Chapter 26: Post-Natal "Eighth" Level

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Outside the County Government Office.

Without the incitement and seduction of the No-Life Sect followers, the angry commoners, who had gathered together in the burning rage, were soon driven away after persuasion and deterrence by the constables and clerks.

However, the situation at the gate was much bloodier in comparison, as the city guards directly drew their knives and killed people when they saw the commoners rushing towards them.

Under the bloody scene, those commoners who had been trying to break through the gate were frightened and collapsed to the ground.

Without the ringleaders of No-Life Sect hidden among the commoners, they were like scattered sand; they were only brought together by their immediate anger.

Therefore, under the forceful suppression of the County Government Office, the scattered commoners' gathered resistance ended hastily.

However, when such a violent uprising happens again, it may not be so easily suppressed by the county government.

After all, when the commoners rise up again at that time, it means that they have no fear of death and think they have no chance of survival; otherwise, why would they gather again to make trouble?

At this moment, in an ordinary residential house within Jinzhou City, no one could imagine that it was a stronghold of the Lifeless Sect in the city.

Right now, Yang Laifa was discussing with several core members of the Lifeless Sect on how they should proceed next, but during their talk, someone finally couldn't endure it any longer.

"Protector, with such a good opportunity this time, why did we suddenly withdraw halfway? We had the advantage, and it is a pity to give up so easily."

Wu Youde was extremely frustrated. He had been responsible for most of the work to incite the commoners. It took a lot of effort to stir up their resentment, but he didn't expect Yang Laifa to give up so easily.

"Youde, sit down first. Jinzhou City is not our main area for spreading the teachings, so this time, our branch is making an all-out effort.

Now that our identities have been exposed, we must be extremely careful. Jinshan Temple is the local snakehead, and since Xuan Ji hasn't appeared, it means he might have really encountered unexpected situations.

You don't need to worry. Jinzhou City is a must-win for us, and as you said, we have the advantage, so waiting one more day won't delay our plans.

Of course, the efforts of you and the other brothers must not be ignored. Tonight, I will go to find Xuanji and ask him about the situation. If today's absence was due to just a hunch, then we will find another opportunity and directly break into the County Government Office. I can guarantee this together with my brothers."

Since Yang Laifa had already said this, it was not appropriate for Wu Youde to say anything more. After seeing that he had managed to appease them, Yang Laifa finally let out a sigh of relief.

After all, he was under enormous pressure. Their operation in Jinzhou City was like a vanguard, with the big plans of the No-Life Sect at stake, which must be ensured to be foolproof.

Fortunately, their actions had been smooth recently, and the whole situation in Jinzhou City was almost under their control. Even the Liang and Wu Families were retreating under the calculations of the Holy Sect.

However, today's unexpected situation had indeed hurt morale; Wu Youde and the others were no exception as they harbored growing dissatisfaction. He had to take action to lift their spirits.

So after appeasing these leaders, Yang Laifa cautiously went out alone to find Xuan Ji and ask for the reason behind his absence.

If the other party couldn't give a satisfactory answer, he could only follow the wishes of the church members and take over Jinzhou City as soon as possible; after all, he was also afraid that delays would lead to trouble.

After Yang Laifa left, Wu Youde felt increasingly resentful, so he went out alone to find some brothers he trusted and took action directly.

He couldn't let go of this breath, so he felt uncomfortable in his heart!



Outside Liang Sheng's Mansion.

At this moment, several figures were hiding in the darkness, with their night-walking clothes almost blending into the night.

"Boss, should we go back and think about it? After all, Jinshan Temple is the local snakehead, and the Protector has many connections with them. Shouldn't we wait a while?"

One of the men looked at Wu Youde and cautiously spoke up. Today they had acted independently without the Protector's knowledge, and for some reason, they felt uneasy in their hearts.

"No, the bald monks of Jinshan Temple are too arrogant. They think they can press us down by helping us a bit. What gives them the right?"

Wu Youde felt rather displeased when he thought about today's events. Today was their prime opportunity to take over Jinzhou City by inciting the people to forcefully break into the county government office.

However, due to Hongzhi's interference, Yang Laifa was forced to halt the operation. Wu Youde had gone to great lengths to stir up the people. Now, all his efforts were almost in vain.

After Yang Laifa left, the more he thought about it, the more upset he became. But he didn't dare to defy the Protector's orders and start conflicts with the monks of Jinshan Temple. Otherwise, according to the rules of the church, he would certainly meet a terrible end.

He was not afraid of death, and if it wasn't for the Holy Sect, he would have already become a pile of dried bones. However, he was afraid of being disgraced and expelled from the Holy Sect.

He had long dedicated everything to the No-Life Holy Mother, and for the cause of the Holy Sect, he was willing to do anything.

So, since he couldn't openly oppose Jinshan Temple, he had to take some interest on his own, otherwise his heart would be unbalanced. He wanted to make Hongzhi pay the price for stopping today's events.

"It's alright. Since that bald monk Hongzhi is so protective of this useless person, let's kill him and let Hongzhi taste what anguish is like.

When we act later, move quickly and clean up the scene. Don't leave any traces."

With that said, he surveyed the surroundings and saw that there was no danger at all. He couldn't help but mock, "This waste is indeed useless. The Liang family's patrol team is not even coming here. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to easily sneak in like this."

The other three, hearing Wu Youde's firm statement, no longer hesitated. After all, as their boss said, it was just killing a useless person—who could trace it back to them?

For a short while, the murderous intent in their eyes was unveiled.

Don't blame them for the death of this waste of the Liang family. Blame the bald monk Hongzhi for spoiling the great event of the Holy Sect today.


Liang Sheng's residence.

Previously, Liang Sheng had sent away the servants for safety reasons. At this moment, he was hiding in a secret room in the artificial mountain, sitting cross-legged on the ground.

He took a deep breath, slowly regained his composure, and began to practice the Grand Circulation, cultivating the Golden Dragon Technique.

Time passed bit by bit during cultivation, and the internal energy in Liang Sheng's body circulated faster and faster. Finally, his body seemed to make a "bang" sound, but upon closer inspection, there was no sound.

If someone could see through it, they would see that the internal energy in Liang Sheng's body had grown more than a little. Then, Liang Sheng suddenly opened his eyes, unable to hide the surprise in them.

Cultivating for ten years, today he finally broke through to the Post-Natal Eighth Level!

His attribute panel also finally changed:

Name: Liang Sheng

Age: 47

Talent: Innocent Foolishness (Top-grade)

Techniques: Golden Dragon Technique (Eighth Level), Ten Methods of Health Cultivation (Eleventh Level), Unmoving Ming King Seal (Third Level)

Realm: Martial Artist Postnatal Eighth Layer (1%)

Liang Sheng felt the surging power within his body, and a wave of happiness rose in his heart. From today onwards, he finally had a bit of self-protection in Jinzhou City.

After all, how many people in Jinzhou City were at the Postnatal Nine Realms? Only the Liang Family Ancestor and the Ancestor of Wu Family were openly known.

However, he only allowed himself a brief moment of excitement before cooling down again, reminding himself not to become arrogant.

He didn't have invincible strength yet and still needed to remain cautious and low-key. Not to mention the future breakthrough in the Health Cultivation Method that would greatly increase his lifespan, just right now, he still had eight hundred years of wealth and enjoyment ahead of him.

Just as Liang Sheng calmed his excitement, his ears twitched. After the breakthrough, his senses became even sharper.


Why were there visitors at home?