endless is a companion who stands with them and fights together for Mutant tomorrow.

Therefore, after learning that the other party has been able to grow to such a point, Charles's heart of rent, the emotions he has, are more joy.

Sure enough, Mutant's hope is in Endless!

"Also, no one in the world discriminates against Mutant, and they even idolize him.

Endless said with a smile.

At the same time, he walked to the two girls by the floor-to-ceiling window and reached out and touched their heads.

His eyes were on the poster of the Super Six on the street.

It was at this time that he discovered that the posters that are now hanging on the streets are except for the Super Six.

And even himself!

Moreover, Endless's poster alone turned out to be even bigger than the poster of the Super Six combined!

"Damn it!"

He noticed this and couldn't help but numb a dirty word.

Then I felt a little helpless.

After all, his previous battle with the Super Six left a lot of influence on the entire city and even the entire world.

If Walt cannot handle it properly, it is destined to suffer a lot of losses.

And promoting Endless as the strongest superhero emerging from Walt is undoubtedly the best public relations treatment.

Not only can it completely eliminate the impact of Endless's defeat of the Super Six before.

It can even increase the popularity of Walt Company.

Now, in a way, Walt has become Endless's private property.

The people under his command chose the most appropriate way to deal with it, and it seemed that they were also preserving their property, and he didn't want to say much.

"Gee... This is really, famous in this world..."

Thinking of this, Endless could only shake his head silently.

Then he glanced at Laura and Wanda.

No wonder these two little girls, after looking out the window, are unwilling to move.

It turned out to see me...

"Actually, can you walk calmly under the sun?"

Logan was a little incredulous for a moment.

" definitely."

Endless looked back and smiled: "Logan, if you want, you can even attract the attention of the people of the world like when you were in the X-Men."


Logan smiled and shook his head when he heard this, "Forget about this, but I don't mind enjoying life here." "

Saying that, the expression on his face became serious, "However, Endless, after all, this is not our home, and I still want to return to the land of birth." "

"So....... Is it true that you said that the professor and I can regain the strength of our youth?"

Flowers fall.

He noticed that the smile on Endless's face on the other side became stronger.

"Naturally, it's true."

As Endless spoke, he looked at the few researchers left behind from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mind Ability spreads out.

The men immediately began to walk towards the elevator.

Endless also connected to Edgar's phone at the same time: "Edgar, I brought a few researchers, you arrange them to the underground laboratory of compound five."

"Good host." Edgar on the other side of the phone looked very respectful.

Later, Endless arranged a room for a few more people.

In the process.

He was surprised to find that Pete was surprisingly cooperative, and he did not show fear of himself in his actions.

However, he may still be a little timid and dare not say much.

At last.

When taking Laura alone to the room arranged for her.

Endless noticed that this little guy suddenly looked a little unhappy, and then squatted in front of Laura with a smile.

"Laura, I know you're thinking about those Mutant friends of yours."

He laughed, "Actually, after coming here, I already thought about it, maybe I could bring them here."

When he said this, Laura's eyes lit up significantly.

Endless touched the other party's head dotingly, and this little girl's mind was too easy to guess, and she didn't even need to have a mental ability.


He was going to bring all those little Mutants with him, not just for Laura.

In the end, even if there is no Laura's meaning, those little Mutants are Endless's stay in New York, and naturally it is impossible to directly abandon them.

Moreover, Endless also wants to build his own Mutant Empire in the Marvel universe, and those little guys are indispensable cornerstones.


Laura looked at Endless, said with some expectation, and then a little hesitation, "If it's troublesome, don't use it, as long as they're safe." "

"It's okay, I just need a moment to bring those little guys back.

Endless smiled and pinched Laura's little face.

Dimensional teleportation is then turned on again.

But after a few minutes, they easily brought the little mutants back.

In the few minutes of his return, Endless also learned that the American Congress had issued a killing and arrest order against him.

definitely, these things are not worth his heart.


Those little ones, after seeing the changing environment around them, were amazed.

There are also some little Mutants who have the best relationship with Laura, and they see Laura at a glance.

Happy ran over and hugged her.

And when dozens of children, twitter and discuss various issues.

Endless contacted Ashley and asked the manager of the super six to arrange accommodation for the little mutants.

And because, in the world of black-robed pickets, Mutant doesn't have to hide it.

Therefore, Ashley easily arranged this group of children into a large manor.

At the same time, all the identity information and enrollment procedures were also done for them.

When they heard that they also had the opportunity to go to school, many little Mutants had a grim expression on their faces.

...... Ask for flowers.........

Before that, they didn't even think that they would actually be able to go to the school for a normal day!


The Wanda siblings, as well as Laura, did not escape the admission process.

However, because these few days are just in time for the summer vacation, the children do not have to rush to school soon.

And in the next few days.

Endless was in no hurry to go elsewhere

Fang, stay and rest all the time.

From time to time, I will go to the Walt company to pay attention to the super soldier No. 5 compound serum, how is it made.

In addition, it is to stimulate the potential of the bloodline and enhance your strength by basking in the sun.

Take the time to tease Wanda and Laura.

And Wolverine Logan, except for the first day, when she was not familiar with the world of black-robed pickets, still seemed a little cautious when she went out.

In the days that followed, he had once again experienced the feeling that Mutant would walk down the street, not only without discrimination, but even adoration.

Logan found that he could even display his steel claws on the street!


After a few days, Logan was also very happy.

Even rarely come back except sleep.

Frequent outings for entertainment.

Even made friends, and several new female friends.

There is quite a bit of a restoration of the style of the past.

The whole person looked a lot more energetic, completely getting rid of the feeling of an old wolf appearance before.

As for Charles, he usually likes to ask people to push himself and walk through those streets with large file sizes.

Enjoy a life where no one knows themselves and no one is wary of themselves.

Moreover, I have to say that although Charles is older, his original elegant temperament is still difficult to hide.

...... 0

There are several elderly sisters who don't mind having a twilight love with him.

Unfortunately, they were all rejected by Charles.

The days flew by.

More than a month passed day by day.

Wanda and the others continued to resume the twenty days of school in a month.

The super soldier plus compound five is also progressing rapidly, but it is not completed yet.

And Endless himself finally couldn't be idle and planned to go to the new universe to see.

However, the universe he is going to choose this time is not the DC universe.

"Now with my strength, I can also try to go to other universes.

Endless ended the day sunbathing with a message for Logan and Charles.

He walked back to his room.

"If you want to improve your strength rapidly, you naturally need to go to the cosmic time node when there is a big event.

Endless thought about it, and suddenly a few labels that he wanted to go to the universe to have next came to mind.

Marvel, The Avengers, Doomsday, New York City...

He thought about these few keywords.

Then, with a movement of his mind, he turned on dimensional teleportation.


Next second.

As Endless's thoughts opened, Dao ripples began to appear in the space in front of him.

Then the dimensional channel began, and Endless's body disappeared in place.


Endless felt that he had completed the dimensional teleportation, and he had a down-to-earth feeling, and suddenly thought.


Before he opened his eyes, he smelled a strong smell of gunsmoke and decay, wafting towards the tip of his nose.

"There should be no mistake, I should have come to New York where the first-level Avengers alliance happened.


Endless opened his eyes.


The moment the whole city entered his eyes, his first feeling was desolation.

All the buildings, although still barely preserved, do not share the breath of life.

Everywhere you look at it, it's a lifeless feeling.

Moreover, scrapped vehicles can be seen everywhere, as well as smashed glass, and marks on the walls due to impacts.

Even, there are quite a few bones that have dried up, rolling on the ground, provoking flies.

"This is New York in the world of Marvel."

Endless Flight went into mid-air, looked down, and determined that this place was New York.

You can even see the Stark Industrial building.

However, on the streets of the entire city, in the alleys of large file sizes, and in the buildings as far as he could see.

I can't see a living person!

Even, you can't hear half of the sounds that are produced by humans!

For a moment, Endless had a feeling that although eighty percent of the buildings in the city are still well preserved.

But it's dead.

After all, cities are built by humans, and cities that lose humans naturally die.

"What Marvel world did I come to?"

Endless pondered and landed in the middle of the empty Times Square.

He stood in front of the huge screen that had been extinguished by the power outage, frowned, and fell into deep thought:

"What Marvel world am I in?"