Chapter 27: Courting Death!

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Liang Sheng's Mansion.

At this moment, Wu Youde led the way, and the others behind him hesitated no more. With a leap, they followed him into Liang Sheng's mansion.

However, there was not a single light on in the entire mansion at this time, causing Wu Youde to frown. He thought that even if Liang Family's Trash was the target, the mansion shouldn't be so pitch-black, right?

After all, he had heard that Liang Family's Trash used to indulge in debauchery every night, so how could he go to sleep so early?

But the doubts in Wu Youde's heart only flashed by for a moment. After all, it was just a matter of killing a useless person, so why think too much about it?

"Brothers, let's kill the guards here first. Remember, don't make a sound, otherwise, it won't be good to explain to the Protector," said Wu Youde.

"Yes, big brother, don't worry," the others replied.

Although Wu Youde and his group were full of confidence, they were still cautious, as this was their habit from years of fighting together.

Like a lion fighting a rabbit, they still needed to give it their all. When the time came to act, they would not make the mistake of underestimating their enemy.

They reached the backyard and realized something was wrong. They didn't encounter a single person along the way.

At this point, Wu Youde seemed to understand what was going on and couldn't help cursing softly, "Damn, this useless trash must really be looked down upon. Even the guards in his house dare to slack off. Brothers, let's settle this quickly."

Wu Youde pointed at the surrounding rooms, and his men quickly split up. Killing ordinary guards would be easy for them.

However, as they sneakily entered the rooms, they found that there was not a single person inside.

When they came out of the rooms, Wu Youde was dumbfounded. Could it be true that this useless trash was so pitiful that he didn't have any guards in his house?

Wu Youde couldn't help feeling puzzled. Would the Liang Family really treat someone so harshly? But at this point, he had no choice but to continue with his plan regardless of why there were no guards.

When Wu Youde stealthily entered the largest room, he could not hear anyone breathing, which made him tense. He could clearly see someone lying on the bed.

Feeling strange and wary, Wu Youde stabbed toward the person on the bed with his knife, but there was only a soft swish sound as the blade sunk into the bedding.


There was no one there?

Wu Youde couldn't help but lift the blanket and found that there was only a pillow under it!

Where had the person gone?

While Wu Youde was still puzzled, he suddenly felt something was wrong. Why was it so quiet outside?

"Second Son..."

Wu Youde couldn't help calling out softly, but still, no one responded. In an instant, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end.

At this moment, in the moonlight, the room gave him an eerie feeling. It was just the residence of a trash, so why would it be like this?

At this point, he couldn't help but think that Bald Monk Hongzhi had tried to stop him from coming here in the first place. Had he known that something was amiss here?

Just as he was wavering in doubt, a faint voice suddenly sounded behind him, "Are you looking for them?"

"Who is it?"

Wu Youde suddenly turned around, but he only saw several of his men lying on the ground, their eyes full of horror, staring at the area behind him.


Behind him?

In the blink of an eye, Wu Youde moved a step and spun his body around before he could even stand steady. A cold glint emitted from his hand as he struck out.

Wu Youde acted so decisively that Liang Sheng almost couldn't react in time, but in the face of such strength, everything was in vain.

Before Wu Youde could react, he felt a huge force coming from the opponent's palm wind, and then he flew out, spitting blood and filled with horror in his eyes.

Post-Natal "Eighth" Level!

"Who are you?"

At this moment, Wu Youde was only left with full of doubts in his heart. The Lifeless Sect had been plotting for Jinzhou City for a long time, and naturally, they had collected comprehensive information about the local masters.

However, he had no impression of the man in front of him. Liang Sheng didn't answer, but with a quick step, he came to Wu Youde's side, sealed his Dumb Acupoint, and instantly dislocated his bones and tendons while the internal energy pierced through Wu Youde's Dantian.

Only then did Liang Sheng let go of his worries, sneering, "You came to my house, and you still ask who I am?"

Upon hearing this, Wu Youde couldn't help but widen his eyes, making a "whooing" sound in his mouth, his eyes full of disbelief.

He couldn't believe that the rumored Liang Family's trash was actually a top-grade martial artist in the Postnatal Eighth-Level Realm. If this were to get out, the entire Jinzhou City would probably be shocked.

Why did he want to provoke him?

At this time, Liang Sheng put away his smile, his face cold. He asked, "We have no vengeance, why did you come to kill me?"

Liang Sheng was indeed puzzled. After hearing the movement in the secret room, he cautiously investigated and confirmed that there was no danger before deciding to show himself.

After all, Wu Youde was only in the Postnatal Seventh Realm, and even if the others beside him were martial artists in the Post-Natal fivefold realm, they would pose no threat to him.

In the path of martial arts, a single realm difference is like a gulf between heaven and earth!

If it were before, he would never have dared to show himself, but now that he was in the Post-Natal "Eighth" Level, killing them would be as easy as killing a chicken.

Of course, he also had to interrogate if there was any mastermind behind them. However, Liang Sheng didn't directly ask Wu Youde but instead went to one of the No-Life Sect followers and helped him reconnect his bones.

These people's Dantians had already been pierced by Liang Sheng, losing all their cultivation, and their hands and feet were dislocated as well. He couldn't understand why Liang Sheng was helping him reconnect his bones again.

But the next moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, his body convulsing, and tears involuntarily flowing down. If it weren't for the sealed Dumb Acupoint, he would have cried out.

After that, Liang Sheng helped him reconnect his bones again, then dislocated them once more. After repeating this three times, the man was in so much pain that his excrement was involuntarily flowing.

However, Liang Sheng's eyes didn't change at all, and only when the man couldn't bear it any longer did he drag him to another room to inquire about the reason they came to kill him.

The Lifeless Sect follower looked at Liang Sheng's demonic face, and under such torture, how could he dare to conceal anything?

After listening to the other side's story, Liang Sheng's expression remained unchanged, but he hesitated inwardly. The opponent was actually from the Lifeless Sect. He could only hope that they hadn't lied, if they had, he would have no choice but to hide his name and escape from Jinzhou City.

Although Liang Sheng was worried, he didn't show it on his face. After throwing that man back, he looked at another follower, who was terrified and nodding frantically.

However, Liang Sheng didn't care about this at all. Instead, he repeated the process of reconnecting the bones and dislocating them again, then dragged the other person into the other room for questioning.

After doing the same to all the Lifeless Sect followers and questioning them one by one, he finally looked at Wu Youde,

At this moment, Wu Youde was heartbroken, having lost all his cultivation and become a waste, what face did he have to live?

But Wu Youde was wrong, he hadn't thought he had such backbone. It turned out that he was afraid of pain too.

After his bones were forcibly dislocated nine times, Wu Youde finally couldn't take it anymore and told the whole story of why he wanted to kill Liang Sheng.

After listening, Liang Sheng sighed with relief. It turned out that it wasn't because he had been exposed, but because of Wu Youde's personal actions.

Moreover, it was a solo action on the part of Wu Youde, and the other members of the Lifeless Sect didn't know about their action at all.

He had questioned each of them several times, and now he could confirm that they were not lying, so he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Since that was the case, there was no need to keep these people anymore. Then Wu Youde and the others were killed by Liang Sheng with a single palm strike. However, at the time of their death, they all had a relieved expression on their faces.

Finally, they didn't have to suffer the torments of this demon anymore!