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In Marvel As Dante


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After a tragic death at the hands of his bathroom tile, an MMA fighter finds himself in front of an eldritch God looking for an (unwilling) schmuck to steal from one of the most dangerous beings in the Marvel Universe-- the Pheonix... Poor Axel is not doomed, however. He was granted the powers of one of his favorite game characters-- Dante Sparda...but the god never specified which version. --- Few warnings going in. 1. My fanfiction is being ratioed because people don't understand where it's going from the get-go, so allow me to remedy that. He will start weak and become substantially stronger over the course of 100 chapters or so. If that doesn't jive with you, I suppose this is not your story. 2. He makes mistakes--as do all reasonable protagonists. 3. HE IS NOT DANTE. He is a person with his powers. Don't expect a 1:1 personality mapping. You will be disappointed.


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